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  1. A winner a 2nd a 4th and Blackheath finished last. Not drawn well and to make matters worse fell out of the stalls, I'll be keeping the faith though. More disappointing is Betfred informed me that they only pay double the odds on a lucky 15 even though it CLEARLY states on the betting slip 3X the odds for one winner as you can see on my slip. Worse still the enhanced odds HAVE NOT CHANGED for a lucky 31 and lucky 63??? This is clearly misleading the public. The shops have been closed for months so it's not as though they haven't had time to get new slips printed and sent out. Whilst I'm having
  2. Today's lucky 15. The one I'm most interested in today is Blackheath in the 3.55 at Newmarket. I tipped this up a couple of times last season, a decent handicapper with a touch of class and the stable are in good form and Holly Doyle on board is a big plus. I'll be backing this one separately. Current odds 12-1.
  3. I was the only person in my local bookies, "Betfred" they never said anything to me but I'm a regular there so maybe those 2 combined they never bothered. THE TERMINALS HAVE A MAX PLAY TIME OF 20 mins. On THEM.
  4. My mate does a radio show on Sunday mornings, "The Ray Lock Soul and Jazz Funk show. Not really my cup of tea but we've been mates for over 50 years. Anyway, I digress. He posed a question yesterday and I got it straight away but it's one of those" you either know it or you don't questions" So, do you know what LTD stands for?
  5. Only 1 winner with 1 to go, if the last one gets beat I probably won't bother cashing it in, just by a little frame, "something nice and cheap" as the great man said.
  6. For whatever reason I had a bit of a restless night. Decided to get up in the early hours and make a cup of tea. Decided to deposit £50 on Paddy Power and play small stakes on Big Bass Bonanza. Nothing doing and went down to a fiver so I thought I'd do one last spin for £5 and go back to bed and would t you know it the bonus dropped in, it paid exactly what's on the screenshot below. I went back to bed and slept like a log.
  7. I've never been to Vegas but know "a little" of what you ask. Firstly, make some enquiries at Metro Bank as I'm lead to believe that they don't charge for card withdrawals abroad. I'm not 100% sure on this but I seem to remember a friend saying something about it only recently. I imagine your passport would be enough to show you don't pay tax on winnings. I've seen people play Vegas slots on YouTube with multiple games. Never play slots anywhere but the casinos, "Airport for example" I'm told the rtp is horrendous. Also I'm pretty sure you can qualify for free pla
  8. Reeceltic runs in the 12-55 at Lingfield today. It won't be the huge price it was last time when expected to win but 3-1 at the moment and looks very difficult to oppose.
  9. Contrary to the rumours I have it from a very good source that the Bandit is not dead. On the plus side this means we should be getting some footage sooner or later. On the down side I had him in a double with Prince Philip.
  10. I didn't want to spoil it for anyone that's why I didn't mention it. So SPOILER ALERT, DON'T, SCROLL DOWN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW START BALANCE £2600 FINAL BALANCE JUST UNDER 6K
  11. Well done on last night's bonus hunt Darren, I must admit that I said to myself why is he playing white rabbit again? , that never pays. Don't forget to give Age of Gods, book of Oracle a try when you can. Cheers.
  12. Mentholdan


    All the papers today were saying that England need to tighten their defence after yesterday's debacle. Its all the same old story. The fact is they just aren't very good. Individually they all look great playing for their clubs but that's because they play alongside the best players in the world. South Americans, Spanish, Belgians etc. Sterling causes all sorts of mayhem when he gets inside the box but most of the time it all falls apart at the crucial moment. He was lucky to get a penalty yesterday that clearly wasn't deserved, England got lucky. Its all possession in their own third of the p
  13. BTW the ownership lasts for about 14 months in this particular case, renewable if desired. The horse I bought her a share in is called Emporium Flame, never raced yet but I'll post if and when it's due to run. Its just a bit of fun for the price of a decent meal for two in a restaurant, if you can remember what that was like? 😁
  14. The horse isn't worth that much because training fees, feed, vets, transport, jockey fees, entry fees etc. etc. are all included. I've no idea how much monthly training fees are now, when I owned horses outright it was £400 per month per horse, but that was in the late 80s, I suppose it could be in the region of £1500 - £2000 per month now. The main reason I bought this present for her is because her husbands boss has shares in horses and he loves to tell everyone, so I thought it would be quite funny if he went to work and told his boss that his wife also owns a racehorse, or part of it
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