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  1. Well I also agree the Megaways have been done to death in a way thank goodness for the Buy Bonus cap as when the streamers could buy the bonus all it was worth me one mega ways after another
  2. This is why we now have the £2 limit because of people that just can not control them self before the limit was set I have seen people like that grab a chair and smash the glass of 3 FOBS in a row
  3. mjl5656

    Lemmings Big Win

    I got 12 Lemmings one of them went to the secret treasure chest area and picked the highest value chest £112 also one of them went into space and I picked the £50 Satellite Dish The rest of the wins was normal but a few I got up to X3
  4. I remember this slot from Vegas about 5 years ago but as it’s new in the arcade I gave it a go £60 in and got the bonus
  5. Whole thing is very strange if anything the premium play ultra spins. should be stopped as I have seen some people spend over £100 just to enter the Reels also this weeks bandit he was spinning £50 a spin that’s ok but you can’t buy a £50 bonus buy
  6. Looking at one of your videos this week , this definitely is one slot to avoid looks like you had just as bad play as I did
  7. I must say I must have been extremely lucky first time round as over the last 2 weeks must have put in over £400 with little returns The base game gives very poor returns and the bonus takes a very long time to come , and on average has paid £37 So think this was good while it lasted but I think that I am now adding to my list of slots to avoid ! 😫
  8. I have not been in William Hill but I had a quick look at my local one and it’s a sorry site the FOBTS are not looked after at all the panel on the bottom of the screen that did not work when I used to play Blackjack still does not work , and that was over 9 months ago I last went in that shop The whole place looks dirty and the Poor RTP it looks like they have just thrown in the towel
  9. Wow that’s a good win 🤠
  10. I think I saw bandit a few weeks ago he spent £200 on the bonus and got .60p He said thanks a F*****g Lot !!
  11. Well done you certainly must be the exception to the rule !! Or very lucky
  12. I agree tried that yesterday must have waisted £100 on it no Bonus and the base wins very poor added to my list of Never to Play Again Slots
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