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  1. I can’t say I do - I know it’s short for private limited company but I don’t think that’s the right answer! 🤣
  2. Nice win! I’ve played it a but recently, took about 200 spins to hit the bonus and then paid 20x 😞
  3. Have to agree with you with it being hard to bonus. Every so often I’ll put 100 auto plays through it and never got the bonus either.
  4. Nice win! Always good to see pocket change turn into real money 🙂 I see you’ve got Monopoly Megaways as one of your favourites too - I guess you’ve had some luck on that? I’ve never managed anything of note on that game.
  5. Not far off! it paid £29.48. So almost a 150x win but you’d have hoped for a little more than that.
  6. It rolled in 4 scatters and I got the fabled play until a 100x win on 20p stake - how much do you think it paid?
  7. I bet he’s pissed off that he stopped at £1.7m now! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-56663830
  8. I’ve never owned anything like that, but my cousin owned half a greyhound about 25-30 years ago. I used to follow its performance at Romford, Walthamstow etc on Teletext.
  9. Wow, 2 years.... I remember the evening I signed up, I was sitting in the Hamlet Court pub posting a few beer weathered opinions.... Good to see a lot of familiar posters are still active from inception 👍
  10. I remember being able to get a tube of Polos for less than 10p. Or 2 packs of Quarterbacks crisps. Or maybe a Chomp. Then I realised that it was 10p play so I actually only broke even.... 😕
  11. As it turned out, I definitely can’t afford a pint with my box.....
  12. Big stakes here - what would you do? Would you accept the offer or stay loyal to your box.....?
  13. Haha! Me and my no subscribers would have a whale of a time! 🤣
  14. Yeah, it all came from one spin. I’m not sure if it’s greedy to think ‘that could’ve gone better’, but I’m going to anyway.... And 90% of the time, the feature is terrible. You might get to x2 or x3 but rarely make much progress. I’ve not played it since, I think I’ll retire from that one with a profit 🙂
  15. I think this is the one that @StopandStep alluded to in his video today. Apologies for the lack of editing but I’m no YouTuber and I got a call from my boss about halfway through, hence the half second screen rotation and the lack of anything towards the end.....
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