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  1. Yes that was my view with Black Knight as well. Premium play gives more regular bonuses but they are mostly in the range £40-£100. £2 bonus you can get anything up to £500 and I often get wins in £100-£200 range. What I have noticed is it can take a while to bonus first time but when it does if the bonus is relatively low it often bonuses again. I've had three bonuses in about 20 spins and four in about 40 spins in both cases I quit when I got £500 and £496 win on the final bonus. Incidentally original Black Knight is one of my go-to slots after I have lost in other slots that don't
  2. I wouldn't call Fishing frenzy and Eye Of Horus volatile games; they nearly always play carp bonus. I find it hard to believe either can be hitting a decent RTP compared to many other slots.
  3. Why does anybody play this pile of carp? It nearly always pays a terrible bonus whatever version. Amazed the streamers still persevere with it; might as well poor your cash down the drain.
  4. I'm not impressed with Premium Play and agree with S&S; at least with the original £10-£50 plays you knew how much you were paying up front. Different slots are suited to different staking plans. For instance Burn em up 7's it doesn't matter what stakes you play at. Original Black Knight £2 is much better than 20p/50p/£1 due to wild substituting for the bonus symbols. Magpie Mayham £2 is better than 50p/£1 as pays each way and premium play is better still as many more bonus symbols added. Hercules High and Mighty premium play is better when removing lower symbols. I used to play
  5. Complain on social media make as much noise as you can, complain to your bank. Try here: https://www.casinomeister.com/player-arbitration-pab/ Take screen shots of balance / win etc just in case they try and close your account. They have bad feedback on trust pilot: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/casimba.com GL in sorting out.
  6. It depends. I won £1909.20 on Marvel Hulk online £2 stake (with possibility of four Marvel jackpot bonuses, one 253k). In the bookies £500 maximum (which I never got).
  7. Stormy

    Eye of horus

    Dreadful game including the megaways version. Can't understand why it is so popular. I often play the original Black Knight and feature wins of £100+ are quite common. Watch others play EoH, which munches balance just as quick and the number of £50+ bonuses I have seen I could count on one hand. EoH and Fishin Frenzy, both rancid and yet surprisingly popular.
  8. What a brilliant win. WD. Keep to your normal stakes, this proves it's not all about big stakes.
  9. At least it didn't congratulate you! I had this pile of sh!te on £2 stakes in the bookies a few weeks ago.
  10. Mentholdan, I haven't checked the PP t&c's but quite a lot of online bookies exclude all bonuses if you include a footie selection. Effectively this turns a L15 into a yankee + four singles. IMHO the best two online bookies are Betfair (Exchange & Sportsbook) and Bet365. Bet365 offer 2x single + 15% bonus on L15 AND BOG. The BOG is unusual and worth having. I posted a winning L15 on here a few weeks ago and BOG increased it by over £250! I have a Betfred account and they do offer 3x single on L15 but nearly always the prices are worse than Bet365 and no BOG.
  11. That article is an interesting read thx. So if a compensated slot appears to be near the top of its range (i.e regularly offering wins) is it worth continuously gambling for the jackpot to try and eventually force it? As I don't play online it sounds like I should find decent arcades rather than visit my local bookies as they RTP's will likely be slightly better. What I am looking for is a bit of entertainment a couple of times a week without destroying my balance.
  12. I know they are random in as much as you can't tell if you are going to win or lose when you start a session. Random should mean every spin should be random (the same chance every time)? Talking to other players in my local bookies almost everybody agrees the more you lose in a session the meaner fobt's get. I know when I go to a bricks and mortar casino luck can turn in a second. Many times I have turned a bad night into a great night in the last half an hour. That never seems to be the case with fobt's, I just turn a loss into a bigger loss the longer the session goes on. But after 10 y
  13. I've had some of my best wins with Lucky 15's, especially when Coral's used to offer 3x for one winner. I could nearly always hit one winner for money back. Nowadays a lot bookies have watered the bet down and some remove all bonuses if a football bet is included. Betfair it appears are currently no more than a Yankee with 4 singles. They are very evasive with info. Betfred still offer 3x one winner but no BOG for selections and all correct 10% bonus only on profit. Skybet 2x one winner but no BOG for selections and all correct 10% bonus only on profit. Bet365 2x for one wi
  14. Betfred T&C will definitely cover them against catastrophic technological failures. Otherwise all bookies/casinos would potentially all be one bet away from bankruptcy in the event of an issue like this. He should have accepted the payoff; now Betfred has received the bad publicity the damage to them is done. Betfair did not follow their own T&C to get out of the Voler La Vedette void in-running 23M in running bets debacle. Although they did pay users off for signing NDA's. I do agree with the comment about players losing money as a result of glitches and getting no reco
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