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Fob Games no longer available


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Back in the day the game I used to enjoy was 

Wizard of Oz

Not sure why it never lasted long but after a few months it was taken off and never seen again

Anyone else has a favourite that is no longer on the FOBTS







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One I used to enjoy was in the arcades rather than on FOBTs and was called High Roller. It was a poker game that went up to £5 a go. Every win would take you to the red/black ‘gamble’ screen where you couldn’t lose, but if you chose incorrectly then it’d award you whatever win you’d gambled up to.

I also remember the big wheel with cash amounts on it had on top and would randomly trigger. Good fun.

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10 hours ago, Stepandstop said:

Good question I was thinking the same about the old days in ladbrokes 

my go to game was called Neptune’s treasure 👍

I have this game in my den if ever you would like to pop round to remember the good old days! I also have Frankenstien and Mummy Money from the same era

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I remember a game called Devil Of A Deal in the bookies about 10 years ago

Best to play Mega Spins (£10 for 5!  Think this may have been pre £2 normal stakes even), would bonus fairly often and it was a true odds 1 in 16 chance at £500 with no real decisions to make along the way as the offers were far too low and it didn't even give an offer for the final 2!

Had more than a fair share of £500 jackpots off it


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