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  1. Congratulations best one I've seen so far.... The bar has been set
  2. If I remember correctly he got the red key twice in one session... That alone elevated him to "GOD" status
  3. What I find with this one is you need to hit the max megaways with a chance or community chest card (wherever they live) then the houses can roll in quickly as the wins repeat. but like all games you can bust a gut for the bonus only to be completely undewhelmed by the payout I think the lowest I have had was about £16 on a £1stake and about £270 at best. Anyway you dont have to bonus it in one session just play a bit with winning from other slots (did I really type that) and go for a bonus at their expense that what I tend to do with the likes of Lil Devil & White Rabbit... Anyway good luck with it step&stop
  4. One that I dont recall seeing you ever play Darren is the Batman game located on the VIP cabinet
  5. My thoughts exactly.... Even "Eye of Horus" used to pay out in the early days and don't get me started on "Super Star Turns"
  6. No sooner read than done my friend
  7. Grrrr... Saturdy night all settled down for a punt on Dream Vegas using a lap-top with a touch screen and found a new machine called Bonanza Blast, deposited a couple of hundred and was all ready for a low stakes (£1ish) night of fun. Had about 6 spins on the machine and did nothing.... on the 7th spin lost again but got a message after the spin saying insufficient funds for another go... It took a few minutes to sink in but It appears that I must have touched a button on the screen next to the start button with a + on it. That + changed the stake in one touch from 88p to £176.00... Well imagine my surprise to learn that I had joined the high rollers club... £176 lost in 3 seconds.... Oh the joy
  8. Very first time I played it I got about £240 off the bonus since that day I have never come close to repeating it.
  9. How about some kind of timed challenge such as £200 in and how much you can turn that into in say 20 minutes. When the time is up you stop and the first one becomes the record and therafter you try to set a new one... The more you gamble the bigger the reward or loss... you can change games but not terminals and all spins are shown ensuring every upload is 20 minutes long.
  10. Lol.. now stop being a centre bottom and asking hard questions that I don't give a left centre about... However, on the 4 corner issue I had not given it any thought but now you have mentioned it perhaps it should be the jackpot as you have to find 33% more profanity.
  11. Ah now Mark... I might be able to help with this one... The difference is marking off a word in your Profanity Bingo card... This is a Patent Pending game I invented to double the enjoyment of watching some of the more liberal language users out there... you simply make up a selection of 3*3 cards with various swear words in each box and mark them off as you hear the word.... First person to get a straight line wins... It has totally transformed watching other streamers in our house... In the example below I have changed a few words as I don't want Darren barring me lol. PS Happy new year mate
  12. I tried this out last night and managed to put a hotel on Regents St which is a fairly expensive bit of real estate... I had 3 of the stations and the water works and Elec co and playing at a £1 stake managed to win the grand total of £31 for my efforts... I like the game and have had much better results in the past and it maybee that it was just a bad day at the office as no matter what I played last night I couldn't win an argument in an empty room.
  13. No... Just an umberella and a stab vest
  14. When faced with the chance of winning a not inconsiderable amount of cash for doing nothing temptation to try to tip the odds in your favour will always be there for the less scrupless in society... however on a brighter note the greed of a few will end up beneftting 3 charities who will proberbly use the money much wiser.
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