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  1. I look at it like this, if YOU donate money to his charity "the charity he supports that is" its a very kind and generous gesture. He also donates money to charity, but his income is from affiliate money which is either from people signing up to casinos through him or a percentage of what they lose at a casino they signed up to through him. So he is basically donating money that other people have lost. Yes it's still his money, but it's not like he has a paying 9-5 job like your average person and he takes a portion of that wage and donates it. He's only donating money that's made its way to him, mostly from someone else's misfortune. To make the pill harder to swallow, the charity receives a cheque and thinks wow, that nice Mr Nickslots is ever so generous. Its a very clever strategy, it makes him look good and in a way its condoning what he's doing. If the charity knew how he made his money would they still accept it? Most probably. Your promised a nice bonus if you sign up to a casino through most streamers but nearly all these bonuses come with a catch, "wagering requirements" and its just a one off thing when you sign up. Streamers get these bonuses "sticky and non sticky" every day. How else can they afford to lose thousands of pounds week after week with an occasional big win and still pay their mortgage and general bills like the rest of us? The only other way would be if they were incredibly wealthy and made their money from other sources to subsidise their hobby. Another thing I just cannot get my head around is why would anyone send money to a third party to donate it to charity for them when you can go on line and donate it yourself with a click of a button, it's actually easier. If you received an email asking you to donate to a specific charity via a third party, I guarantee you 100% you would send it to the trash. Finally, streaming slots is becoming more popular every day, streamers incomes are just growing and growing and many streamers are being accused of being fake. It's all very new and intriguing and seemingly very easy to fake. It's just the sort of thing investigative journalists want to get their teeth into, exposing fraudsters. It wouldn't surprise me to see a TV special about how affiliation works and how these fraudsters are making money from it. Perhaps Mick you'd be better off getting in touch with someone like an investigative journalist and run it by them. As for me, I watch streamers all the time, fake, real, I don't really care as long as I'm entertained. Apart from the grey area of donating to charity, the thing that really pisses me off when I'm watching them is when they tell the viewer that what they do is very hard work 😭😭😭 that's when they really insult my intelligence.
  2. IMHO it's a very bad game, give it a wide birth. Dead or alive 2 on a 9p stake pays you £220 for 5 scatters. You can grind it for hours on £20
  3. And the animal rights protesters will still be out in force.
  4. This is my idea of the first 5 1Anibale Fly 20/1. 2 Definitely Red 14/1. 3Tiger Roll 5/1. 4 pleasant Company 28/1. 5 Kimberlite Candy 16/1. Its just a bit of fun to kill the boredom.
  5. Yes Darren it's £10 ew max, that was a typo. Oops
  6. Yeah, this was when I lived in Mallorca. There was another time I spent the summer helping out in my friends bar, I was waiting on tables. One day two women sat on the bar terrace so I went out to serve them. One of the ladies was Isabella Rossalini "Ingrid Bergmans daughter" wow she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, the image of her mother. I met and worked for so many famous people when I lived there "I was there 25 years" never ever occurred to me to get a selfie or autographs.
  7. There was a knock on my door one day and when I opened it there stood two stunning drop dead gorgeous girls, about 21-22 years old. It soon became apparent they were jehovahs. Come in I said, have a cup of tea. Turned out they were sisters with personalities to match their looks. They came round once a fortnight for years until I moved.
  8. Tomorrow at 5.15 will see the virtual Grand National shown live on TV. All bookies will be laying the same odds across the board and will be taking win and each way bets to a max stake of £10O each way and all profits will going to NHS charities. Obviously you can only bet on line.
  9. I enjoyed today's Napoleon hunt, my kind of slot.
  10. OK so let's say we are all agreed that Roshtein uses fake money. Would the outcome have been any different using real money? The games all play the same with the same rtp. The whole thing was live, buying the bonuses and opening the bonuses. Fake or real money the starting bank was raw with no casino bonuses. It basically means had he been playing at 10p stake it would have cost him £1300 to get that many bonus and he would have ended up with an £8 loss and his biggest win would have been £80. It doesn't matter one iota if the money was real or fake the result would have been the same and the results of that stream hold a wealth of information. Without pages and pages of boring math the result is this. You will never ever be able to play slots on a regular basis and make it pay unless you are an affiliate who is subsidising his bankroll with money and very special offers from the casinos. You and I get one off bonuses when we sign up to a casino, slot streamers get these bonuses every day. From this day on I'll be playing slots at around 20p per spin and I would consider a £1 spin to be a large stake. One thing I did notice was the amount of times a bonus came up a very short while after a sizeable win, so if your playing for example for £1 per spin and hit a £100 win say in the base game, give it another 6 to 10 spins before moving on.
  11. Well at lest you learned not to bother wasting time reading my posts.
  12. He started with 128k euros, "real or fake is irrelevant" he got 235 bonuses at 10 euro stakes. After playing them all his return balance was 127k and some change. The biggest win was on vikings, just over 8k. Many bonuses 10x. All this took in excess of 20 hours. I'm sure he must have a web domain with a full itinerary of the hunt but even with just the info above there's a lot to be learned.
  13. Hi cheekydime, my post wasn't solely directed towards you, it was meant for everyone as a reminder how messages can easily be misinterpretated. Anyone who streams gambling on slots is promoting gambling. The reason that most of them do stream is to make money, it's not just to share their experience with those watching. If someone joins a casino through a streamers link, that streamer will then be paid by the casino, normally anything between £100 - £200 one off payment or another option is a percentage of whatever the person loses at the casino. The streamers will tell you its not as much as that and the money they get is to pay their overheads. Apart from a monthly Internet bill and the initial cost of the streaming hardware they have no overheads, streaming is free. They use the money to deposit into the casinos they are promoting so they can then play on their slots. The casinos also give the streamers special deals and bonuses that an ordinary punter would not get. If the streamer did not get these bonuses and didn't get paid by the casino they could no way afford to gamble for hours a day nearly every day losing thousands of pounds a time. The whole idea of slot streaming is to encourage people to gamble. Very few streamers do it as a bit of fun or a hobby or just a means to fund the stream. Streamers get paid for the ads on their youtube videos and they also sell merchandise like T shirts and caps and so on. It's big Big business and it's growing. I like watching streamers, I gamble regularly on slots, watching these guys and learning how each game works is essential to give you a head start on the game. But I'm under no illusion most streamers want my money.
  14. We live in a society "our UK society that is" where we should be able to say what we like as long as its not slanderous, and it's a good way to get things off our chest. On line discussions are very very difficult, especially when you can't hear the tone of a voice in the written word. We should all try to keep this in mind when reading and interpreting posts and messages, how often has anyone of us received a text message, read it, and thought we'll that was a bit harsh, only to realise later after a face to face conversation we got the wrong end of the stick. If someone vents their disapproval or dislike of a streamer, you can't just assume that person has gambling problem or even a deep rooted dislike for that person.
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