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  1. They won't cave in though. They have no need and the trade loss will be two way except their loss will be spread across 27 nations and our loss will be ours entirely. Further, if they back down positively for the UK it will encourage others to try leaving and if they are as bad as portrayed they definitely won't want that as it threatens the plan. The leave at any cost brigade are playing a game of chicken they can't win.
  2. DaveM


    Because he was was Sith Ifrican.
  3. My favourite was iirc Cue Card in the Gold Cup about 6 years ago. Might have been a different race. So rarely do the horses I can't be certain. Something stupid like 13/2 in what save for a fall was a 2 horse race. 1/4 odds top 3! Took the each way as a free bet for small profit or win for mega bucks!
  4. Noiis obviouslythe better bet in that scenario because even leaving with a final 72 hour extension to iron out final kinks of a deal is still a winner.
  5. Nah. Its a 16/1 to lure the peoplewwho will bet on anything without investigating likelihood. Its a 10,000/1 shot in true odds. Parliament isn't sitting. It's 19 weeks to 31 December. It's an absolute minimum legal timeframe of 10 weeks campaigning. There is no way in the world it would be between Christmas and New Year so that's another week lost So that gives 8 weeks for Parliament to be recalled, agree that another referendum will happen, agree the question, and, have it approved by the Electoral Commission. And that 8 weeks assumes that the referendum would be held on Christmas eve which it absolute won't. And this in itself assumes they give up on every other avenue now. Not in September, the 1st October, or even late in October. It just won't happen at all. 16/1 shots win. I mean, I've got Lancashire in the T20 at 14s. I wouldn't want to bet on any of the outcomes but if you do consider that one you'll be better off giving the cash to charity. You can get 12/1 that there will be a second referendum at any time. 16/1 is a dreadful bet. I'm going to have to stop typing. It's such an awful offering from a bookie it's angering me!
  6. Another referendum this year is a virtual impossibility. The law states a minimum 10 week campaigning. The Electoral commission also has to test the questionafter it has been decided by Parliament. They'd have to start today and still wouldn't have time.
  7. Bonus is the only thing that pays on this. Win values are ghastly
  8. Half stake rule is correct. Or proportional v however many winning outcomes there are so if 4 players tied for most goals scored it would be quarter (Win Golden Boot shouldn't dead heat as it has specific secondary qualifiers to determine winner). Two in the dead heat means half the stake wins and half loses. 250 on @ 2/5 is definitely correct Edit: Oh wait it goes onto page 2 and already resolved. Never mind
  9. That's the correct way.
  10. He's crap at his job or awfully trained because if he is sure it is fake he shouldn't be returning it to you.
  11. Put 4p in store today 50p play. Never went below 20 quid. Played 5 features never went a out 75 quid!
  12. They could be draws but there is the chance Australia could win them. To be certain of winning England need to win 3. And if Australia win 1 of the next 4 the only way England win is by winning all the remaining 3!
  13. England need to win 3 to regain the Ashes.
  14. DaveM

    Fishin' Frenzy

    ???? That's profit! Must be a lot of games on your banned list if your standards are that high!
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