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  1. If anyone is on Twitter and fancies a laugh have a search for 'Betfair' on Twitter. Loads of Trump backers getting really angry that Betfair has paid out on Biden
  2. Requested cashout at 00.57 this morning on Grosvenor. Was in my account by 11am when I checked my bank. Not bad for a weekend
  3. I played in Rileys years ago and I can't remember the exact figures but a guy declared, for arguments sake "Raise to 3,200" and then put his chips in. At this point he realised that he had only put 2,200 chips in so added an extra 1K and the fuckers at the table tried to claim he was string betting and he had to stick at 2,200 Fuck off lads, he declared verbally before moving the chips! 3,200 should have stood
  4. Age to play to rise to 18 it was announced on Monday
  5. You say it like there is huge variation across games now. Typically they are all megaway releases of existing games or some variant of 6 reel slot with a horizontally scrolling reel covering reel 2-5
  6. https://www.aboutslots.com/rtp-info HBH is a classic example of high variance the small wins are crap but the feature pays well. Someone else goes on and puts £100 in gets the feature and jackpot then its £600 in a £500 out which is 84% give or take if it took the whole £100 to get the bonus.
  7. I was in a Ladbrokes yesterday (T2) and was playing the machine for an hour (won £300.40 to cover the heavy loss from Wednesday night online). Also got 2 x £5 BTTS bets for today). Few people in theshop but not enough to threaten limits. FOBTs and Bet Stations on.
  8. I once bought a lucky dip for Friday and when checking the results online looked at the results for those number over the last 180 days. The Tuesday draw 3 days earlier would have won £1.6m if I had bought a lucky dip with those numbers!
  9. If arcades, bookies, and bingo halls are closed what about a dabble on the pub slots? Many places have a Blueprint terminal in so lots of familiar games 🙂 /end selfish request mode 😄
  10. Depends. If its a 4/1 favourite that should be 8/13 it's a cracking tip.
  11. So all states finally now declared/called 304 to 234 in favour of Joe Biden
  12. No the path I [or anyone?] expected but he's got there in the end. Ultimately we knew Trump could only win it by going to court. He is a proper weird incestious offender. And more importantly he is a one term President
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