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  1. Darren… Quick heads up for when you go to finish off your quest to get the 40 near miss markers on Royal Mint this Friday. Firstly when you get number 40 it isn’t over at that point… it places a large “M” in the column on the left and you have to continue playing until you get the other three letters “INT” on the reels again then it’s time for the heart stopper bonus. Then the fun starts and your 12 free spins are playable… the multiplier starts at * 2 and goes up another * 2 after every win. It’s a great bonus with massive potential… I managed a massive 16.4 * stake win for all my efforts. Hopefully you will improve on this.
  2. After taking last week off work I decided to go and have a little punt around Seaton and Redcar and I think I may be due an entry in the Guiness Book of Records for my achievment. In Redcar I managed to spin the "Ultra" section of the fortune spins 214 times before I finally landed the 3 red money sacks... and the five spins gave me nothing. Anyone else experienced such shocking play?
  3. Not one to play but one to avoid.... Wheel of Fortune roadshow on Dream Vegas
  4. Be aware gents... the 29th is the one day you DO NOT want a girl going down on her knees in front of you
  5. I hope I am way off the mark but £9
  6. Hi Rob... Its not outside the relms of posibility for a bonus to give nothing as we have all felt that slap in the face... however to get 3 bonuses on the run paying nothing is as you put it rediculous. but nice recovery in the end
  7. Pretty good for a first attempt Dave even great film directors like Ridley and Tony Scott had to start somewhere... It just so happens their first ever film was shot depicting a bike ride to Seaton before they went on to make classics such as Alien, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Blade Runner and American Gangster to name a few. So remember "From small acorns" If you want to see his firdst movie with added soundtrack featuring Chris Rea enjoy...
  8. Interesting... Ive never been in a bookies for over 25 years... Perhaps we are no the kindred spirits I once thought lol
  9. If a machine is compensated it can maintain its advertised RTP over a period of time through the way it is programmed to release wins at certin times and supress them at others. However, I have never understood how a random game can ever show a RTP as by its mear deffinition it is (supposedly) totally random meaning it could never predict what might happen on each spin... every one could win or ever one could lose. hence how you can get long streaks of losing. Does anyone know if the RTP are ever checked by the likes of trading standards I doubt it will happen, in fact I don't believe it could happen because it is claimed to be worked out of such a massive number of plays. Perhaps what is needed if for all machines to show their payouts as a % in say the last 10,000 spins updated in real time... its not as if they don't have the computer power to do such a simple calculation.
  10. Seaton-slots


    Welcome aboard Dee... the natives are a freindly bunch, or is it fiendley
  11. Please don't any of you look for a job with your local tourist board 😀
  12. Mmmmm perhaps I should have thought this bit out for longer
  13. Hi Darren Nights are starting to get a bit lighter and summer will soon be upon us... How about doing a few roadshows when the weather gets better? you could visit seaside resorts around the country and play some different games that are not available locally, meet some subscribers and check out the free coffee. I know it would take a bit of organising for you but it would be another differentiator for your brand... I dont mean do it every week but maybe 3 times a year. Im sure you would be inundated with invites to loads of resorts around the coast with loads of advice on where to play and where to avoid. I can see it now "Step and Stop lIve from Barry Island"
  14. Apart from Darrens contributions I enjoy watching the Bandit when he can be arsed to upload anything and more recently I have come across someone called Hull Gambler who is very retro and seems to play jusy 10p slots hunting down the old £5 jackpots he tends to do all his filming in the old Teddy Clarke arcade in Withensea which is in need of a total overhaul but it tends to add to the quaintness of his uploads...
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