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  1. Last week
  2. Yes I noticed the new bonus music in a lewisbet near us, but that was a few months back. I've not notced when I've played it elsewhere. Maybe a gradual update, seems weird to change the music for no reason though.
  3. Does anyone had issue with DV? I played few times and lost when I started to when trying to withraw they locked my account. Went to chat to someone online and they said I will be contacted. Funny part is they never email me or asked me for verification at all.
  4. I noticed yesterday SG seem to have updated Super Star Turns, the music anyway It all seems normal until the bonus spins start then they’ve updated the background music to some awful new melody! So god knows what else they may have been tweaking in the background
  5. The only place I could find that had chess betting was Bwin. Luckily I didn’t sign up as the match ended in a draw so at least I saved a few quid! 🙂
  6. What i know about chess I could write on a postage stamp. I will stick to football and horses of which I can pretend to know slightly more ha ha
  7. Online slot bonus hunt stake 10£ one creazy video start 2k £ Please and good luck
  8. Can't stand the game, all that rolling around on the floor pretending to be injured!
  9. I’ll have £10 with you on the draw at even money 🙂 to be honest, I know I’m in the vast minority with this but thought I’d chance my arm to set if there’s any other chess fans signed up here!
  10. Wouldn’t say I’m a big fan mr haze Carlsen 6/4 nepo 5/4 draw evens 😆😆
  11. I feel I could be on my own in this, but is anyone else watching the fast paced, non-stop action filled World Chess Championship series between Carlsen and Nepo? First match predictably ended in a draw yesterday, but was an interesting game with Carlsen sacrificing a pawn for quicker development and 2 very active bishops. Carlsen has the white pieces for the next match and I think he’s going to score the first win of the tournament and start to pull away. Oddly enough, they’re not showing it an any pubs around my way, so I’ll be plonked in front of my PC from 12:30 to watch the action unfold.
  12. Get innnnnnnnnnnnn. Well done.
  13. Another big hit on Immersive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o24I3VxeetQ
  14. rainbow riches midnight magic is the best game ever!!! :)
  15. No it would be £55
  16. Senna

    genie jackpots

    I assume this would be a £110 if I was on £1 stakes???
  17. Yes reels of gold, although without the megaspins I've stopped playing, its a shame you cant have the £2 play for megaspin, like on super star turns. I used to love the £30-£50 spins and hoping for a balloon! Unfortunately it doesn't play anywhere near as well online. I don't really have a favourite now, super gems can be good fun, but I've managed 2 bonuses of less than a pound (on £2 stake).
  18. I see dream Vegas have a new game called FAT Drac don't know if you still play on this site would love to see you play this.
  19. O right yes I was wondering why lol thanks mate
  20. Another tasty win tonight, a full screen of fourth best symbol in the bonus on £3 stake paid 2.5k.
  21. You're not really getting anything extra for the double cost of the stake on £2. A lot of games have a higher value pay table, or better values during the bonus. Pure Gold only offers an extra 2% RTP, so for me I prefer £1. It can still bring in the big wins and gold pot.
  22. Would like to see you try a slot redemption video Darren. Re visit 6-10 online slots that haven't given you much luck over the years, if any at all (Razor Shark, Dead or Alive 2, Wild North etc) I'm sure there is many. Give them a last chance to redeem themselves and hopefully make you a profit. Keep up the great content.
  23. I was just wondering why everyone plays pure gold on 1 pound stake instead of the 2 pound ???
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