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  1. mjl5656

    Super Star Turns

    Ok fair enough but if that's the case why do you play the megaways in the bookies when the on line is better experience ? ( Not lagging or compensated)
  2. Just watched latest video 88% on newest slot no wonder people don't play on William hill slots
  3. William Hill have the worse customer service of all the bookies no wonder they are closing shops all the time it happened to be back before the £2 cap and took 2 weeks to sort out finally got £100 that was after I said I was going to lodge an official complaint I just walked passed my local William Hill and found out it has closed down so what comes around, goes around
  4. mjl5656

    King Kong Megaways

    Wow that’s a good win for £1 stake I have seen a lot less on much higher well done
  5. mjl5656

    Super Star Turns

    Funny you should say that as the 3 proper casino’s I visit all the SG Games have been removed IGT now are in all the Big casino’s in London and have replaced all the SG Games I normally play in Casio’s or Arcade not so much in bookies now a days and overall do best in Casino In the Arcade this week I won the Jackpot on SST and also won 50 Free Plays but stoped with 11 Spins left
  6. While a lot of people say The RTP does not matter fact is before the £2 cap it used to be 93-94% some of betfred FOBTS now give only 89%
  7. mjl5656

    Super Star Turns

    Ok that would explain a lot !
  8. Why do you never see anyone playing this game on line ? Last few weeks I have won the £500 with spare spins due to the £500 cap So must be bigger potential on line but no one plays why not ??
  9. One thing I have always thought strange if you go to any casino in the UK The RTP is the same on all stakes but on the fobs most you have to play the premium play to get the best return
  10. You have not seen any of the Bandit videos?
  11. Most pubs have a RTP of only 84% so best to avoid as the odds are stacked against the player
  12. mjl5656

    Vamp it up

    They only way the top is opened is if you happen to get the bonus and the top is already opened that has only happened to me once the first week it came out if it does happen you are guaranteed the £500 jackpot but it is very rare
  13. Just to be clear is this on normal YouTube Chanel or do we need to download some other app
  14. Ok this is something I have never seen on live stream but I played in Vegas In September but it’s a great slot and new on casimba
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