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  1. Have a great time! I hope to go some time this year. 1) The ATM fees are ridiculous in the main casinos on the Strip. The last time I went the ATM fees at Caesar's were $10. If you use them, the best thing to do is withdraw a large amount all at once, there's no point withdrawing $50 and being charged $10. As Mentholdan mentioned, some banks don't charge to use your card abroad, but you will still be charged the ATM fees. Check with your bank, some charge every time you use your card. Nationwide used to charge £1 for each transaction. That doesn't sound like much, but it soon adds up
  2. What are the bookies like at the moment, are they kicking you out at exactly 15 minutes?
  3. I love that slot, I've still not had the x50 though 😞
  4. I've not seen it yet, I'll certainly play it when I see it!
  5. What was the problem with it? A lot of people were having problems viewing that one 😞 It seems like a great game, I've not played it too much. I'll remember those games for next week 🙂
  6. 2 years already! I'm pleased with it, it's a very friendly community which is what I was hoping for.
  7. That sounds like a really good gift. I've never even thought about a shared ownership of a horse, I go to races every now and then but that's about it. The horse is worth £260,000 and any prize money you get 1/4000 of it?
  8. Yep! It's not looking like there can be any worthwhile game play until at least May. Does anybody know what would happen if you were in the middle of a bonus and you reached your 15 minutes?
  9. Thank you for all of your guesses, the final balance was £2100.70. The winners are: @Jimwhite78 who guessed £2112 @Fonzontour who guessed £2117.32 @shabbir_d who guessed £2078.60 @markjordan who guessed £2121 You each win a £150 Amazon voucher 🙂 Will the winners please send me a message via the forum and I'll get the prizes sent out to you.
  10. Well done! I might add that to a Bonus Hunt!
  11. Thank you everyone for your guesses, the contest is now closed. I'll announce the winners in Tuesday's video, but you'll be able to see the end result in tonight's video.
  12. Hey Chazzle, I haven't removed any of your posts. I just had a look through your old posts and founds these that may be related: And.. Is it either of those? The only other thing I can think of if it's not those posts, it may not have posted due to a connection issue maybe.
  13. Not looking at the photo as a clue 🙂 I'm guessing £0?
  14. I'm yet to have the x50. What did it end up paying?
  15. I love it! Well done.
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