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  1. Nice work! El Torero’s been playing well for me too, both my last 2 features have been £120 on 20p play.
  2. Never seen that happen before - cracking win 👍
  3. If that’s your balance, I’d withdraw and run!!! edit - just seen the bottom left corner, I thought your balance was in the top right!
  4. I had one of those earlier in the week - judging by the lady I spoke to, it’s one of the few scams that originates from the UK.
  5. Wondrous sight, cracking win there 👍
  6. Keen to keep my crown as the worst sports better ever, here’s my latest losing bet. I was only going to bet £2 but the machine wouldn’t take any coins so I stuck in a fiver. Not far off, but 2 out of 3 doesn’t pay much on an acca. However, later that day Ms Haze was making chilli for dinner and sent me out for an onion. One onion. Walking into the Coop, I didn’t feel right just buying one onion, so I bought a couple of lucky dips too, making it a fairly reasonable amount to put on the card. And what happened? I matched 4 numbers. It paid a statistically poor £140, but £140 nonetheless. Ha
  7. I like to watch the scam baiters on YouTube - Jim Browning and Kitboga being my favourites. If you carry on with the call, they’ll usually tell you to buy Google Play cards for payment which should set a few alarm bells ringing!
  8. Good luck to you @Stepandstop and I hope Nicola is keeping well. Plenty of Netflix and takeaways coming over the the next fortnight 🙂
  9. Wow! Congrats sir, nearly 36000x stake is the biggest I’ve seen! 🤑
  10. For this case, Andy only has an agreement with BetFred, not with Playtech. There could be a legal battle afterwards between BetFred and PlayTech, especially if it comes down to an insurance claim. By the way, I’m not defending BetFred, it just seems the most likely outcome to me. And I completely agree that it would have been better for all parties to offer £0.5m. I think deep down Andy knew something wasn’t right (although not his fault this bug occurred) and he would’ve accepted. After all, we’ve all had a lucky run on these games before, although to repeatedly hit the jackpot time and
  11. Urgh, these games get more and more confusing as time goes by, although I think I understand the concept. I think BetFred will win the case, it does seem like a software glitch and it seems in their T&C (albeit confusingly like most of them are, iTunes being a prime example) that they’re covered. As this story has now hit numerous national newspapers though, who here that’s read the story will play online there now? There’s hundreds of other online casinos out there and I think this will cost them a lot more on lost business and legal expenses than the £60k they offered.
  12. It could be a PR thing. Obviously they don’t want this sort of story in the public domain, especially if it diminishes customer trust and confidence in the software the games are played on. There’s hundreds of online casinos out there, it could cost them even more in lost revenue if people read this story and decide to avoid BetFred.
  13. Cracking hit! Never seen a full screen of symbols that game before 👍
  14. I agree with your points, however for me there’s a few reasons I prefer bookies. Payout times can be a pain, especially if you then need to provide documentation. Heard some horror stories on this forum, albeit probably the vast minority of cases. My personality is another reason, I have to keep myself occupied or I get twitchy. I play mobile games a lot of the time, if I have an online casino at my fingertips it’d probably be quite dangerous for me. Right now for instance, there’s nothing to do at work so I’m browsing this forum! I also prefer the appearance of them - Super Star
  15. Recently, if I get a decent win, I’ll have 50 plays through 15 Samurai. I’ve never got the feature. Stopandstep - if you get a decent win in Coral, can you please prove me wrong and show me it’s possible to get the bonus?
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