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  1. I’ve just watched a few of his videos and although they were entertaining, what got me is that I can’t relate it to it. Tapping away at the gamble button on Reel King takes some balls, but when you’re just shrugging off a £16k gamble loss with just a bit of swearing, it’s just sums of money that I can’t comprehend losing. £2 stakes on a FOBT and those 50/50 pie gambles on a £50 win for the feature is something that I can imagine myself doing (and have done in the past - 20p low roller now). Losing a 5 figure sum is unimaginable and something I could never do as I’d never forgive myself!
  2. BlindHaze


    Hey Allied, welcome aboard 👍
  3. I wish some of the clientele in my local Coral would clean themselves every hour. Even every week would be an improvement.
  4. You’re only meant to book for 1 hour time slots, so the missus booked from 7-8 for 2 people and then I booked from 8-9 🙂 And I’m sure we can squeeze another round the table, as long as you like real ales and squalor - it’s a classy combination in Southend 😉
  5. Nice work! Always good to turn a profit, but £6k is exceptional! What time’s your stream on Saturday? The missus and I have booked an appointment at the pub for a couple of hours in the evening but hope to catch at least part of the stream.
  6. I must admit, I was a little apprehensive about opening this thread after reading the title.... 😉 But that’s a cracking result - if I play blackjack, I always have a punt on the side bets as it’s the best way to make a quick return for a low stake. Nice work MillarSlots 👍
  7. Legend Of The Pharaohs in Coral at the moment. It seems to balance the volatility quite well and the feature can pay a lot - it’s also a really enjoyable feature too.
  8. I think it’s a possibility. I’d hazard a guess that <1% of the population could afford to regularly play those stakes. But the cynic in me would suggest that it’d simply be moral posturing by the government as the majority of problem slot gamblers play ‘affordable’ £2 stakes or less, but obviously that can easily lead to £00s losses very quickly.
  9. Here’s something that came to my head as I was having my morning coffee, and I keep changing my mind as to what the answer is.... so I want to put it to the vote. Are there more FOBT games based on Egypt or Ireland? Tons of Rainbow Riches games now, Slots Of Gold, Luck Of The Irish. But on the other hand there’s numerous Horus rip offs, Legend Of The Pharaohs, Cleopatra and lots of pyramid related games.
  10. Legend Of The Pharaohs is good. Quite old now but a very fun bonus.
  11. I think that’s an excellent price, a lot of teams capitulate when they lose the league - look at how Dortmund are faring since Bayern won the Bundesliga!
  12. When this rolled in, I fumbled my phone out my pocket, then the Face ID to unlock it didn’t work (presumably because I looked happy for a change) and had to enter my PIN. Wish I were a bit more prepared as I’d have got a better photo of the chests!
  13. Sorry, the picture’s not all that clear but a line of chests pays £5 on 25p play. There’s some on the top row that just seem black, but I think it’s about 80 Megaways worth of them.
  14. Usually I’m happy if I stick £20 in and double it, definitely never expected anything like this! Excellent timing too as they’ve announced that holidays abroad are starting again soon so will go towards a nice trip away for me and the missus. 🙂
  15. Had a very nice result in BetFred today, all on my lowly 25p stake. Genie popped out and I got Megaways - this was the outcome. The winlines are a bit clearer on the second photo.
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