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  1. I recommend you follow IOW Arcade Tours YouTube account and shark him 😄 He's a terrible player
  2. Stating the obvious here but if you're ploughing money in and not enjoying it you're probably addicted
  3. Was Crazy Fruit on the arcade video today £100 or £500? Either way would like to see some of that, and New York New York, and Batman Free Spins
  4. Donating via a stream is a really dim way of doing so. The host takes a cut. Just go to the charities website donate direct and they can claim gift aid too! No idea why any of the viewers would donate that way!
  5. Regarding affiliate links. I think it is 30% of the profit the casino makes on losses rather than 30% of a player losses. Obviously some of the losses will end up forming part of the winnings of another customer. Then there are general operating costs, licensing rights for games based on TV and film etc etc. Still making money but it's not as straightforward as I sign up deposit and lose 100 and 30 goes to the affiliate.
  6. Close your account after winning. Surely they have to pay it all then instead of making you wait. Fairly sure you could get gambling commission involved too saying it tempts you to gamble more than you are comfortable with. GC look like they've been flexing their muscles the last few years so might fancy getting rid of another shady business practice
  7. Some have fuel some don't. Had to queue at Morrisons earlier as I needed air in the tyre (PSI was down to 17 in left front). Just over half full but have a 250 mile drive to do Thursday. Went back to Morrisons half 9 no queue and a tanker waiting to drop a load off.
  8. DaveM


    Delayed reply, apologies. No idea truth be told. I've neglected the long formatso no idea who is on form or who else has solid balance away from the limited overs game a
  9. William Hill have just taken a good chunk off including Thai Princess. Fortunately it is still on the £100 Blueprint machines in the pub
  10. Take it to the vet and see if it is chipped. If not chip it. Although that really would be stealing it. Difficult if you are attached to the cat to not want to step in. Might sound a bit patronising to them but if you do talk to them ask of they are struggling to afford to feed it because if often looks and behaves like it isn't eating. Explaining your concern is for the animal. If they care as much as they claim they should appreciate your concern rather than taking offence
  11. Sounds high to me. YT ad revenues are per impression but not every view would trigger an impression. He might get better ad revenue if it was all relevant products/services like casinos but he won't want that as it will be their affiliate link not his so detrimental to his other revenue stream. Affiliate is good with big numbers. It's 30 percent of the profit of the sign ups losses, not 30% of the deposits. Things like the % per spin that feeds jackpots will be taken out. Costs for lice sing the theme of the game from the rights holders will be taken out etc.
  12. I've not watched his last two videos and set YT not to recommend his channel so I won't see his updates unless I search for them.
  13. You must getting a bum deal. They are usually clean, including bogs, friendly staff who have always assisted me when I've lost my winning slip. Had great help in hills when there was a discrepancy on my written bet and casg paid (intended 20 quid e/w but ended up getting paid for 40 win). Rarely do horses so never have to worry about dead heats etc. Far too many of them have enough knowledge about sport nowadays. Ask for a price of something, let's say Worcester to beat Exeter in the Gallagher Premiership, and they have no idea what sport it is. I suppose now they expect more technical bets to be done online and stores are for drunken footy accas, old fellas on the horses, a d machines
  14. DaveM

    New season bets

    13 out of 14 teams scored tonight. Only Preston failed. £300 for £5
  15. £90k in at one point constantly trying to top the tower on real king. £16k on a coin flip is madness. Cheeky sod has responsible gambling notices on his videos!
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