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  1. Congratulations to @MikeV, you've won the £100 Amazon voucher from a randomly selected pool of correct answers. Thanks to everyone for taking part, more contests soon 🙂
  2. Someone mentioned something like that to me a long time ago. I guess it's possible if the bonus is pre-determined, but you'd need a lot to be able to look for patterns. There used to be an old triple-player fruit machine called Red, White Blue and you could tell the value of the bonus from the first win.
  3. Hi, the channel isn't sold, I believe someone made a reference to a commercial agreement with the website, not the channel, that will be the same as it's always being 🙂
  4. Ferg, you should self-exclude from bookies? I don't know what bank you use but some allow you to block gambling and other expenses on your card. Barclays for example have a list of places where you can have you debit card blocked, such as pubs, shopping and gambling. If you try to use it in those places it comes up as declined. You can just block gambling, or pubs, that kind of thing, so you don't need to block them all. There are other banks that do it too, but I'm not sure on which ones.
  5. About three years ago I published an RNG test report, you can look at it here: https://stopandstep.com/rng-test-report/ It's for a WMS (SG-Gaming) slot. One of the key parts of it was that the test was over 20,000,000 (20 million) spins! I'm not sure how many spins a slot does in its life-time, but I doubt it's even close to that.
  6. The videos are subsidised by the ads, it makes no difference where I play other than whether I can film or not. There are very rarely videos from Ladbrokes for that very reason, they often don't let me film. The same with Paddy Power and Betfred, the shops near me don't let me film. I record and upload every time I gamble, sometimes they will be good wins, other times losses. I'll get streaks in either direction, but I limit this by not playing roulette or premium play ultra spins.
  7. Why would I remove this comment? Although you clearly don't watch the videos, or you just focus on the winning ones I don't mind answering your comment. The last 5 bookie videos were 3 losses and 2 wins, why would I heavily edit them? Do you seriously think I record 100's of videos until I get a bonus or video that backs up your thinking? I assume you are also referring to today's winning video which was in an arcade, not a bookies. I think the clue to how much money they make is that 900 William Hill's have shut and several hundred Ladbrokes and Coral will be shutting over the next few months when their leases on the properties are up. So I assume they don't make much money any more. Putting £2000 into Eye of Horus says more about the people playing it than any restrictions. You must have been sat watching them for a very long time? How do you know what time she phoned an engineer?
  8. I've not seen it yet, but I rarely go in Ladbrokes.
  9. The UK Gambling Commission has stopped bonus buys, so it's unlikely you'll be seeing them again after this week on any slots. What do you think of this move?
  10. You put Lucky 15's as a living cost 😂 Fuel in this country is a massive rip-off, luckily Extinction Rebellion will have us riding horses instead.
  11. I must have missed this post originally! I've played it a few times on premium play and every bonus has been under £30 😞
  12. I was just browsing for free editors and this one seemed ok: https://videopad-video-editor.en.softonic.com/ but I've never used it, and I only had a quick look. Sony Movie Studio is a basic version of Sony Vegas and is around £40 which isn't too bad if you plan on doing a few. I wrote this a long time ago: https://stopandstep.com/twitch-and-youtube-streaming/ even though it's titled 'Streaming', it'll be the same for pre-recorded. The recording software there is OBS, which is free and very good.
  13. Red Tiger definitely don't work on bonus hunts. If you use Windows, it has a built in screen recorder, just press Window + Alt + R and it will come up. Good luck, I hope you do well.
  14. I don't think I know this one, is it new, £500 jackpot?
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