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  1. Thanks Stepandstop, and Happy Christmas to you and everyone else 🎄🎄
  2. Thanks everyone for your emails, I'll respond and order them on Thursday so I can do them all at the same time.
  3. Some certainly seem a lot more difficult to bonus than others, but I don't think any of them give it up too easy. A few people have said Eye of Horus Megaways is easy to bonus but nearly always terrible, and after Sunday's stream with 27 free spins I'm inclined to believe it.
  4. 500 Betfreds and over 700 Ladbrokes/Coral still set to close.
  5. Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in announcing the winners. I was hoping to do it during the stream but the bot had issues so I've compiled a list of everyone who was in the chat at both Twitch and YouTube and drawn ten people at random. The ten winners are: Liam Smith Nathan Baines Steven Williamson break102 Andrew Dumbleton SammysSlots Danielleliverpool jamielad79 robertb2310 jay007briony007 If your name is on the list please email me at skillcash@gmail.com from the account you watched the stream on, or leave a comment here. Please reply as soon as you can as the hampers are being ordered from Marks and Spencer's and will need to be ordered pretty soon to make delivery in time for Christmas. If you have won, let me know if you would like alcohol, no alcohol or you don't mind. If you didn't win, sorry about that 😞 there will be more giveaways in future videos.
  6. That's the one from the other day, last nights will be up at 4pm today, I'm just editing it because it crashed so trying to tidy it up.
  7. Hey everyone, thanks for all of your suggestions, I've used lots of them! When the stream starts type !enter in the chat at either YouTube or Twitch at any time to be entered into the draw to win one of 10 Christmas hampers. The draws will take place throughout the stream but you only need to enter once. Thanks again, see you at 9pm
  8. Hey everyone, this Sunday at 9pm (1st December) I'll be doing a live stream from Casimba. It will be a live Bonus Hunt so I need lots of slot suggestions. The suggestions will be placed on a spinning wheel which will decide what I'm going to play. Once I've hopefully hit a bonus on that slot I'll spin the wheel again, if the wheel lands on a position that I've already played before, I'll give away a Christmas hamper. I'll be giving away 10 in total and it will be free to enter. I'll be starting the stream off on Wild Swarm as I've started to build up the hive, from then on all slots will be readers suggestions. I'll pick 21 suggestions, so feel free to leave them below. Thanks
  9. When I used to play bookies roulette before the stake change, this used to happen a lot. Some days I would play roulette and no matter where I bet, it would miss, other times it was the complete opposite! It's luck I guess. With the slots, you play the Ultra Premium Play? They are crazy volatile. I try to avoid them, they also make for short videos because the pre-gamble is the majority of the game time.
  10. It's possible you may be the only person who uses Edge 🙂
  11. Hey Guys, thanks everyone for entering. The five winners are Martin Bell Santeri Vuori Kieran Brannigan Dionne Carolan k6kaysix I'll contact the winners shortly to send you your prizes. And don't forget to join me at 9pm this Sunday for a live Bonus Hunt, streamed to Twitch and YouTube with another give-away.
  12. It's combinations of many things, but it certainly doesn't bother me. People are free to make a choice on whether they like something or not, and YouTube gives them that choice. Regarding the thumbs down on the Millionaire video, although some of that may be jealousy, many people often do not believe online gambling channels are real play so when a big win is hit there is doubt in people's minds which results in a thumbs down.
  13. Sorry, Luck O the Irish, the really old one with the mystery symbols that also has a Power Spins option.
  14. I noticed today that Luck of the Irish is now compensated on all stakes, including the fortune spins! This was in an arcade, but I assume William Hill and Betfred will be the same.
  15. StopandStep

    Lil devil

    I'm playing it in tomorrow's video, filling the hearts up.
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