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  1. If arcades, bookies, and bingo halls are closed what about a dabble on the pub slots? Many places have a Blueprint terminal in so lots of familiar games 🙂 /end selfish request mode 😄
  2. Depends. If its a 4/1 favourite that should be 8/13 it's a cracking tip.
  3. So all states finally now declared/called 304 to 234 in favour of Joe Biden
  4. No the path I [or anyone?] expected but he's got there in the end. Ultimately we knew Trump could only win it by going to court. He is a proper weird incestious offender. And more importantly he is a one term President
  5. DaveM

    Raging Rhino

    £110 in and £540.89 out. Lost £180 since on machines. Got 3 £10 bets on footy. One has nearly lost unless a flurry of injury time corners
  6. DaveM

    Raging Rhino

    Oh hello. First press on to 25 free spins on Action Bank. Hopefully I have to talk to myself in here all night with my features 🙂 Nice little £35 win off 60p
  7. DaveM

    Raging Rhino

    63 spins £139.20. Rhino at its ridiculous best - or worst, however you look at it!
  8. DaveM

    Raging Rhino

    8 more spins, no wins but 2 more re-triggers haha
  9. DaveM

    Raging Rhino

    Currently 9 re-triggers in on Genting! 36 spins played, 17 to go. 80p stake £134.80 won so far but £120 of that was in a single spin 2 or 3 ago. Will update shortly 🙂
  10. That rationale seems to be what the write-up says. If he can't win the presidency without those states then back him at the higher odds. Of course, it is not literally true that he can't win without those just that it is implausible - if the Republicans won somewhere like NY or Cali then he wouldn't need those states but they ain't doing that! Makes sense to do that bet as a way to get better value than other bet - I just don't think any bet that has Trump winning at the ballot box is value. Annoyingly you can 'technically' get better odds still on that bet although not actually. Hills have 1
  11. It doesn't sound like a good bet to me. Of the 16 polls pubished so far today, yesterday, and the day before Biden is ahead in 14 of them for Florida. Of the 2 Trump is winning one is the highly reputable polling organisation 'surveymonkey' haha and the other is a company called 'Swayable'. Never heard of them but leading political analysis site fivethirtyeight.com grades both of the latter organisations D for methodology/quality of the survey For Georgia the last 11 polls published back to 22 October have Biden winning. Trump had a 10 percentage point margin of victory in Iowa in 2016 and
  12. Re above - cant edit but should say wouldn't back at those odds
  13. He's back with a few videos over the last 2 weeks. £500 through £100 jackpot machines.
  14. I see Casino Grounds are not promoting videos specifically related to bonus buys now. DoA2 is offering them. I couldn't think of anything worse!
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