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  1. I don't think we will ever know. Self exclusion resolve for him couldbe avoiding a place like this so if he isn't reporting in it is good regardless of payout success
  2. Hills in Chester. First time I played 10 quid a spin and it landed space trail bonus, first press teleport to big money and 500
  3. Ended down on this but somehow up on the machine. Was 212 up on ladbrokes at lunch and over 300 down on pub 100 jackpot but finished 20 up on the pub machine and 232 for gambling for the day
  4. Being an absolute shitgoblin. Between cash and wins off other games it's had over 250 and not even close to paying a decent win
  5. I'm hoping the lack of response is positive. No immediate return to rant/mourn must be good, right?
  6. Bandit yes but not Nickslots. He'll just piss off to some dive apartment in Malta funded by the casino where he can be an employee pretending he is gambling
  7. It could just be Corbett. Just tried to collect to card for £100.90 and got told they can't do it.
  8. What Bookie? I had £1,100 payout from Hills in March no trouble so if them it's a policy change. Also, when you get your money send a very strongly worded letter of complaint about their failure to prevent you from gambling. It's lucky this time you won but it could have been a losing session. As you have won It won't look like sour grapes at a loss and the accusation you wouldn't complain if you won cannot be used against you.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/nov/03/call-for-radical-overhaul-of-online-casinos-after-far-reaching-inquiry Won't be any time quick but if they push this through it will be massive
  10. Just won the £1 jackpot at Coral Island casino Blackpool. Was up for the weekend before filling the blackjack table and machine up but this win means I've spent 70 on food and drink in two full days. Very happy
  11. Anything for Somerset or Avon area?
  12. Birkenhead Hills closed too I noticed on Tuesday
  13. https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/genting-casino-bristol-2 Great deal, especially if you can stick your £5 on an evens chance roulette bet Not checked to see if it is on other locations too
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