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  2. I can watch the videos but have no access to the comments strangely on youtube only seems to be some videos too? Its not even giving me an option to upload documents or make my account 18+? I enjoy the comments aswell i dont always respond but i like to see peoples views about the games.
  3. In the words of the pub landlord, "if we didn't have rules, then where would we be? France! 😜😜😜
  4. Thanks stopand step. Sorry you have to do this no hard feelings mate and hope you do well. Looks like i want be watching any more until they decide to change this. UK is total waste of space these days with what going on cant do this cant do that. GL
  5. I don't blame people for not wanting to submit documents to Google. Although under 18's don't watch the videos, it is now a requirement for UK gambling channels to age-restrict online casino videos, which is why some streamers are moving abroad. I'd prefer not to do it, and the videos are only being replaced in the search results by European channels, so it's a bit pointless.
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  7. Defo him putting age restriction on its done it on his latest today. I can watch older vids but not new ones. If it not him he better sort it out he will loose subs.
  8. Think you should swap Scooby out for me Darren I'm not an affiliate marketer lol well done the winners
  9. To be honest, I’m not totally sure. I’ve only uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube and it’s always asked what audience it’s appropriate for. My guess is that with gambling channels they have to stipulate that their videos are 18+ otherwise they risk their channel being pulled - I think this is a relatively new thing, although oddly it doesn’t seem to affect every viewer. Maybe someone who uploads regularly can clarify this?
  10. Thanks for reply. It does say though in description. Notice Age-restricted video (requested by uploader) So is youtube lying who is putting these request up?.
  11. Hi i am one of the winners woohoo i never win anything lol how do i cintact you darren? Kelly Gillan x
  12. Buying from a dealer you are covered under consumer law regardless of any warrranty offered ( a warranty is in addition to your legal rights not a replacemnt) However be aware that the way the market is at present there is a severe shortage of used cars and prices are peaking at present. This bubble will burst eventually so if you can hold off for a couple of months you will save a bit of cash. if you buy privately it is very much buyer beware, also look out for traders pretending to be private sellers to get around their legal responabilties.
  13. Hey Skipper, unfortunately it’s a YouTube thing rather than a StopandStep thing. It seems to be something they’re rolling out slowly over time and affects some people but not others. I’ve never verified my age with documents but did make a declaration about my DOB when registering so I’m not sure if that suffices for them. There’s been a few people unhappy about this, but I’d recommend having a look at this thread from earlier in the year.
  14. Hi if you keep putting age restrictions on then i think you will loose subs. I am well over 18 and not prepared to send of my documents to who knows who on youtube just to be verified. Thanks.
  15. Yesterday
  16. These are the winners from the Money Cart 2 and Thunderstruck Wild Lightning videos. There were 26 winners in total. Many of the winners have contacted me already. The deadline for claiming prizes will be the end of August, any unclaimed prizes will be rolled-over for future contests. Money Cart 2 10 Winners, £80 plus Mug Gareth Ireson Conrad Francis Tom Wyman Daftasbatas Kelly Gillan Daniel Hill Carrie Lewis Jimmy G ScoobySlots JamieleighXoxox Thunderstruck 16 Winners, £50 plus Mug Chris Allen James Gould Max Power Nick Bradley Laura Johnson Pack Man87 No More Vex Andy B zPixLx Andrew Gillespie Yum Yum DaddyBigPotatoes Ginge Gems C Jonathan Steel Tom Blamey Emma Winter
  17. I usually go to a dealership and ask if there are any deals on cars they have traded in. This way you usually get some sort of warranty. Usually 3 months
  18. That will be the winners announced from last weeks contests. I'll post them up later this evening.
  19. On last week’s video you mentioned a prize which the information would be given out. Today nothing mentioned is it still on ?
  20. They're just my own picks and hunches for the day. I make a list of the ones that I like and just add to it really. My thoughts are that if a horse has produced a certain level of form once he's likely to repeat it again at some point. I just bet for fun, lucky 15s, 31s and the occasional 63. I have all the racing channels and bookie feeds on TV at home and it's almost always on unless I'm watching a movie. If anyone's interested how to receive ANY TV CHANNEL, EVEN PAY PER View for £10 a month or £60 a year let me know and I'll tell you how to do it, all you need is a Amazon firestick and decent Internet and you can receive any TV channel from anywhere in the world, and all the latest movies.
  21. What do you base your selections on? Thanks
  22. I'm looking to buy a second hand car and was advised to look on Facebook. They do have a lot of cars for sale there but they are either dealers and all but a small minority of private sales seem to be foreigners or at least they have foreign sounding names, is this some kind of scam? I've totally ruled out buying from ebay as most vehicles there seem sub standard, or in layman's terms crap. Any advice on buying a 2nd hand car welcomed. 🚙😁
  23. No work today so relax in front of the telly with a lucky 31
  24. Last week
  25. I remember when you posted this, 83% shouldn't even be available as an option. Certain locations will push as low as possible, and as there is no legal minimum with the 500's, some places will see how far they can take it. Players will realise that it's only certain games and terminals that don't play too well and will start to avoid them in other locations too.
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