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  1. I’ve not had that, I think it asked me for an age declaration when I signed up but definitely no proof of ID.
  2. I’ve always considered buying some of the 80s/90s fruit machines. Pink Panther, Andy Capp, Monopoly, Only Fools And Horses, Cops and Robbers, Eastenders (the first one with the 3 Eastenders symbols for the feature rather than the trail) Popeye, a JPM fairground one whose name escapes me.... then I realise it’d cost a fortune and I don’t have room for them...
  3. Nice long video there, I’m only about 10 minutes through but it looks good. I’ll watch the rest after work 👍
  4. One thing I’m not a big fan of is the font colour of the threads. Maybe my eyesight’s going but the green on white isn’t all that clear to me - maybe make it a slightly darker colour?
  5. I usually use mobile devices to view the forum, it does look a lot better in landscape than portrait.
  6. I find them a bit like heavyweight boxing, can be fun to watch but I really don’t want to get involved.... The last time I tried was about a year ago, stuck £20 in King’s Honour and got to £100 on 20p play. I then thought I’d have a go at the £30 equivalent spins and lost it all in a couple of minutes. Got about 3 goes and no wins of any note at all. Lesson learned for me.
  7. I’ve checked with the beano kings, and they’ve said that women are allowed - video proof below. @cazza6565 Ms Haze says she’s looking forward to meeting you! 🙂
  8. Has anyone been to the bookies much recently? Down my way, they opened again at the beginning of December I think, but the rules were that you could only come in twice a day and for just 15 minutes a time. And sometimes it takes me a couple of minutes just to decide which game to play... I guess it must’ve been over 2 months since I last decided to give Mr Coral any of my hard earned money.
  9. Fishing Frenzy? Probably about an hour.....
  10. Now that’s a proper jolly boys’ outing!
  11. I’m surprised Ryanair doesn’t have a £5 surcharge for visiting their website....
  12. Well, Christmas is over and now it’s time to get back to some monotonous normality which is slightly depressing. To lighten myself up, I’ve been looking at summer holidays for me and Ms Haze. Specifically Turkey as it’s a beautiful country and also very cheap to go out for a meal and a few drinks. What do you think the chances are that things will be better by then? Do you think that we’ll still be under strict COVID conditions or will the majority of the world be vaccinated in 6 months time?
  13. I must admit StopandStep has a lot more patience than me. When he said he hadn’t eaten for 3 days followed up by him saying he’d also been mugged yesterday... Well mugged for what if you can’t afford food?!
  14. Nice win! I’ve seen a lot of people play that game and it’s usually disappointing.
  15. Nosebleed stakes right there. Can’t imagine playing that high..... Nice win though 👍
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