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  1. If you’re starting with £1k, I reckon you’ll have a good session and end up with £1,113.28
  2. Haha! Mentholdan, you sly old dog! 🍻
  3. Jeez, that’s hardcore but well done! I’m sticking to my 20p stakes when the bookies finally reopen.
  4. The missus and I went to watch the Grand National in the pub last year and she put a shout out on her Facebook messenger seeing if anyone wanted to join us. Up pipes a vegan friend..... ’That’s the horse racing isn’t it?’ ’yeah, we’ve picked a couple of horses each but just an excuse for us all to meet up for a beer - come join us!’ ’no thank you. How can you watch that? All the horses are mistreated!’ Yeah.... all of the horses in the Grand National are in a terrible state. All malnourished and can barely walk. Those poor winners who are in such bad condition and then put out to stud... dreadful life. ps - I have nothing against vegans, although I do hold a grudge against anyone who tries to force whatever ideologies and beliefs on anyone else. That’s why the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t knock on my door anymore.
  5. How about 2 Fat Cats if it’s bonus friendly?
  6. Eye Of Hor...... .....I’ll get my coat.
  7. I get nothing from my tupenny waterfalls YouTube channel.
  8. It’s one year already? Blimey, time flies! Happy birthday!
  9. Nice work! My best return is £125 on 20p stake on King’s Honour. Then I lost it all when I backed Beadle’s Teabag.
  10. Looking forward to it! 👍
  11. Haha! I’m up for that. Make it best of 3 to make it more exciting! 😆
  12. I know the feeling, the missus is self isolating and I can’t even buy a loaf of bread for love nor money. My usual Sunday activities involve meeting up with a few friends for a couple of pints and to watch the football and now that’s out of the window. I’m currently watching Inspector Morse and having a cup of tea. Rock n roll..... Heres hoping it doesn’t last too much longer, I turn 40 in less than 2 months and I’m buggered if I’m spending it sober.
  13. Pubs are closing after tonight too. And I’m up for 5am for work tomorrow so it’s gonna be a sober few weeks for me.
  14. Nice win! You should lump your winnings on Beadle’s Teabag now.
  15. Nice win Rob! I agree with you about the wins displaying in coins - you have no idea what you’ve actually won until the feature ends!
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