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  1. You can also use this option in the app, up to 6 cha nels at once. 😁
  2. Oh this is way above your head, 😁😁 We're talking turf here, a little digression I know but I think we know, what we are talking about. What we're we talking about?? Oh yeah, Christmas, 😁
  3. Better off getting amazon 4k firestick and downloading xtreme iptv. £10 per month gets you all sky sports and movie channels, all bt sports channels, racing UK and sky racing, all the bookie feeds, flow Sport, bein sports, all UK channels and USA channels, all the porn you want and loads more all for less than a packet of fags. Piece of piss to download.
  4. If you regularly bet on horses like I do "every day" you'd be mad to bet anywhere other than Betfred or Paddy Power, the other bookies can't match their offers and bonuses. I don't think it matters about slots, if the RTP is based on millions of spins then a 2 or 3 % swing either way probably makes no difference if your betting with a few hundred quid.???
  5. Must be the only time Scotland have been favourite to win anything 😁😁😁
  6. But, if I were the owner of Altior I wouldn't be put off at having another go at him, I still think he's the better of the two at the moment and especially if it were on a right handed track.
  7. As far as I can tell a white Christmas is defined by the met Office as 1 snowflake falling on the met office roof, Buckingham Palace, Aberdeen FC, Belfast Airport, the Millennium Stadium and another location in Scotland the name of which escapes me at the moment. The chances are slim unless you live in Scotland. At the other end of the scale, I can remember vaguely in 1975 - 76- 77 not exactly sure which year, I walked to the pub for a Christmas day lunchtime drink in my T shirt, it was around 18-20 degrees. Best bet over Christmas has to be Cyrname to win the King George chase at Kempton on Boxing day.
  8. I can't believe some people in the chat, and out of it. Hardly interested in the stream, all they were interested in is what was the giveaway, how much are they worth and who won. People actually asking how much were the hampers worth. Beggars belief how much front some people have got.
  9. I try not to back favs. Always looking for a bit of value. 😁
  10. 3 winners and a fourth, returns £363 but all four winners would have paid £3800.
  11. As far as I'm concerned it should be over 18 for ANY cash paying game, including the lottery. In fact I'd ban under 18s from ANY form of gambling. Saying that, getting your 1st choice of secondary school is a gamble 😁
  12. Best of luck mate, I'll be tuned in. I'll suggest Dolphin Pearl please.
  13. Also there's always the chance that slot streaming gets banned from the likes of twitch and YouTube, not totally out of the question with pressure on governments from anti gambling associations.
  14. Take it with a pinch of salt. I've often said here that streamers need to be innovative to keep the audience they have captured. The traffic here ticks over steadily until Darren puts up a free entry competition prize then it goes berserk for a day or two. Therein lies the answer, those that stream daily for long hours should pick someone from the chat every hour and give them a £2 bonus play and let them keep the winnings. This would insure heavy constant traffic of hopeduls on their channel. If these guys really are playing with stakes from 5 to 50 pounds and much much more with bonus buys this would be Chicken feed. These guys are affiliated and it's their living and they think it's just going to go on forever. They will get a surprise when the numbers start dropping. Even the most successful bands only get 2 years or so at the top of the charts until their popularity wanes.
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