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  1. Not be long until the new season but the odds on Man City won’t make me rich 😑
  2. The mother in law reckons men become grumpy at the age of 50 2 years to go then 😞😞😞
  3. It’s been a good tournament for England I didn’t expect Them to get to the final beating Germany was my highlight Never ever been on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram am I missing anything? what next death threats SAD
  4. I bet you thought about big bass bonanza or fishing frenzy didn’t you @Mentholdan😁
  5. It is coming home England 2-0 πŸ‘
  6. Can I just ask Darren about this new ranking system you’ve got thought it was a mistake when it said I was a newbie 14 ranks until a grand master 😁
  7. Just wasted Β£2 on Harry Kane to score a hat-trick today I expected 20/1
  8. I’ve not received one yet no unless it’s lost in the post 😞
  9. I want one of these coffee mugs but I only drink tea 😁😁
  10. Stepandstop


    I forgive you @cazza6565😁
  11. Stepandstop


  12. Very nice a charity close to my heart πŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. Just looking at the odds for Tuesday my heart says England but my head says Germany
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