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  1. In the words of the pub landlord, "if we didn't have rules, then where would we be? France! 😜😜😜
  2. They're just my own picks and hunches for the day. I make a list of the ones that I like and just add to it really. My thoughts are that if a horse has produced a certain level of form once he's likely to repeat it again at some point. I just bet for fun, lucky 15s, 31s and the occasional 63. I have all the racing channels and bookie feeds on TV at home and it's almost always on unless I'm watching a movie. If anyone's interested how to receive ANY TV CHANNEL, EVEN PAY PER View for £10 a month or £60 a year let me know and I'll tell you how to do it, all you need is a Amazon firestick and decent Internet and you can receive any TV channel from anywhere in the world, and all the latest movies.
  3. I'm looking to buy a second hand car and was advised to look on Facebook. They do have a lot of cars for sale there but they are either dealers and all but a small minority of private sales seem to be foreigners or at least they have foreign sounding names, is this some kind of scam? I've totally ruled out buying from ebay as most vehicles there seem sub standard, or in layman's terms crap. Any advice on buying a 2nd hand car welcomed. 🚙😁
  4. No work today so relax in front of the telly with a lucky 31
  5. Hope all well mate, nothing serious re the op? All the best.
  6. You can tell a lot from someone's record collection. Here's my all time favourite albums "in no particular order" Ommadawn. Mike Oldfield We are the quarry. Morrissey. The Ramones. The Ramones. The Slider. T. Rex. Purple Rain. Prince. Damned Damned Damned. The Damned. Dark Side of the moon. Pink Floyd. Bridge over troubled water. Simon and Garfunkel. The River. Bruce Springsteen. Greatest Hits. The Turtles. Ziggy Stardust. David Bowie. The Runaways. The Runaways. The man who sold the world. David Bowie. Greatest Hits. Matt Monro. Flamingos. Enrique Bunbury. Wish you were here. Pink Floyd. Unicorn. Tyrannosaurus Rex. Pearl's. Elkie Brooks. Venus and Mars. Wings. Captain Fantastic. Elton John. 20 there with some doubles. I could have easily put another dozen or so. If I had to pick a number 1 I'd go for Unicorn, not the best of the bunch but it's the one with the best memories attached.
  7. A lucky 63 today with Mokaatil and Hey Jones being my two main selections.
  8. Only one bet today and that's Withhold in the 1.50 goodwood 12-1 but interestingly Tony Bloom, owner of Withhold has another runner in the 5-30 at Galway, Stratum 6-1 makes for an interesting double.
  9. There were no bets today and there are none for Thursday either. Pretty poor racing all round to be honest.
  10. The glorious Goodwood meeting starts today and I'm hoping for a good start with the 2-1 shot Space Blues, he won this race last year and he's incredibly consistent, I can forgive his last run which came at Meydan on an artificial surface, in form William Buick takes the ride in preference to the stables other entry which by the way is second favourite. In the 3.35 I'm going to take on the mighty Stradivarius with Siir Ron Priestly, Stradivarius last run was well below par and Sir Ron is getting better and better. At 10-1 he looks far more interesting than the favourite.
  11. Ssshh, I'm on commission 😁
  12. A lucky 31 and a little lucky 15 today for something to watch other than the Olympics. Yesterday was a good day for me with Bangkok winning at 20-1 I've put him up on here at least 6 times as one to keep on the right side of and its great to be proved right for a change.
  13. I've had a sensational run of luck on the slots this week. I started out with a deposit of £20 got an early bonus and raised the stake to get another quick bonus and just went on from there. I managed to cash out just over £6k and was just one fisherman away from a X10 on Big Bass. Cash has been withdrawn so I can't play silly buggers.
  14. Those who gamble for fun would like myself I assume play at low stakes of 10 or 20p as opposed to those that play in hope to make a few quid would probably start with a minimum of £1 per spin. What I have found when playing at the higher stakes level is that a £1 & £2 stake and £5 and upward spins more often than not are the poorest payers. In my experience when betting at higher stakes £3 & £4 spins give a far better return in the bonus games. If I am lucky enough to get win of say £50 for example on the lower stakes I like to raise the stake on the game to about £3 for £25 or so or even 25 spins, at £1 and if I get another payout then raise it to around the £3 mark for another 10 spins. Id like to, see Darren do a bonus hunt all at £3 stakes..
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