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  1. It would be healthier for you not to watch them. It seems to really wind you up and every watch they get contributes to their income.
  2. For added authenticity are they going to virtually shoot horses that fall awkwardly? 🤣
  3. Cubes. Chip has played on a couple of his recent videos and looks promising.
  4. He's not wrong though. Guy is utterly fake and I don't see him as entertaining either. Just a lot of shreiking and absence of charisma.
  5. No way he's making 10k a week.
  6. The guys a prick. Solve the problem by not watching him. Every video you view contributes to further exposure for him. Unsubscribe if you do and then select for his channel not to be suggested.
  7. Right, had a look and none take my fancy. I was going to say I'll take whatever I'm given but then I saw Flame Busters suggestion and no Megaways so I'll piggy back those suggestions 👍
  8. I think it is one of the worst slots I've ever seen.
  9. Thanks. I'll have a nosy around tomorrow. Too layzy/late for me to bother now 😁
  10. Penguins? Penguins? On an Egyptian themed game! Hahaha
  11. What site you playing on so we can take a look at their offerings? Ta
  12. Working from home today. Off Thursday for working today. Enforced saving is great. TV is always shite so don't be surprised by that.
  13. If life has taught me one thing it is the world would be a better place if Betfair Forums didn't exist. Awful place full of bullshitters
  14. I took the opportunity to use a wetwipe from work on my phone today. Probably something we should all do time to time to stop infection spread. I do wonder if we are going to come out of this over sanitising our environment though. Do we need a little dirt in life to build immunity?
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