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  1. I'm not sure to be honest, I've had the account for so long it's possible I verified myself at some point in the past. Here's a short video I found on the subject:
  2. I've not tried tis one yet, it's super volatile so is probably well suited to low stakes. That's a fantastic win on 40P 🙂
  3. Hey guys, this is nothing to do with me, it's a YouTube / Google thing to verify peoples ages. All UK videos for online casinos should be 18+, so Google tries to verify the accounts to confirm the age. When you watched Roshtein for example, as he isn't based in the UK he didn't need to tell YouTube his video was for 18+, so any account could watch them. When you switched to my video, YouTube sees that it is for 18+ and needs to verify your age. This has resulted in UK videos being demoted and replaced by European ones. The verifying by debit card or photo ID seems to be a new thing and not
  4. Hi, it sounds to me that you might need to upgrade, or use different recording software. OBS is brilliant software but it uses a lot of resources. You could try the built in screen recorders, both Windows and Apple's have built in software that will record the screen, then plug in a mic to record the sounds. For Windows it's W + Alt + R and it will record the screen. Try that and see how you get on.
  5. That slot loves a re-trigger! What was your final win?
  6. Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. The new look site and forum is now live, I hope you like it. Please let me know any feedback or issues you may notice. Thanks
  7. They are both just as volatile, but with the original £10 to £50 games you at least knew how much you were paying for a game.
  8. Short answer, no 😞 I have three more, so two for next week then one the following week. I do have some ideas for non-online content so hopefully you'll like it. Lockdown might last a while, so we will see where it takes us 🙂
  9. It looks like we are all locked down again..
  10. The games are random with each press, so the RTP is just the random odds. Think of it like a really complex roulette wheel, roulette wheels have one zero, some two, and some in Vegas even have three. They are still all random, just with odds that favour the house in different amounts.
  11. Those type of games are very high risk, I'm surprised the Gambling Commission allowed them after banning bonus buys.
  12. Wow, now that is rare! I can't remember the last time I saw 5 of any symbols on those games!
  13. I remember those days! 'It's number 8 mate', thanks!
  14. An independent arcade. It's a good game, but it has faulty volume on that one.
  15. I'm in tier 3 now, so no more arcade videos except for the four I have saved to spread out through January. Playing for 15 minutes is a bit of a risk, I might try it the once if the bookies open.
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