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  1. You know you'll be on people's Facebook pages 'no one came to this guys party'. You might be trending by the time you get home!
  2. A super big thank you to everyone for helping me to reach 50,000 subscribers 🙂 50k specials will be next week.
  3. It is a bit spammy, you can embed it and you'll still get the views. At least people will be able to see what it is then.
  4. That happened to me the other day too! First time I've ever seen it and the staff said they had no clue why. As for turning them off and on, that wouldn't do anything, the staff don't have any access to change any settings.
  5. Thanks for the honesty, those Ultra spins are incredibly dangerous. Before the stake change they weren't in arcades, and now they are, and none of them display the odds. Many of us know it's £20, £30 and £50 on average, but it's intentionally not made clear and your average arcade punter has no clue. Enjoy your golf!
  6. No deal on 31st is a good bet in my opinion, but there's a lot of elected politicians who don't like democracy. I'd bet on no deal, but not too much.
  7. A massive thank you to everyone for your brilliant suggestions. I'll go through them all and pick two ideas to make into videos, which will be up in about 2 weeks.
  8. Was that on the Ultra Premium Play? Those free spins have a very high value and 25 is often enough. On the standard £2, 50 is just enough. Ultra Premium Play on the 10k jackpots would be brilliant..Not seen it yet. Oh, and a little side note. The free spins on many SG slots (Star Turns, Reels of Gold etc.) are independent from each other. Many other companies the entire free spins bonus is predetermined, but not on these. So if the jackpot was bigger, you really would have had 35 spins spare.
  9. I don't think I've seen a fake £2 before. Millions of £1s though.
  10. Hey guys, I would love your ideas for a 50,000 subscriber special. All recommendations are very welcome and can be anything. The chosen idea will win a £100 Amazon voucher. If more than one person suggests the chosen idea, the person who suggested it first will win the voucher. Let me know in the replies... Thanks
  11. Omg, I'm gutted for you. It's a crazy bet for such a small return, obviously in hindsight you should have banked £460 and gone for a double or something like that. I did see a long time ago in the motorway services a £494 gamble lose, but it wasn't me. Hyperfuse did it on one of his recent videos, £480 or so. His won, but still not worth the risk.
  12. Thanks, I'm going to stop 2 bees before level 5.
  13. As many people suggested, I started to build the Swarm up on 20p stake on Wild Swarm ready for Friday's Bonus Hunt. It then span in a x400 win! Hopefully it will do it on Friday on a higher stake.
  14. Wow, that's MASSIVE! Well done.
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