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  2. Urgh, I hate places like that. I got permanently banned from a forum once for making a post and adding ‘I bet this thread will be closed now with a sarcastic response from a mod’. And lo and behold I found out you can still be correct and banned in one fell swoop...
  3. Yesterday
  4. I've Been chat banned on Casino Daddy Permanently, for making a joke criticising the music the guy was playing. No foul language, just a quip saying he needs to get real, playing some house music. Up came the message "you are permanently banned from chat" I'm pretty sure a certain person/persons have "had a word" I'm pretty sure the Mods. on one account are active on "others" who shall remain nameless. I know I'm critical at times of streamers but I like to think it's mainly constructive criticism. "apart from Nick slots" the man who can't put a sentence together without a deletive expletive between every other word. I once came home from work when I was in my late teens and had to pluck up the courage to tell my dad I'd got the sack at work. He smiled, put his hand on my shoulder and said "son, it's an honour to get the sack, any idiot can pack his job in" So I'll accept the honour from Casino Daddy.
  5. Congratulations to @MikeV, you've won the £100 Amazon voucher from a randomly selected pool of correct answers. Thanks to everyone for taking part, more contests soon 🙂
  6. Would you like me to mark your card 😂😂😂😂😂 I was ill all day yesterday so I texted my neighbour upstairs if he was going to the bookies and could he put a bet on for me as I was too ill to leave the house. He texted back saying he was in the bookies and I should text him my bet. I texted the race meetings and times and the horse number to avoid confusing him. Of the four in my lucky 15 I had 1 winner at 10/1, that was the ONLY ONE HE SCREWED Up, I texted number 5 and he wrote down the 6 horse. I went to his flat in the evening and instead of collecting £31 I had to hand over £15. The 3 losers he got right!!! Says it all really.
  7. It’ll pay for my weekends racing this weekend on my first visit of the season to Cheltenham 👍
  8. Very well done, nice return present😁😁😁
  9. Oh and of course I gambled DofG to 30 free spins and only needed 6 🤣🙈🙈
  10. Been off it a few weeks now but fancied a go today. Off to Ladbrokes with £150?in hand. Played In order Burn em up 7s, RR DoG, Super Star Turns, Prism Eye and then finally back to RR DofG. The only game that played poor was the initial shot of DofG... results and couple of stills below😃
  11. I see this been played in my local ladbrokes by a lot of different players in particular 1 guy who was 8 hours on the machine he told me!!win lines seem big has anyone played?
  12. Ferg

    Fobt moaners

    Yes my local one I notice the machines a lot busier since April where as last year u would always get a seat at one
  13. Mick

    Fobt moaners

    Seem to be raking in fortunes still on the £2 spin. If these machines are on 91-94% I'll eat my hat. People do not seem to understand they are being ripped off as day after day they pump the machines. I was hoping on the day of £2 max this would be the end of fobts but clearly the bookies are still raking in the cash, not as much as before but clearly plenty to keep the shops open. They only close a few down to make the addicts all congregate around the same shops, more profits less costs.
  14. Last week
  15. Well I also agree the Megaways have been done to death in a way thank goodness for the Buy Bonus cap as when the streamers could buy the bonus all it was worth me one mega ways after another
  16. This is why we now have the £2 limit because of people that just can not control them self before the limit was set I have seen people like that grab a chair and smash the glass of 3 FOBS in a row
  17. And here’s the reality of the situation! This why watching streams and uploads can be dangerous. You get sucked into thinking that it looks great and the reality is that very seldom to people get monster wins. Online casinos aren’t charitable, they have one aim, to turn a profit and that means parting people’s from their monies by and large.
  18. Where you standing next to me 🤣🤣🤣🤣. seriously though, yes there are plenty who I just wonder why they bother.
  19. Jesus I got this guy in my local ladbrokes he just constantly moans at the machine even if he's pulling in a £400 feature.and God forgive when the bonus pays fuck all.do these pricks just expect jackpots all the time
  20. Bilston or the 24-hour Cashino in Mansfield town centre, 3am on a Tuesday morning.
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