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  1. Today
  2. https://youtu.be/giEfoa_Nn2o Take a look at that video i couldnt believe it... the perfect garga
  3. Rocky Action Bank and the ocassional bit of Cash Stax
  4. Oh this reminds me so much of Ken Tyzacks arcade when I was growing up
  5. Happy Birthday mate... and I think if you reflect on the last year you made at least one wise decision
  6. Yesterday
  7. hit the octopus a dig with your elbow 🙂
  8. Just took my wife and kids to rufford country park Nottingham and there was a small fair for the kids and an arcade for me problem was it was the old 1p you got 10 for £1 I was told machines from early 1920’s made my arm ache pulling the handle
  9. was a metel head growing up , thin lizzy , sabbath , rainbow , judas priest , iron maiden , saxon , zeppelin , the who , rush , springsteen , iggy p and the stooges , the clash , the stones , l skynard , the jam , rory gallagher , blue oyster cult , elo , blondie , the ramones , tom petty , & last but not least , the KING 🙂 . MY KIDS THINK IM INSANE
  10. If anyone here’s ever picked up a guitar, I’m sure they’ll appreciate how good this is 🙂
  11. I wonder if we will see it come into the bookies slots
  12. I know you prefer high stakes but I had 4x£2 free credit slips from Coral, and playing 20p play managed to get a £22 base game win on El Torero. Some other nice wins including 2 upgrades on Super Star Turns and I walked away with £90. It was quite nice when the 20 minute warning came up asking me if I wanted to continue playing - ‘you have spent £0’ and having £50 in the bank at the time!
  13. Have a good one mate, don't forget to hold your plums.
  14. Eye of horus Fishing frenzy Centurion (all games) Rainbow riches free spins El torero Any William Hill slot That's my banned list 🤣
  15. I do like King’s Honour but it can be brutal. My other go to slots are Super Star Turns, Gator King, Crown Of Midas, Lady Of Avalon and sometimes Burn Em Up 7s. Chasing the dragon on Vampire Desire seems to be a bad habit I’ve gotten in to recently too. If I’ve made a profit, I then play up or down to the nearest round amount on Eye Of Horus.
  16. I don't have the patience for anything less than £2 stakes. I wish I did. Haven't really played drops of gold much
  17. Put a quick £10 on drops of gold today on 20p stakes returned £0 😢
  18. A year older but not a year wiser grey hair now and thinning rapidly 😭
  19. Mine has always been pots of gold more often than not i tend to do well, also kings honor and spartacus. The worst slot I have ever come across is centurion its so bad 👎
  20. Last week
  21. I find R&M never does a really bad bonus. I may be wrong, but they don't seem as low as many other Megaways slots, but you're right, it is very hard to bonus.
  22. WOW congrats never seen 4 wilds before 👍👍👍
  23. No mate I'm a "spread" plasterer but I can turn my hands to most things but these days you need certain papers to "sign off work" such as plumbing and heating and electrics, if you can't sign off your work then any insurance becomes invalid. Basically, legally I can install a bathroom suite or kitchen and do minor electrics such as in the pics but that's about it. On the up side my work is very varied which makes it less tedious doing the same thing week in week out. A few weeks ago I even dug out footings for an extension all by hand, manually carried 2 ton of ballast through the property and
  24. Good to see your back working mate! Goid work there, are you a brickie to trade?
  25. Been playing these online recently. I love the R&M bonuses but the slot is really hard to bonus. Been choosing the random option and best win over 1400x has been on Pickle Rick with 20 spins, not what I would have expected. The Dog House is much better tbh it bonuses more often and still gives some huge payouts best being over 2500x so far.
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