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  1. It’s the missus’ birthday today, she’s turned 30 and is now officially a milf! However, today she’s gone to see the Harry Potter exhibition thing in London with her brother and they’re running late. As a result, I’m sitting on my own at a table for 10 in the pub which is decorated with banners and balloons. I’m not sure there’s such a sorry sight as someone sitting on their own, drinking a pint surrounded by birthday paraphernalia. I’ve had a few sympathetic and sneering looks and I’ve only been here 10 minutes...
  2. No judgment here Cheeky, I can only guess how hard life is for you and how difficult it must have been to even post this. Is there anyone you know personally that you can confide in? I only ask because it’s easier if you can have a trusted friend or even partner to keep hold of your bank cards. If you only have £20 in your pocket at any one time, then the chances of you gambling will drop drastically. You've given up smoking, I know from experience that’s a hell of an achievement, I’ve never managed it! Just be strong again, look forward to 19th August 2020 when you can say to yourself you’ve not lost a penny in a year. Set targets and hopefully the strength and euphoria you get from reaching them will be enough of a carrot.
  3. Good on you for being honest, I meet so many people in bookies that are adamant they never lose. And if they’re playing FOBTs then it’s a statistical improbability at best.... I had a few wake up calls in my past, that feeling when you’ve played through £500 without even getting a feature. Like a lot of people, I like the game rather than kidding myself that I’m going to make a profit, and when you play and play and get nothing.... well, it’s sickening. I still play the things from time to time but only on 20p stakes now. And if I lose £20 I just say to myself ‘that would’ve been £200 if I were still playing max stakes!’. It’s meant to be fun, and when it no longer is then it’s time to call it a day. I can afford to lose £20 but £200 is a lot of money to me, maybe some folks can but I’m not the richest guy in the world!
  4. They didn’t pay and now I’m banned from Ladbrokes.
  5. So if I put a tenner on Spurs to beat Man City at 7/1 and they draw, I’ll get £40 back....? *cough*
  6. Urgh.... I know the feeling, been there and done that. A few years back it really got to me, I’d play £2 stakes and I might turn my £20 into £80 before my arse had even warmed the seat and that wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to play, so obviously I’d lose the lot and more.... I only play FOBTs every few months or so nowadays, and always on the lowest stakes. And I’ve read on here that people are having the same experience as me on Eye Of Horus. I got a feature, retrigger on the first spin, and ended up with a fiver. Equivalent to £50 on £2 stake. I could laugh it off playing 20p, but it’s no fun....
  7. This came up on my commute to work this morning, best live performance of this song I’ve ever seen, especially the last couple of minutes. Now that’s some down and dirty rock n roll....
  8. I was disappointed when I went to Betfred in Basildon after work and stuck a tenner in to play Eye Of Horus on 20p play. Got the feature and a retrigger and still ended up with a fiver! I used to play £2 stakes, so it’s often a relief that my £10 loss wasn’t £100 though. Even on 20p stakes, your money can go quickly. That’s why I prefer 10p plays on retro machines on the seafront. I actually get to nudge (remember those?) and play a feature rather than have it play itself! I still generally lose, but it’s a lot more fun for me 🙂
  9. Congrats Mentholdan! Remember, a grandson is like a son but you can give him back when he cries or poos himself! 😉
  10. I read that the story the other day and was a little torn. If a gambler wants to gamble, then they will. By whatever means. You could argue that the bookies have taken advantage of them, but you could also argue that pubs take advantage of alcoholics. I will say that some of the sites try to lure you in with often incomprehensible bonuses, and gambling adverts are everywhere. I said before and will say it again, if a bookies or online site can show they’ve been diligent and someone’s intentionally tried to bypass their controls, then the punter’s to blame. If it’s the other way round (which the highlighted story suggests) then the website’s to blame.
  11. I was watching a live slot stream the other day, but it was actually an adult webcam.
  12. Damn, we’ve all been there. I’m sure Eye Of Horus has turned into one of the worst games out there. I decided to give it another go the other day on 20p stake, hit the feature, retrigger first spin and..... £5. I played it a few months ago too and after a retrigger I fared even worse with £3.60.
  13. Do a live streamed karaoke version of the Sting song ‘50,000’? Maybe a £50k Amazon voucher giveaway? Ok.... I’ll admit I’m short of ideas but it’s 5:30am so give me a few hours... 😉
  14. I always preferred Up n Down Nudger!
  15. Agree with that. From the looks of it, you may as well click ‘play for fun’ rather than trying to work out these bonuses.
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