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  1. Wouldn’t say I’m a big fan mr haze Carlsen 6/4 nepo 5/4 draw evens 😆😆
  2. I fell asleep towards the end what was the final result ? the stream was a roaring success plenty of banter strange names like Ivor whopper and people being jealous of my limited edition LEFT handed mug 😆 look the handles on the left 👍
  3. In the days when I used to play online this game was my ultimate troll of a game I see you lost the gamble with a 83% chance compared to my highest of 91% unlucky mr haze 😞
  4. Stepandstop


    It’s showing up on my mobile £200 win congrats sir 👍
  5. A £300 loss you say @Seaton-slots a nice easy way to get that money is having £60,000 on England to beat SanMarino tonight at 1/200 😆😆😆😆
  6. Just out of interest how many people disliked the video with hideous slots on it I’m sure it was a vast amount 😯
  7. My past experience was this extra chilli on 20p spins I once had a bonus of 12 spins and it paid £0 later I collected 8 spins and won £140 no 2 bonuses are ever the same
  8. Not long until mr Claus is upon us Darren just wondering if there’s any plans on your channel live stream from the arcade would be nice with you wearing a Santa outfit would be good 😁
  9. Never seen that before to be honest was you upset with 100x still getting a 👍from me
  10. Took everyone’s advice and went to sandown pier £50 down but played one of my old time favourites
  11. Off to the Isle of Wight today for a week can anyone recommend a decent arcade on the island after one with the old style fruit machines not fobts if I win a jackpot I’ll film it and post it on here (never win anyway )😁
  12. @Handbag1980take a bow congrats 👍
  13. @BlindHazeit depends on what casino you are on With dream Vegas I joined and deposited £40 and got a £80 bonus so the balance says £120 wagering only starts when your £40 is gone if you hit a big win you can withdraw but you will have to forfeit the bonus my wagering was 35x so 35 times £120 =£4200 to wager I played on 10 and 20p for what seemed to be months but I managed to cash out £264 👍 some casinos offer a sticky bonus so wagering starts with your initial deposit but read the terms and conditions
  14. Just hearing on the news about a Tory mp who as been stabbed to death in essex i know I sound out dated but I’m all for bringing back the death sentence sad times we live in 😞😞
  15. Good choices Tom if it was me I’d change beetlejuice for drops of gold I find beetlejuice to hard to get the bonus 😞 best of luck sir 👍
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