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  2. I don't think we will ever know. Self exclusion resolve for him couldbe avoiding a place like this so if he isn't reporting in it is good regardless of payout success
  3. Hills in Chester. First time I played 10 quid a spin and it landed space trail bonus, first press teleport to big money and 500
  4. Thanks Stepandstop, and Happy Christmas to you and everyone else 🎄🎄
  6. Mine was in an arcade in Liverpool. Star Wars got the gold pot after exchanging. For some reason getting a big pot always seems extra lucky.
  7. Last week
  8. MikeV

    Vamp it up

    The blue heart opens the top half in addition to awarding a 4th spin for one time only. At least I can confirm that in the online version. I’m not sure about the bookies version, since I don’t live in the UK.
  9. mjl5656

    Vamp it up

    They only way the top is opened is if you happen to get the bonus and the top is already opened that has only happened to me once the first week it came out if it does happen you are guaranteed the £500 jackpot but it is very rare
  10. You can also use this option in the app, up to 6 cha nels at once. 😁
  11. Oh this is way above your head, 😁😁 We're talking turf here, a little digression I know but I think we know, what we are talking about. What we're we talking about?? Oh yeah, Christmas, 😁
  12. This thread has really confused me?!
  13. I would just go for the champion chase again
  14. Madeinshef


    Each bet value is individual so if a game has 20p,50pand £1 stakes then it is the equivalent of there being three separate machines. So if you win from a £1 stake you'll win money from the £1 pot. Don't be confused with "random"... Its all down to odds. There are a list of numbers available to be drawn by the random number generator. If the machine is wanting to pay out, it'll increase the amount of winning numbers within the list. If the machine doesn't want you to win then it'll do the opposite and increase the amount of losing numbers. Think needle in a haystack! It's exactly the same as a tombola with the amount of losing tickets being changed to control the payout. So it is random technically but if you're managing the amount of winning and losing numbers in the list then it's pretty much fixed/controlled.
  15. the games dead mate , the horse has long bolted. i was given a job walking the boards in 1984 as a young 15 year old , no machines then , no tvs on the wall , you were lucky if the tills turned on 🙂 there was a speaker in the corner and you got your mark up sheets , a red and blue marker and the little boards that were magnetic with the names of the horse meetings on .it used to be full of local people , rich people poor people , school teachers , coal men, brickies , there was even a priest who i wont name but he loved a footie bet at the weekend 🙂 , every walk of life , there was some incredible banter back then . the place used to go deathly quiet when there was a half a furlong to run and then the cheer when the fav shot 3 clear going to the line , glorious. true story , i remember marking up one bank holiday saturday , there was about 6 meetings on and the place was packed and i could hardly hear the dodgy speaker , i was going mad trying to keep up with the betting when suddenly the place goes really quiet , i turn and see a guy at the door with a mask on and 2 at the till , snatch style with sawn offs , a robbery , im up on the board with my markers , the prices are still getting shouted so i call out , oi is it ok if i keep marking these prices and the guy looks at me for about 5 seconds nods and says carry on 🙂 , jeez i loved those days , you should see the place now , about 5 16 year old kids hanging around a fotb and about 8 house wives doing the bingo numbers , no punters left , the dog men are long gone , they couldnt get a bet down , nobody bets horses anymore , although the odd shrewdie is probably on betfair , they used to stand large bets all day long , now its 200 max at sp , 50 on a dog , iv had an account closed after 3 days online and i didnt even win ffs buts thats another story . bookies are these days nothing more than accountants who only want to feed of the skim , bottomfeeders . if they say they cant survive without fotbs they should go back to making books or have there licenses removed . rant over :)
  16. You reap what you sow, the gambling industry has had it so easy in the past ten-twenty years and they blew their opportunity to self regulate by letting the bookies continue to milk their fobt cash cow at the expense of society. Now the government has been belatedly pushed into action, so they are going to go in heavy handed. In my opinion the industry needs to look in the mirror, this is a problem of entirely their own making. If the entire industry had only took the issue of responsible gambling seriously the government wouldn't have had to step in.
  17. I work in the industry, as an advisory BACTA held a meeting where it was agreed the Industry would take a stance on CAT D. It was agreed operators would move CAT D machines so they could only be played by over 18s, or a by an under 18 that has an adult present with them. This decision was made as to try and appease the UKGC and ever growing band wagon so that they wouldn’t hit the industry harder in the near future. I believe by early next year all sites will have this in place. Personally I don’t agree with it, CAT D income has been declining for years, and they are phasing themselves out. You only really see these machines in coastal areas where amusements have been around for years and are a huge part of British culture. What will they ban next 2p pushers? Redemption machines where you win tickets? All gambling in their own right. If the government and the do gooders want to help children in this country I would suggest they do something about the epidemic that is child obesity rather than further decimating an industry that is finding it hard enough as it is.
  18. Mad this evening, £60 in and played Solider of Rome and got up to £350. Then done most of it playing Burn em up 7’s and RR DofG. played the last £80 on SST and hit two jackpots and an additional £150 on the very last spin for a total profit of £1090 😳😀.... This leads into my previous thread on luck and to say I’m now over £3,000 up since last Thursday is just amazing 😉 Of course as most will know I play always £2 Stake and lots of Premium Play playing for Ultra Spins which is not for the faint hearted and can be a rollercoaster ride of volatility as Darren is always pointing out to me! Anyway time for a break before the inevitable plummet occurs and enjoy the money on Xmas and that’s my annual trip to the Cheltenham festival paid for including my betting cash!
  19. Yeah I agree LiamJ as an ex bookie worker also I find it a bit suspect . Is his non response a good or bad sign I wonder
  20. yeah seen it , the horror , there should be a bonus prize for a half or one x to keep it interesting .
  21. Thanks everyone for your emails, I'll respond and order them on Thursday so I can do them all at the same time.
  22. Some certainly seem a lot more difficult to bonus than others, but I don't think any of them give it up too easy. A few people have said Eye of Horus Megaways is easy to bonus but nearly always terrible, and after Sunday's stream with 27 free spins I'm inclined to believe it.
  23. We have a winner ------ hope you opted for the alcohol one lol.....
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