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  1. Rocky Action Bank and the ocassional bit of Cash Stax
  2. Oh this reminds me so much of Ken Tyzacks arcade when I was growing up
  3. Happy Birthday mate... and I think if you reflect on the last year you made at least one wise decision
  4. Well done Stepandstop it takes guts to make the move you have and its great to know you will still be around to keep us all in line 🦸
  5. Oh dear sorry i got you both mixed up but again thanks to both of you for your concern its good to know us "older people" are being looked out for even on-line during this pandemic
  6. Hi Darren.... Yeah I'm fine my old friend and thanks for asking just working flat out to ensure all my staff have jobs to come back to when this crap is all over with. I am missing my trips to the arcades and taken up a new hobby of feeding on-line slots. Still have not missed a video you have put up including the live ones (although I watch them on the Monday). Skegvegasbaby is Ok ... She is a bit hormonal ( A would prefer a bit more whore and a little less moaning truth be told) with the lockdown and sends her regards... On the bright side it will all be over soon and we can perhap
  7. I feel your pain I filled the hive one both Casimba and Dream Vegas on the old 20p stake then jumped to £1 on the Casimba site and spent 3 nights and well in excess of £1500 before the bugger swarmed paying a grand total of about £580... I have yet to play the Dream Vegas one on a higher stake yet.... Another bad one for me is that bloody Wild Hound Derby that Darren keeps playing that must have had many hundreds of pounds from my pocket and I never had it bonus once
  8. Darren… Quick heads up for when you go to finish off your quest to get the 40 near miss markers on Royal Mint this Friday. Firstly when you get number 40 it isn’t over at that point… it places a large “M” in the column on the left and you have to continue playing until you get the other three letters “INT” on the reels again then it’s time for the heart stopper bonus. Then the fun starts and your 12 free spins are playable… the multiplier starts at * 2 and goes up another * 2 after every win. It’s a great bonus with massive potential… I managed a massive 16.4 * stake win for all
  9. After taking last week off work I decided to go and have a little punt around Seaton and Redcar and I think I may be due an entry in the Guiness Book of Records for my achievment. In Redcar I managed to spin the "Ultra" section of the fortune spins 214 times before I finally landed the 3 red money sacks... and the five spins gave me nothing. Anyone else experienced such shocking play?
  10. Not one to play but one to avoid.... Wheel of Fortune roadshow on Dream Vegas
  11. Be aware gents... the 29th is the one day you DO NOT want a girl going down on her knees in front of you
  12. Hi Rob... Its not outside the relms of posibility for a bonus to give nothing as we have all felt that slap in the face... however to get 3 bonuses on the run paying nothing is as you put it rediculous. but nice recovery in the end
  13. Pretty good for a first attempt Dave even great film directors like Ridley and Tony Scott had to start somewhere... It just so happens their first ever film was shot depicting a bike ride to Seaton before they went on to make classics such as Alien, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Blade Runner and American Gangster to name a few. So remember "From small acorns" If you want to see his firdst movie with added soundtrack featuring Chris Rea enjoy...
  14. Interesting... Ive never been in a bookies for over 25 years... Perhaps we are no the kindred spirits I once thought lol
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