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  1. +1 for this comment. Enjoyed the Napoleon slot increasing stakes video it a favourite slot of mine. Got lucky on the higher stakes as it can go for hundreds of spins without giving the feature which it turn can pay nothing as well as a big multiplier win. My biggest win on this slot as it happens came in the base game. I think you should give up on Eye of Horus (all versions) and Fishing Frenzy slots, the bonuses are a complete waste of time.
  2. Good stream to put up and not impressed based on your play over 10 buy ins. Even taking into account volatility it was horrible to watch, must have been awful to play. Clearly circumnavigating Gambling Commission in spirit at least. Having said that Premium Play has continued in high street bookies. My guess is the Gambling Commission will eventually catch up and clamp down hard. The greed of bookies/gaming sites stops them from seeing how much harm they do to long term credibility. Astonishing short-sightedness.
  3. This is great news for me as I now have zero trust in either the streamers or games they play and have little interest in gambling on slots any more. I've long thought I have terrible luck in gambling on slots compared to streamers both online and in the bookies. I've always understood the online streamers have to edit to make the video to make it interesting and that is fair enough as nobody wants to watch a constant losing run as we get that when betting ourselves. Clearly streaming is fantasy and bears no resemblance to reality.
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