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  1. Thanks, and thank you to everyone who watches!
  2. It's got to be £400+?? I guess £453 Edit: I just realised I can see 0.00 in the photo, so I guess £450.
  3. I will put bonus costs in next time. I realised after I made the video I should have done that, but it was something different, so I'll modify it a bit next time.
  4. Hey guys, competition time. Guess my next trip destination for a chance to win one of 5 £100 Amazon gift vouchers.
  5. For some reason I've never played it! I've played the Joker one and lost a lot with no bonus so it probably put me off. I'll be sure to play it soon now.
  6. It's another BTG slot that often requires long sessions to build levels up. It's a clever way to get people to play longer, but does get tedious and isn't everyone's cup of tea. Saying that, 400 spins isn't that many.
  7. Thanks, and I'll try Book of Irish again probably next week.
  8. Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions so far. I've made a note of lots of them, and will try and play all or as many as possible. Keep them coming though, especially if it's a single slot request as I'll combine it with others.
  9. Hi, I've got Sweet Success for tonight's bonus hunt. There aren't really three different bonuses on it, they are all Deal or No Deal style games with just more free spins on the higher you get.
  10. From April the 14th 2020 online casino's will no longer be allowed to take bets/deposits via credit card. An estimated 800,000 people have used a credit card at some point to gamble. This is part of a wider overhaul of the UK gambling industry which will include a full review of the Gambling Act and will eventually likely see a reduction in online betting stakes which currently has no legal upper limit. What are you views on the ban on credit card deposits for online casinos? https://news.sky.com/story/credit-card-deposits-for-online-betting-to-be-banned-from-april-11908234
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