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  2. I think they could be reported to Trading Standards for misleading labelling. How accurate must the information on a label be? Broadly speaking, providing false or misleading information is an offence. This includes inaccurate information about the nature of the product, quantities or prices. Your customer might also be able to make a claim against you if, for example, they relied on the information on the label when deciding to buy the product. Did you notice at Newmarket how big an advantage it was for horses running up the stand rail? I managed one Skelton treble and t
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  4. Tom have you been on the moon for last 2 months? Lol. Bookies opened yesterday but operating on 15 minute time limit per visit for now. As for every other form of land based gambling, arcades, agc’s, bingo, pub and services slots/fruit machines etc its May 17th.
  5. A winner a 2nd a 4th and Blackheath finished last. Not drawn well and to make matters worse fell out of the stalls, I'll be keeping the faith though. More disappointing is Betfred informed me that they only pay double the odds on a lucky 15 even though it CLEARLY states on the betting slip 3X the odds for one winner as you can see on my slip. Worse still the enhanced odds HAVE NOT CHANGED for a lucky 31 and lucky 63??? This is clearly misleading the public. The shops have been closed for months so it's not as though they haven't had time to get new slips printed and sent out. Whilst I'm having
  6. My bank do a card with zero fees for ATM withdrawals abroad, but you will get caught for the local ATM fee. I haven't been for a few years and depending what sort of gambler you are, for the drinking crack we used to play slots at 50c x5 (for jackpot eligibility) and tip the cocktail waitress well and they look after you drink wise. Sadly I have been told the RTP is lower nowadays so you are mostly likely to lose on slots faster. The more serious gambling was black jack and Baccarat. If you're no good at cards roulette is a 6% house advantage with 00, so enjoy the strip and some dec
  7. Good luck, I usually find the Newmarket Craven difficult. I think Southwell will be Skelton benefit today and done all his rides in doubles and trebles.
  8. Today's lucky 15. The one I'm most interested in today is Blackheath in the 3.55 at Newmarket. I tipped this up a couple of times last season, a decent handicapper with a touch of class and the stable are in good form and Holly Doyle on board is a big plus. I'll be backing this one separately. Current odds 12-1.
  9. Bookies were open yesterday mate ladbrokes were doing the 2 x 15 minutes per day rule again with only 2 fobts on in the shop I was in.
  10. Anyone know when these are being opened? I can feel a session coming on
  11. Yesterday
  12. I'm going to stay at Park MGM. I looked at them and LOVE the look of Bellagio from the outside but I think its a bit too smart for me! Aria looks lovely too. I did think about Paris but it looks a bit dark and gloomy in there. I've read that Excalibur is a great casino to play at, but not stay at so I think I'll wander down there at some point. Park MGM appeals because its reasonably priced and looks like its at fairly good location. Is that a good choice, do you think? Also - I plan to go in August if we are allowed. I'm optimistic about USA letting fully vaccinated tourists in b
  13. I was the only person in my local bookies, "Betfred" they never said anything to me but I'm a regular there so maybe those 2 combined they never bothered. THE TERMINALS HAVE A MAX PLAY TIME OF 20 mins. On THEM.
  14. Have a great time! I hope to go some time this year. 1) The ATM fees are ridiculous in the main casinos on the Strip. The last time I went the ATM fees at Caesar's were $10. If you use them, the best thing to do is withdraw a large amount all at once, there's no point withdrawing $50 and being charged $10. As Mentholdan mentioned, some banks don't charge to use your card abroad, but you will still be charged the ATM fees. Check with your bank, some charge every time you use your card. Nationwide used to charge £1 for each transaction. That doesn't sound like much, but it soon adds up
  15. What are the bookies like at the moment, are they kicking you out at exactly 15 minutes?
  16. I love that slot, I've still not had the x50 though 😞
  17. I can’t say I do - I know it’s short for private limited company but I don’t think that’s the right answer! 🤣
  18. Nice win! I’ve played it a but recently, took about 200 spins to hit the bonus and then paid 20x 😞
  19. My mate does a radio show on Sunday mornings, "The Ray Lock Soul and Jazz Funk show. Not really my cup of tea but we've been mates for over 50 years. Anyway, I digress. He posed a question yesterday and I got it straight away but it's one of those" you either know it or you don't questions" So, do you know what LTD stands for?
  20. Only 1 winner with 1 to go, if the last one gets beat I probably won't bother cashing it in, just by a little frame, "something nice and cheap" as the great man said.
  21. For whatever reason I had a bit of a restless night. Decided to get up in the early hours and make a cup of tea. Decided to deposit £50 on Paddy Power and play small stakes on Big Bass Bonanza. Nothing doing and went down to a fiver so I thought I'd do one last spin for £5 and go back to bed and would t you know it the bonus dropped in, it paid exactly what's on the screenshot below. I went back to bed and slept like a log.
  22. Last week
  23. I've never been to Vegas but know "a little" of what you ask. Firstly, make some enquiries at Metro Bank as I'm lead to believe that they don't charge for card withdrawals abroad. I'm not 100% sure on this but I seem to remember a friend saying something about it only recently. I imagine your passport would be enough to show you don't pay tax on winnings. I've seen people play Vegas slots on YouTube with multiple games. Never play slots anywhere but the casinos, "Airport for example" I'm told the rtp is horrendous. Also I'm pretty sure you can qualify for free pla
  24. I'm off to Vegas this summer (hopefully) and have a couple of questions for those of you who have been. 1. I see that all the websites / you tubers say not to use ATMs to get money because of the fees. How do you take money to platy with? Do you take it all in cash? 2. If you do win big or have a hand pay - how do you avoid / claim back the tax? 3. Do all the slots only have one game on them , unlike UK slots? Thanks everyone.
  25. Great win ❤️ Looks like donuts the slot to play.
  26. Wow what a hit.. congrats ❤️
  27. Decent win iv had on this x50 came in on 1st spin flabagasted.
  28. Reeceltic runs in the 12-55 at Lingfield today. It won't be the huge price it was last time when expected to win but 3-1 at the moment and looks very difficult to oppose.
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