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  1. Thanks to be honest with you the main people I want to use this for is us people like slot lady and BC slots as makes a change from the UK videos but BC slots for example has a advert going off every 4 mins when I looked up what he and slot lady are making from YouTube I don't thing missing my venue is going to make much odds to them !
  2. I don't know how how this works if the content provider decide how many adverts or if Google just drop them in a random But YouTube adverts drop in now so many times it's no longer enjoyable to watch some channels anymore What does everyone else think
  3. Back in the day the game I used to enjoy was Wizard of Oz Not sure why it never lasted long but after a few months it was taken off and never seen again Anyone else has a favourite that is no longer on the FOBTS
  4. Wow William hill is the bookies I avoid and looks like I made the correct choice Anyone offing less than 90% is taking the P***
  5. I was hoping for a street fighter arcade machine !
  6. Watching the latest Videos And can't understand how WH can get away with £100 plus on one FOBT without giving spin! How do the so called regulators allow this and more importantly what's the point of dropping £100 for Zero play you might as well play £5 X 20 spins on line for a higher potential return and at least some game play I honestly can't see what's the appeal of the 15 mins sessions at the bookies unless I am missing something lucky my local WH closed over a year ago , as the new slots look nothing more than a rip off to me
  7. As I have said before even if we have home FOBT that would be excellent idea
  8. Yes people say the RPT on slots are high but the Bingo take about 50%
  9. Good for him about time the greedy bookies was taken to task and hopefully will put people off from using them both online and in the high street
  10. I assume the ticket will come out with whatever the total was due I must say now you have your own FOBT I can't sée what the appeal would be playing in the bookies I was hoping at least once a week you would have a video with your home machine, so far we have only had 3 videos, even if you try on a non stop and step day like Sunday would be good 🙂
  11. Funny how it's always easy to deposit But when you want to withdraw it's a different story
  12. I am not sure why his home machine got such a bad Rap One thing for sure I would rather Friday have a home machine session than the £1 on line like last week's Friday One thing I don't get was Darren said after each poor win it would not have been much better on £2 but is that the case Normally £1 the RPT is a lot lower 84% when £2 in normally much higher
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