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  1. To be honest, I’m not totally sure. I’ve only uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube and it’s always asked what audience it’s appropriate for. My guess is that with gambling channels they have to stipulate that their videos are 18+ otherwise they risk their channel being pulled - I think this is a relatively new thing, although oddly it doesn’t seem to affect every viewer. Maybe someone who uploads regularly can clarify this?
  2. Hey Skipper, unfortunately it’s a YouTube thing rather than a StopandStep thing. It seems to be something they’re rolling out slowly over time and affects some people but not others. I’ve never verified my age with documents but did make a declaration about my DOB when registering so I’m not sure if that suffices for them. There’s been a few people unhappy about this, but I’d recommend having a look at this thread from earlier in the year.
  3. Nothing serious thanks mate. Just very uncomfortable. I can’t really move from the couch and think I’ve watched everything on Netflix twice! I’m not great with needles or anything medical really, so it’s mostly in my head. Hopefully back to some kind of normality next week, I’m even missing getting up at 5am for work….
  4. Christ, that’s awful…. You’d expect 92% as standard for £2 play. Have you seen it in other bookies or just Hills?
  5. Ms Haze heartily approves - she’s seen Green Day many times 🙂
  6. Just got back home and recovering from surgery. Need a drink as I’m traumatised after they switched from general to local anaesthetic at the last minute. And I’m allowed to drink as they switched from general to local anaesthetic at the last minute…. Anyway, this is what I’m listening to with a bottle of beer on the side. Probably someone you’ve never heard of, but you can definitely hear a lot of 60s/70s influences despite being released in 92. As a side note, I was a bit shaken when they decided not to knock me out, but they asked me what music I’d like to listen to during the procedure to try to make it as comfortable as possible. To give it some context, I managed to listen to this whole album whilst under the knife. 😖
  7. Memory was getting full on my phone so went on a deleting spree and came across these. I knew I played Final Countdown for a reason. It takes an age to get a bonus and it’s usually crap, but once every so often in the base game it redeems itself….
  8. Good luck! And tea always looks better in a white mug. 😉
  9. It’s a funny old game that one. I liked playing it because it was 95% on all stakes so perfect for a low roller, but it could go quite a while doing nothing for me. Very annoying that you can’t gamble with auto play on too!
  10. That’s a cracking run! Congrats! I last managed to win 6p after getting 5 free spins on PP 😆
  11. Are you withdrawing onto the same card that you paid with? In my new role at work, I’ve seen a lot of nervous casinos recently who would have a lot of trouble defending a chargeback if the withdrawal method is different.
  12. Reminds me of the ‘please drink responsibly’ signs that are up at 9am in the local Wetherspoons….
  13. Jesus wept, that’s terrible. What a bunch of c**ts!! You should be able to contest that as there was no sign, but it’s a gamble doing so. Completely agree with the cash cow part, it’s utterly unbelievable that the only recompense for a lick of signage is your hard earned money. Honestly feel for you pal.
  14. @Mentholdan I usually refer to her as Ms Haze but maybe Blind Hazel in future! 😉 If I ever suffer from a case of cognitive dissonance, it’s with regards to bonuses. I only regularly watch StopandStep’s videos and I would say he showcases the slots rather than promotes the casino. If a slot’s crap, he will call it crap and if it pays well or has potential he will say he will revisit it again at some point - just as you or I would if we were playing. And if you only have a PP account and not a Casimba account, you can probably find a lot of these games on both sites. To make the videos, he needs to use an online casino of some sort so if someone offers him bonuses to use their online casino, then why wouldn’t he? It is in effect something for nothing as he’d be playing anyway. And if you’re going to play an online casino, why not switch from say PP to Casimba using his link - after all, the only major difference would be he gets a percentage of your wagering rather than all of it going to the casino. The reason I’m torn about this (apart from the utterly unrealistic streamers mentioned earlier in this thread) is that’s the exact same argument used by the tobacco industry when they could still advertise. They weren’t trying to get more people to smoke, just to switch to their brand…. Although the main difference is that the adverts were forced down your throat during the ad break on Coronation Street, not something you need to hunt down on YouTube to watch! I would like to add that I have no idea about any affiliation that StopandStep has and the above is just pure speculation - hopefully no aspersions cast! 😁
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