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  1. You're not really getting anything extra for the double cost of the stake on £2. A lot of games have a higher value pay table, or better values during the bonus. Pure Gold only offers an extra 2% RTP, so for me I prefer £1. It can still bring in the big wins and gold pot.
  2. Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold on £2 Premium play 🙂
  3. Well done! I've never had the pot bonus on that!
  4. Hi, and welcome to the forum 🙂
  5. StopandStep


    It must just be PC, which not many people use now 🙂 I'll look on my mobile.
  6. StopandStep


    Sorry but this hasn't uploaded. Can you try a different way?
  7. You clearly love it haha! I've not played the online one, but I guess it's the same as the arcade version in that if you don't get any Fairies, you're going to have a terrible bonuses!
  8. YouTube are rolling out the removal of dislikes across its service. Viewers can still see and click the dislike button, but the ratings will be hidden. In a way this is good as it cuts down on dislike spam, but I also use dislikes as a metric to see if people liked the video or not. What do you think? They've started rolling it out from today, but I doesn't appear to be on my channel just yet.
  9. I guess it depends if the entire bonus is predetermined, or each individual spin during the bonus is random. If the entire sequence is predetermined, there's no need for zero value bonuses and the value could be spread out across the spins. From my understanding, games that allow you to gamble for a certain amount of free spins are entirely random, the majority of the rest are predetermined. But I may be wrong, and I assume it would be up to the person creating/programming the game.
  10. Megaways love dead spins, I guess they don't have much choice as the multiplier builds up pretty fast.
  11. I might try and squeeze a live stream in somewhere, and maybe a giveaway of some sort. I agree with the Christmas slots, some do seem pretty rushed each year.
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