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  1. The only place I could find that had chess betting was Bwin. Luckily I didn’t sign up as the match ended in a draw so at least I saved a few quid! 🙂
  2. I’ll have £10 with you on the draw at even money 🙂 to be honest, I know I’m in the vast minority with this but thought I’d chance my arm to set if there’s any other chess fans signed up here!
  3. I feel I could be on my own in this, but is anyone else watching the fast paced, non-stop action filled World Chess Championship series between Carlsen and Nepo? First match predictably ended in a draw yesterday, but was an interesting game with Carlsen sacrificing a pawn for quicker development and 2 very active bishops. Carlsen has the white pieces for the next match and I think he’s going to score the first win of the tournament and start to pull away. Oddly enough, they’re not showing it an any pubs around my way, so I’ll be plonked in front of my PC from 12:30 to watch the action unfold.
  4. A tidy little sum here for 20p and possibly the most satisfying sight you’ll see on a game. Note to self - never gamble Skeleton Organ free spins….
  5. There’s also a nice vintage bottle of port I’ve had my eye on…. Well done again, just in time for the season of gluttony 👍
  6. Great stuff! Is that from the residual £148 you had? If so, there’s a great bottle of brandy I’ve seen I’d like for Christmas…. 😉
  7. Just found another one. 83 is now my unlucky number! 😞
  8. I only ever played 20p spins and it can take an age to hit the bonus, so it wasn’t really the money more the half hour of my life I won’t get back….!
  9. Just clearing some space on my phone and for some masochistic reason, I had this picture saved. I remember why I left that game alone now…
  10. I’ve not seen the video but agree with your comments about that kind of upload. I honestly wouldn’t complain about seeing a 20 minute upload of absolutely no luck at all - we’ve all been there, it’s a fair reflection of how they play sometimes and I find it more relatable.
  11. Jeez, congrats. That’s an instant withdrawal after that!
  12. The closest any of us will get to a long term win is to not give them any money….
  13. I think a lot of them are as soon as it’s awarded. It’s a fail safe should the game malfunction, you may not see the bonus but at least you get your money.
  14. BlindHaze


    Yep, seems to work on mobile. Rolling reels is always a fun one.
  15. I think there will always be people who spam the like/dislike button, often within seconds of a video coming up. I think it can be good feedback for a streamer if taken with a pinch of salt.
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