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  1. Good question, because that bonus wheel has been a nightmare!
  2. Great result! I hope you've withdrawn it, or at least most of it. Rick and Morty is great, but very difficult to bonus.
  3. I'm not 100% certain, but I think all of the ones in William Hill and Betfred do, but they are all compensated, not random. I know Kings Honour in Coral does because I just played it 🙂
  4. Mine is Pots of Gold premium play.
  5. They are supposed to be on, they were told in their guidance notes to clean them every hour, but the way things are, that could change at a moments notice.
  6. Good luck, let us know how you do.
  7. You would hate to be playing next to me then! I turn mine up to the max, but it's only so the video picks up the sound.
  8. What a great result! They are so volatile, it's not really worth playing them on £2 stake with the £500 limit.
  9. Thanks guys, and hopefully it will be more than one bonus!
  10. This could lead to some interesting collaborations! Evolution Gaming has agreed to purchase NetEnt in a $2.1b deal. https://uk.reuters.com/article/netent-ma-evolution-gaming/update-1-evolution-gaming-offers-to-buy-netent-in-2-bln-online-casino-deal-idUKL8N2E111C
  11. Because of the huge fines being levied on the casinos/sports books they have to be extra careful. The fines are often several million, so if anything comes up where they didn't take appropriate action they would probably be in for a bad time. When you mentioned you had lost your job I'm guessing they pretty much had no choice but to use some safer gambling tools, which in this case was a 12 month self-exclusion. I assume the open bets remain in play, have you asked them in their live chat? Which casino was it? I hope you manage to find a job soon.
  12. Fantastic! I might add it back to my bonus hunt slot list now!
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