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  2. First ever play on this. Nice return. Bit confusing!
  3. Looks much better now 👍
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi, it sounds to me that you might need to upgrade, or use different recording software. OBS is brilliant software but it uses a lot of resources. You could try the built in screen recorders, both Windows and Apple's have built in software that will record the screen, then plug in a mic to record the sounds. For Windows it's W + Alt + R and it will record the screen. Try that and see how you get on.
  6. That’s great mate it’s amazing how the bank balance keeps going. Got £400 cash off my mum at Xmas as I had sold an old item at home at still have £250 of it in my wallet. Fobts and bookies that would of evaporated by the new year!
  7. What a was meaning is are the rtp personal to the player on line ie lil devil remembers your game progress so is the rtp unique to you as no one is coming along behind you and playing the game etc like happens in the bookies
  8. Hi folks just looking for a little help, av been looking at playing some slots and using OBS to record the game play etc but ma laptop just doesn’t seem to cope and runs very slow and doesn’t load the games when a have the casino open on the net and obs running, the games are super laggy if they run at all a know nothing about laptops and pcs so wondered if anyone could help or suggest a way a can increase the speed or power of the laptop so a can do this or is it a case of buying a new one or getting a desktop pc? thanks
  9. Morning ferg hows things I’m currently 5 months into my 5 years GAMSTOP and like you I miss it sometimes I’m just gutted the bookies are closed so I can’t bet on the football 😢 on the plus side my bank balance has never looked so good I’m thinking on buying another fruit machine to occupy my mind Roll on April when hopefully all this is over !!!!
  10. Hows everyone doing without the lure of the bookies? For me online is a thing of the past as I’m over 3 years on gamstop. I won’t lie some days I miss it. Was self excluded from bookies for a year but that expired in November I did find myself slipping back to my old ways a bit losing £30s and £40s here and there on the fobts. They were terrible actually so once tier 3 came in then the full lockdown it’s helped me reset so hopefully I can stay good once they eventually reopen.
  11. Last week
  12. I’ve had this on this game.. just kept retriggering but apart from that does bugger all! Had about 90 spins for £30.
  13. That slot loves a re-trigger! What was your final win?
  14. Absolutely nothing to do with gambling this topic. it’s just I’ve turned up to work today to find this on my desk 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  15. Finally after years get a 2 grand win on 80p stake VID-20210118-WA0000.mp4
  16. not so much the win, i know the wins pants really, but 180 spins! i thought it was broken!
  17. can i make a suggestion. its for 'netents wild bazaar'. a wee slot ive probably won on every time. think ive watched every one of your vids. would like to see you play some more older slots. some netents? quite common that you play alot of the same ones. maybe a few more play n gos?? thanks.
  18. This is my first ever first press win, shame it wasn't any bigger my girlfriend said, I'm sure she's talking about the bonus, what's your first press win???
  19. my first ever, first press win, the girlfriend said shame it wasn't bigger, at least that's what l hope she was talking about
  20. https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/ReplayService/replayGame.do?token=2072de26d4979b02a6f0fdb8901ec13581ded1913a15d92c6109e0e532b501f9
  21. I'm beginning to think that what you win on some bonuses aren't random, last night when l got my free spins, the game crashed, l was on my last spin, and the reels were still spinning, l left the game and it said l had £224, where as in the game l had £194, so it knew l hadn't won anything on the last spin, went back into the game and it replayed the last spin sequence, maybe none of the bonuses are random???
  22. Michael aitchison


    I just won this on 2 pound stake first spin
  23. has anyone played this??? it's very temperamental, it can pay really well when it's in the mood
  24. You just have to make a google account then sign in on YouTube.
  25. I’ve not had that, I think it asked me for an age declaration when I signed up but definitely no proof of ID.
  26. l can't watch Darren new videos anymore!!! 😞 you tube is asking for age verification, which they want either photo i.d or credit card details, which they are getting neither, not going to give out personal info just to watch videos, the old videos seem ok and watch a one Rothstein video too
  27. I agree with all the above posts, the green just hurts my eyes
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