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  1. Awesome off 20p congrats 👍👍
  2. Congrats @BlindHaze £172.53 ? 😁
  3. I verified last month only with my driving license and was allowed to watch again then yesterday it said I need to verify again 😞
  4. What was the final result YouTube wouldn’t let me watch even though I verified last month 😞
  5. Couldn’t agree more @Mentholdanfootballs changed since the days of Brian clough and Bob paisley it’s a business now not a game remember a few years ago that Chelsea keeper refusing to come off for that penalty shootout SHOCKING imagine if Alex Ferguson or cloughy was in charge he’d never play for the club again today’s managers are too soft Now I’ve got nothing against Southgate as manager we even made it to the semi finals of the 2018 World Cup but is he really the right man for the job ? Is Southgate tough enough are the players tough enough? personally I wish we could have
  6. Been 2 years Darren since you started the forum are you pleased with how it’s going 😊
  7. From a Nottingham lad cazza I hope Scotland and Wales qualify for the World Cup 👍
  8. So we’ve beaten 2 relatively poor sides in San Marino and Albania and tonight it’s Poland not too keen on England winning this although Poland’s star player lewandowski is out hope I’m proved wrong 😑
  9. I’ve heard roshtein is moving to Ireland (joke) 😁😁😁😁
  10. Can’t argue with these wins congrats 👍
  11. I think blind haze should do a live Sunday night stream 😁
  12. Online slots can be mentally draining I’ve been there unlucky @Fatsax348😞😞
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