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  1. Loved the video today Darren... Well Done! And I mean that mosr sincerely... The compassion and patience you showed Trev in the bookies alone was worth the watch, he obviously was down on his luck and perhaps with a touch of special needs but none of it took any of the friendlyness out of his voice. A lot of people would have felt intimidated and pushed him away yet the simple act of talking to him and offering to buy him a sandwich made his day. I shall end by wishing you and all a fantastic new year with Arcades, Bookies, Casino's and Bingo Halls all re-opened and may all your loss
  2. Once again Mentholdan sums the situation up with wisdom and clarity... Thanks mate
  3. There is the tub Darren, They claimed I had reached I think it was called a "SPEND LIMIT" of £2,500 ish this month no mention of losses and my actual spend this month was only about £500 - £600 so I dont knowwhat they were looking at... Anyway I have politely declined there invitation and moved on and like I said the arcades are open again soon. I might even get a trip in to Paignton soon ! Anyway nice result on Sunday ... Keep it up
  4. Hi Pete Thanks for the input it is greatly appreciated... On your second post you have made the mistake that I always make.... mixing up Steppy with Stoppy Steppy being Step & Stop and Stoppy being Stop & Step... we are not sure if one is the alter ego of the other or they are two different people but they have never been seen in the same room at the same time... and dont get me started on Mentholdan and Templegate lol Boy Ive missed this forum
  5. Hi Steppy... Ive never left, just been a bit quiet and away from the office for the last 9 months. Great to hear you are still well on track with your resolve with Gamstop as I can imagine at times it will be hard so congratulations on riding it out, although I thought it was more than 3 months since you took the pledge ... Yes I am moving on... I am not joining any other casino (on-line) because I think they will all be the same and want proof of my means and am not prepared to show them. Only the wife and taxman know how much I have and I am going to keep it that way. Anyway
  6. Having a nice little punt on Casimba when suddenly all action stops and I get a mesage telling me that my monthly loss limit had been reached. Well I was a bit miffed as I have never set a loss limit and I can now no longer play a slot until I send them my last 3 wage slips, bank statements, employer details, P60 and inside leg size. They claim they have to ask these questions to comply with UK government guidelines... Anyone else come across this?
  7. Rocky Action Bank and the ocassional bit of Cash Stax
  8. Oh this reminds me so much of Ken Tyzacks arcade when I was growing up
  9. Happy Birthday mate... and I think if you reflect on the last year you made at least one wise decision
  10. Well done Stepandstop it takes guts to make the move you have and its great to know you will still be around to keep us all in line 🦸
  11. Oh dear sorry i got you both mixed up but again thanks to both of you for your concern its good to know us "older people" are being looked out for even on-line during this pandemic
  12. Hi Darren.... Yeah I'm fine my old friend and thanks for asking just working flat out to ensure all my staff have jobs to come back to when this crap is all over with. I am missing my trips to the arcades and taken up a new hobby of feeding on-line slots. Still have not missed a video you have put up including the live ones (although I watch them on the Monday). Skegvegasbaby is Ok ... She is a bit hormonal ( A would prefer a bit more whore and a little less moaning truth be told) with the lockdown and sends her regards... On the bright side it will all be over soon and we can perhap
  13. I feel your pain I filled the hive one both Casimba and Dream Vegas on the old 20p stake then jumped to £1 on the Casimba site and spent 3 nights and well in excess of £1500 before the bugger swarmed paying a grand total of about £580... I have yet to play the Dream Vegas one on a higher stake yet.... Another bad one for me is that bloody Wild Hound Derby that Darren keeps playing that must have had many hundreds of pounds from my pocket and I never had it bonus once
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