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How's the Petrol Where you Are? ⛽⛽⛽ - General Discussion - Stop and Step

How's the Petrol Where you Are? ⛽⛽⛽


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I've been prepared for a situation like this by pouring petrol into ice cube making bags and just leaving them in the freezer for situations like this. I reckon I've got 2 weeks, supply frozen. Otherwise it means getting Hercules out of his, stable. 

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Some have fuel some don't. Had to queue at Morrisons earlier as I needed air in the tyre (PSI was down to 17 in left front). Just over half full but have a 250 mile drive to do Thursday. Went back to Morrisons half 9 no queue and a tanker waiting to drop a load off.

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Nothing over the weekend or Monday. Got tipped off Tue morning that nearly village Shell garage was open so nipped over and both garages opposite each other were open with queuing for about 30mins.

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