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  1. 🤯 Hang your head in shame Mr King lol
  2. Well done Darren... Here's to the next 10,000 🥂🥂🥂 PS the emoji's are meant to be clinking glasses even though they look like chicken drumsticks
  3. This may well be the software updating over the interwebby….
  4. My mum loves her Bingo and had a really decent win on 1st March 1980... That night my dad died of a massive heart attack aged 46. Over the years the lure of Bingo ensured she would go about once a month with her friends for a night out and all was well until!... She won again in 1991... Not quite as much but enough to have me taken into hospital that night after suffering a mild heart attack aged 32. Mum is in her 80's now and still like the odd game... we just pray she doesn't win
  5. I would like to think nobody would judge... Takes a lot of balls to admit to having a problem. I'm sure you will win in the end and maximum respect for taking on the challenge... I have said it many times before "There but for the grace of god go I"
  6. A touch of OCD perhaps... Can't think of any logical reason
  7. I feel your pain having had another weekend of frollock and little fun saved only by a half arsed £350 win on Napoleon that left me a palatable £250 down on the day. Worse part was spending hundreds on Star Spins and never landing a bonus. Anyway King good luck with your self imposed exclusion
  8. That Prism Eye slot looks good I'll have to keep an eye out for it... Always nice to have something new to do your bollocks on
  9. Very Nice... Although you have now just encouraged Darren to have another go at this one lol
  10. Ditto…. Sounds like one of my typical weekends lately... but onwards and upwards
  11. Im a lazy twat... post the link
  12. I thought last nights programme was a typical piece of BBC bias reporting. They seemed to base the programme on 2 historic and extreme stories which portrayed the betting companies as jaw droppingly callas yet goes on to say all the "bad" things they did to retain a good customer would apparently not happen now under revisions that have been made by the regulator over time. Now please do not think I am defending the gambling companies I am just feeling the report was not balanced in the least and had a lot of unexplained holes in it. For instance... Matey boy Tony went to Dubai and stole 3 million to gamble away and ends up in what looked very much like a UK court to receive a suspended sentence... If he stole 3M in Dubai surely he would have been put on trial there?... And if he did face UK justice a "Suspended Sentence for stealing 3 Million! I'm in the wrong business. We were told 0.7% of gamblers had a problem and given a figure of 430,000 in the country... We were then told their were 24 million gamblers in the country well 0.7% of 24M makes 168,000 problem gamblers. A big number but much less than the 430,000 also quoted. In my humble view if they can't get the basics right it calls into question the integrity of the whole programme and that nullifies any positive impact it could have had to bring forward further change. I have every sympathy with problem gamblers and I realise there but for the grace of god go I. I think I have demonstrated this in many past posts most recently in the 50K subscribers thread when I suggested making a fun video of when gambling goes wrong and making a donation of x pence a view to Gamcare or someone like that... it just gives a little balance. Rant over, soapbox returned to the garage
  13. Nice one Mentholdan and congratulations all round, however forget the hair... A bit of velcro in the nappy and on a saddle and your looking at the jockey for your future punts.
  14. I see gambling compnies are in the news again with a BBC report on the villans tonight and a pre-blasting on the site today at https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49284169 . Jackpot Joy seems to be the villan in the report but no doubt others will be mentioned in the Panorama programme tonight. I the one thing I can safely bet on is that the content will be discussed here so tune in to BBC1 8.30 straight after Eastenders and bring your views to the table tomorrow.
  15. After feeling unwell for a few days I decided a trip to a local sea side arcade was needed to lift my spirits. Drove for just over an hour to get there and both the wife and I sat down on Eye Of Horus and proceeded to lose £600 in about 40 minutes.. Drove home in just over an hour again leaving me scratching my head wondering what went wrong. I never mind losing but FFS at least give me a bit of amusement for my money. On a brighter note though the car park was free after 6pm so I did get over half an hours parking for nothing.
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