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  1. The Jackpot King style jackpots are usually paid out...in one go...by the provider (i.e. Blueprint) rather than the casino operator
  2. I remember a game called Devil Of A Deal in the bookies about 10 years ago Best to play Mega Spins (£10 for 5! Think this may have been pre £2 normal stakes even), would bonus fairly often and it was a true odds 1 in 16 chance at £500 with no real decisions to make along the way as the offers were far too low and it didn't even give an offer for the final 2! Had more than a fair share of £500 jackpots off it
  3. Eye Of Horus Megaways is just as bad, I had a retrigger on £2 stake during the bonus and even then it didn't even manage to reach £100 If you must play them just stick to the originals
  4. I can't believe I watch the videos at 4pm on the dot every Tuesday - Friday, watched the live streams...but never noticed I had won a giveaway in November 2019! 🤣...anyway I think a better cause would be to take Trev to Subway for a massive platter...just as long as the men don't start nibbling at it!
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