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  1. This thread has really confused me?!
  2. I’ll be honest, I’ve not seen so many members signed on to the forum in a long time. Probably since the last giveaway...!
  3. It was good to watch - I’ve always preferred uncut versions rather than skipping to bonuses, it just seems more realistic to me. Only small criticism I have is the time - my alarm went off at 5am 🙂
  4. The new Eye Of Horus megaways might be an idea if it’s on there. If not, the regular Eye Of Horus is due a payout. 🙂
  5. We’ve got a few people around for a beer and music party and are listening to songs from yesteryear and our childhood. Anyone else think this is the inspiration and precursor to Captain Jack Sparrow...?
  6. BlindHaze

    Lil devil

    Awful game, neither Rob1969in or StopandStep will be playing it again... 😉
  7. It’d be interesting to see if it locks me out on my 20p stakes!
  8. It doesn’t matter if it’s £70 or £7000, if it’s more than you can afford to lose then it’s a problem. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems you had the urge to play because you had cash in your pocket. If that’s what started you playing, then I can suggest carrying no more than £20 in cash with you at a time. I used to be the same, I did everything in cash and it burned a hole in my pocket. I could win handsomely some days and others I’d lose 100s, and I know that sickening feeling. I could’ve bought lots of useful stuff with that or put it towards a holiday. Nowadays I only put £10-£20 every few weeks in a FOBT with the odd £2 football bet - I still get pissed off when I lose though because I think ‘that £20 could’ve bought me and the missus a Chinese takeaway for dinner’. But it’s better than the ‘that could’ve paid half my monthly mortgage payment’ feeling.... I wish you well Ferg, hopefully you’ll find what works for you. Without knowing you personally, I’m not sure how deep in you are - I found that finding something else to pass my time helped. Clash Of Clans was a saviour to me, I have an addictive personality so I kinda moved my attentions over to that. And 7 years on I’m still playing it for free....
  9. I’ve played it on 25p stake a few times - never had any luck on it.
  10. I think I’ve entered...? Not very savvy at this sort of thing!
  11. I just use whoever’s card I’ve just cloned.
  12. Ah, I see. I can’t vouch for how scrupulous the bookies are, however it does seem strange that they’ve asked for your address details for a BACS payment. It’s not needed on a BACS payment, nor is there anywhere to put it! Unfortunately, it seems you’re at the mercy of the bookies. If you self exclude, do you need to provide your address? If so, they may then pick up on it.
  13. It’s very unlikely (and I’m not sure it’s possible) that they can block a BACS transaction based upon the line of business, only withdrawals. It could in theory be your wages from a new job, banks would have an impossible job if they were to monitor this too.
  14. The way it usually works is that every establishment that takes card payments is issued an MCC code - these are industry standard codes to identify the line of business. If you’re blocked from using your card in certain industries, then it would have been blocked when taking your payment to play. A similar scheme is used to stop people using their work credit card in a strip joint for instance. As such, you should be fine. If they’re paying you by BACS (I’m not sure how they can unless you provided your sort code and account number) then it’ll hit your account. If they’re paying via naked refund to your card (as in not refunding a certain transaction like they would do when returning unwanted goods at Tesco), assuming it’s the same card you paid with, it will be fine too.
  15. Maybe Eye Of Horus...? .....I’ll get my coat.
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