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  2. Streamers quite clearly don't gamble with their own money. They're obviously gambling with money given to them by the casinos, in a way of getting their casinos promotion and hoping gullible viewers sign up and gamble there lives away. Streamers like nickslots react in such an aggressive manor when anyone ever dares to mention its not his money he's playing slots with, it's ridiculous. I 100% think stakes will be capped in the UK soon, and the sooner the better imo I do enjoy watching streams, but the ones that are more realistic to me, the £2 or £3 stakes.
  3. £700 in on £2 spin bar 00 roulette?!?!? What an absolute clown.... Now I have been in for more than that on roulette but only when it was up to £100 per spin or live in a casino.... Doing your brains like that on £2 a go is just scary. Theres a reason he’s got comments off, doesn’t want to hear the hard truth from people
  4. I used to love the bandits videos, they were so genuine. He used to play on £2 stake and most of the time finish down, but sometimes got a decent win, I always found myself rooting for him. Then something changed, basically 90%+ of his videos ended in a win and I began to feel that it wasnt 100% genuine, either editing out bits or not being 100% genuine. Ive not watched him for a while, but the last time I watched I think he was £40,000-£50,000 and still walked away in profit. He used to talk regularly about the issues he's had in the past with gambling, so to become an affiliate and have £40k to spaff on reel king and promote a positive result most of the time, doesnt in my mind promote responsible. That's not to say he isnt entertaining.
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  6. It's actually fruit Mad world not slots as I said at the start. Anyway. Today's video ends at excitement to have 500 quid in the balance as he was 700 in on 2 quid roulette. Guys needs proper help. Needs self exclusion. Suspect he's a lost cause. No idea where he is getting cash from if he's a bankrupt.
  7. playing millionaire the other day and the 1% answer was the correct one. what chance 🙄
  8. Well had a go again at a bonus hunt again this week and pretty poor results again, will be going again next Sunday but will be copying Darren’s games on the live and see how that goes millionaire - no bonus rick and morty- no bonus legacy of dead - bonus 17x donuts - no bonus rise of merlin - bonus 67x extra chilli - no bonus danger high voltage - no bonus primal - no bonus give each slot £200 worth of spins except millionaire which a gave £500 of spins and all winnings but still no bonus
  9. its all luck of the draw!1st press bonuses are epic but its like they now you've got a cheap bonus and they pay shite money
  10. yea i agree totally with the above comments!99% of gamers cant bare to lose £50 let alone 10s of thousands!some of bandits videos are unwatchable especially if he plays reel king all the time!
  11. well i hoping darren has a epic win!im thinking 100 spins on each slot £2 stake and play the slots that hes had epic wins on!bonus wheel has been complete shite for him
  12. Darren winning! prefer new slots - old ones just seem to eat
  13. Good question, because that bonus wheel has been a nightmare!
  14. Fatsax348 How did you get on?
  15. It's difficult to know what to make of Bandit's videos, they seem genuine enough. I sometimes find them hard to watch and clearly there is other gambling going on that doesn't get shown, he even admits as much. Not much entertainment in watching losing so understand why they have to be edited. Problem it it reinforces an unrealistic perception of the chance of winning when in reality it is hours of losing to maybe pick up one decent bonus win. Not much relevance to me as I can barely afford £2 stakes. Bookies slots playing from cold seem to want to take a lot of money before giving out a decent bonus win. If a bonus drops in for little outlay 9/10 times it pays small.
  16. come on then guys what does everyone want to see this sunday from darrens live bonus hunt???
  17. the bandit slots were the ones i was referring to when i put this discussion up!£40 stakes in reel king then gambling the bonus!i mean getting to £16k on the ladder then gambling is stupid beyond belief!
  18. That's what i've found about Egypt games - https://the10bestonlinecasinos.com/egypt-slots/ No idea about Irish though
  19. They can ban them from twitch / FB etc but they could just go online with their own site. Far less accessible, but it's very difficult to ban stuff, you end up with a crazy policing task like Prohibition in the US. There are bigger issues the government will tackle first like Betting adverting/sponsorship in football. The Bandit's vids are real IMO. but I'm highly doubtfully of those Malta guys.
  20. He has his fingers in pies so to speak
  21. I posted before but thought I would introduce myself. Been poking the buttons for the last 30 years but more of a donks person now lingering on Betfair. Mainly a layer of FAVS as the odds are with you more than backers by my numbers. Nothing like an odds on fav coming in last when you've also laid the 4th place at 1.1 Lots of grey hair now like Darren, strangely Darren's character doesn't have any? I have one question for Darren - What do you do for a living? - If I could hazard a guess it must be something like web design, graphic design or IT as it's not that easy to set up the site and edit all those videos on FB.
  22. Congrats - BUT stay at low level for now and don't think you can repeat it as that is how they get it all back and more.
  23. Yes twitch and live streaming/playing 24/7 is where it's at. I'm highly suspicious of these groups. I know they get other streams of income but you would expect their losses to be astronomical at those levels of play. But every now and then someone dumps a 1500x on them. Methinks they could well be in league with the online casinos and getting backhanders or ip wins as they know their ip address by now. Something is not right - they should be losing a lot more than they do.
  24. think im cured!better to watch other gamers then lose my own money😂
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