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  1. Martin Fletcher in his book about the Bradford City fire in 1985; “To quote a Los Angeles Police Department fire investigator in Blaze, the Forensics of Fire by Nicholas Faith: ‘It’s rare to have a coincidence. If we start having multiple coincidences then it’s not a coincidence.’
  2. I'm waiting for a reply from Betway for a questions I put to them 3 years ago. Not about slots or gambling but general question on an ethical practice. They sponsored Premier League Darts and their official ticket partner was allowing tickets to be sold for thress times the face value. I challenged them for this and, well, I don't think I will get an answer! I challenged Betfred on their deposit limits that 'per day' will allow you to deposit 1 minute before and after midnight. They at least replied but felt it didn't increase chances for punters to lose more than intended. I highlighted that could come home drunk and lose twice in a few minutes even with a deposit limit in place. Hills at least have a rigid timer so it's per 24 hours not per day. They however, have the option to reverse withdrawal requests which don't, but definitely should, count against deposit limits. I commented that to them and only received some boring lip service reply instead of actually addressing the point. It took 3 months for me to get a reply off Coral years back when I pointed out the slot loaded with a default spin cost of £40! I emailed to close my account and afyer providing the details they came back and said I apparently have 2 accounts while could be considered fraud. Cheeky bastards! Ultimately all of them are after you cash no matter how nice they pretend to be. They will do as little as possible as they need to to be legal and operate on the grey if they can.
  3. Not a fan of Megaways. I only really play pub £100 so it's a doddle to avoid megaways games
  4. I'd just avoid the game entirely. It's dreadful. The only reason I think it gets played by streamers is that casinos bung em a few quid to bother.
  5. In 20 years of gambling I think I've used credit card to deposit once. And only because I was drunk and chasing. Wouldn't bother me at all.
  6. Luck of the Irish free spins and Thai Princess (not flower) until the free spins (Irish) and the bonus (Thai)
  7. Just down watch them. Don't mention their names so others learn who they are. They are parasites.
  8. I was sewing some fixes to clothes a few days ago so they've been on the desk since
  9. And 100% this story is false or the guy is thick as fucking pig shit. Savings don't count fot CB or CTC but child tax credits will be effected by income from savings. Child tax credits are worth less than putting the money in even a modest paying savings account. 1percent interest is 20k if you blow half of it on frivolities and 20k pre tax is more than CTC. The other two are not means tested so its the same for any wealthy person.
  10. Probably not true but will get shares and click revenue. If that ghastly rag told me water was wet I'd check myself.
  11. Ugh. Hate Megaways machines and I see a machine in Bath today that had Genie jackpots 100 quid Megaways pub fruit. Boooooo!!!
  12. I don't think we will ever know. Self exclusion resolve for him couldbe avoiding a place like this so if he isn't reporting in it is good regardless of payout success
  13. Hills in Chester. First time I played 10 quid a spin and it landed space trail bonus, first press teleport to big money and 500
  14. Ended down on this but somehow up on the machine. Was 212 up on ladbrokes at lunch and over 300 down on pub 100 jackpot but finished 20 up on the pub machine and 232 for gambling for the day
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