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  1. Hi guys, competition time. Simply guess my final balance at the end of tonight's Bonus Hunt. The two closest answers will each receive a £100 Amazon gift card. The competition will close right before I start opening the bonuses (when my balance is zero). One entry per account. No edited answers, if you want to change your answer, you'll have to delete your original guess and re-post. The thread will be locked at the start of opening the bonuses. Good luck.
  2. A £100 spin! Go steady with that. Good hit though.
  3. Hey guys, this Sunday the 5th of April at 8pm I'll be doing another live bonus hunt. Let me know any slot suggestions and I'll try and play them live on stream. Just leave your slot suggestions as a reply below. Thanks a lot, and I'll see you there!
  4. Well done on the win. It's usually 2 to 3 days after the withdrawal request, they might be a little slower on the first withdrawal because of the ID check. I did mine ages ago, but I'm sure it was pretty fast.
  5. Well done on the win, I've not seen this one yet.
  6. Hi, I've played it before, about 5 months ago. It's a good game, here it is..
  7. It's this one here from January. The pots bonus is at about 4:30
  8. StopandStep


    I know 😞 Restream.io, the chat software that shows both chats was having service issues so I could only show YouTube chat unfortunately.
  9. That'd be the karaoke party that was in the paper 🙈 It will be up today at 4pm, but it had been edited, sorry about that 🙂
  10. 8pm, I'm just setting things up now.
  11. I've just changed now 😄
  12. I used to love that game. Reels of Gold, I think you mean?
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, feel free to keep them coming. I'll be playing at Dream Vegas. I'll try and do most of them.
  14. Horus paid £500! It must be broken 😄
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