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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how the leaders of countries like North Korea, Syria and Saudi Arabia have all been warned of the consequences if they don't get their acts together, they do nothing and nothing changes. Boris needs to adopt the same attitude as these tyrants and call the bluff of the EU. I honestly believe if Brexit fails and we do not leave the EU or there's another referendum called, there will be riots the like of which we've never seen before in this country and democracy will be dead.
  2. Congratulations Darren, I don't see any reason why you won't double that figure in the future. It just goes to show how popular slot streams are.
  3. Well done mate, I'm sure you just intended to share your good fortune. Now then, spend it on women and gambling and just waste the rest. 😁
  4. Does anyone know the difference in payout percentage from the lowest to highest on the Fobts? Also, in your opinion, for a FOBT to give both the bookie and the player a sporting chance what should the payout percentage actually be so that its fair all round.?
  5. And now Mallorca are second in the league "for the next few hours" and Barca are bottom. It just doesn't get any better. 😜😜😜
  6. I've just read through my post again and I can't see where I was being patronising. I was just trying to be accurate. In fact I feel a little deflated that you would think I was being patronising. I thought I was being helpful.
  7. Yeah when 2 horses dead heat the bookies have to pay out on both horses so the stake is halved. A three way dead heat is as rare as rocking horse shit but the stake would be fractioned down to 1/3 rd. I don't believe there has been a 4 way dead heat but in the event the stake would be 1/4 of the initial bet Its elementary my dear Watson. Also, it would have broke my heart to give that fucking nimrod £600 😭😭😭.
  8. I just watched a YouTube stream where a guy had DOA, II on 4 screens playing at the same time. He was playing for 45p per spin and accumulated around 50 bonuses in total, trying to get a wild line and re spins. I won't spoil it for anyone in case you want to watch it. Its about 1 hour long and an eye opener. Revealing a lor for anyone who likes to play it. I've always wondered if the order in which the scatters line up "on any game bonuses" had any bearing on how it would pay? There may be something in it?
  9. On the upside, I did pull out £80 on Horus. I got one bonus for £2 with 4 scatters for £40 total win on game with 3 extra spins £42 😂
  10. I went into Betfred today to place a lucky 15. Paid the bet, fished around in my pocket and pulled out a handful of change to play the slots. I put 5 or 6 £1 coins in and 1 £2 coin but the 2 quid kept dropping through. I went to the counter and asked the guy to change it for two £1 coins, he duly obliged. I was sitting on the stool playi g the FOBT when I get a tap on my shoulder, "oi mate, you gotta give me those two coins back, that £2 coin is a dud" I said do you think I'd try to palm off a measly £2 dud coin on purpose? I said just sling it in the till, it'll all get sucked up when you bank it. He wouldn't have it and as his two coins were now in the machine I had to give him a £20 to take the £2 out of. As if the don't make enough fucking money.
  11. I'm sure there are syndicates who would play £200 a spin. It's not the amount you can spin it's the way they lure you in. I bet your average Joe who signs up for a bit of fun after seeing the adverts hasnt got a clue about wagering.
  12. Thanks from you well wishers. Much appreciated
  13. Hi mate, choose 10 games, play each game as follows. 10 spins @ £2. 10 spins @ £3 and 10 spins @ £5. £100 stake per game, 10 games totals £1000. Any bonuses play at the end. At the finish total wagered, total won or lost on actual game, total won on bonuses, if any. Which game paid best. And the final balance from the initial £1000 wagered. You feasibly could show a profit without a single bonus.
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