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  2. thank you, I was pretty happy inside! 😉
  3. WOW rob just wow can’t believe how calm you was I’d be jumping up and down winning that amount congrats sir 👍
  4. a good lift mate , excellent 👍
  5. https://youtu.be/X9Kt6ZEopuI had a crazy run of free spins on Montezuma 90p stake (ignore my inane chatter, I will leave decent commentary to mr stop n step)
  6. Lucky Mushrooms is a decent new slot ,did well in Will Hill the other day
  7. Lucky Mushrooms is a decent new slot ,did well in Will Hill the other day
  8. jesus windy your name just took me back about 40 years , it brought tear to my eye 🙂
  9. hey guys i watch a few streamers and the bandit seems to be gone from youtube , no videos left , the hideous creature has been having problems as well , he had to open a new site there , something to do with music copyright or something , is this the end for uploaders ? have you guys had any problems darren ?
  10. Hey do you enjoy low wagering bonus and free spins that turns to real cash well I've been playing this site they give you new quests daily for a chance to win which I think is a pretty good way to bring in the punters they've made gambling fun with good entertain it's more then a gambling site so for those with low income ect who like a gamble I think you will like this place thanks
  11. Yesterday
  12. I like the highly volatile slots and in my mind every spin could be a massive bonus or wild line, there is no logic to it. I have to limit my slots to once a week excluding free spin promotions and do sports bets the rest of the week, which are kind of fun and not compulsive for me. Moderation can work but depends on the person. Some things can't be. I had to stop drinking/smoking years ago because it was the only way. Lucky I can still gamble a bit and do other hobbies without wrecking myself.
  13. Congrats on the nice win! I’ll be honest though, not only do I not really understand that game, it also terrifies me. It seems you need to play and play and play to build up the feature before you can actually have a chance of winning. Like the heart stopper or the bee swarm one. I know these games give you the illusion of ‘you’ll win a fortune!’ but they seem to be seeking new levels of doing so. Building up the bee swarm on 20p play and then upping the stake... yeah, the online casinos have taken that into account, there’s no loophole. Sorry to be a negative Nancy, but I just think this new breed of fruit machine is slightly more underhand than usual. Bah bastard humbug
  14. I started with 15 spins. Every hotel that you get after the first one that sets the free spins off gives you an extra 3 spins. So I hit a win that gave me the hotel and then hit another win for another hotel before it could start the free spins. Then every station gives you extra as said. It just annoyed me that it was dead spin city from around 30 spins in.
  15. Cheers m8 - will keep battling on and it will get sorted.
  16. Jnrboi

    Wild heist

    Wild heist is a very good game with so much Potential glad u picked the gold card 😂 Would love to see this again 👍🏻
  17. Congratulations best one I've seen so far.... The bar has been set
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