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  1. Just took my wife and kids to rufford country park Nottingham and there was a small fair for the kids and an arcade for me problem was it was the old 1p you got 10 for £1 I was told machines from early 1920’s made my arm ache pulling the handle
  2. Put a quick £10 on drops of gold today on 20p stakes returned £0 😢
  3. A year older but not a year wiser grey hair now and thinning rapidly 😭
  4. WOW congrats never seen 4 wilds before 👍👍👍
  5. Lots of my mates are straying away from football betting and joining football index It’s like gambling on the stock market with you buying shares in footballers I take it your in it for the long run Anyone got any opinion on it 👍
  6. Played el torero today won nothing AGAIN congrats anyway 👍
  7. Used to be my favourite online game congrats sir brilliant feeling when you get the 50x in the bonus
  8. Life long forest here Luke and after last seasons awful end to the season forest if anything are even worse still 4/1 is good value good luck sir 👍
  9. Nooooooooo flamebusters megaways 😁
  10. Well it’s been a month since I joined GAMSTOP first 2 weeks was easy but I’m struggling now so I’ve been playing games on demo mode (sad I know) and playing it stakes I use to play on and yep loss after loss makes me glad I finished 👍
  11. If you all remember Darren did a live Sunday stream throughout lockdown what if there’s another lockdown ?
  12. MODS have too much power 😗
  13. The father of the house @Mentholdan Is the only person approaching 1000 comments on this forum congrats sir are you doing a giveaway 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  14. So what’s everyone’s opinion regarding online streamers playing at a maximum of £2 don’t think it will effect Darren there’s going to be some complaining me thinks
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