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Who else do you watch?

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Fruity slots can be good when they're not p1ssing about to much... Their slot battles on a Sunday night are always entertaining... But Davidlabowsky is genuine and great viewing. Before people say he's fake (because he plays high stakes) the consensus is that he's just pretty well off and clearly earns a fair wage doing other things so he can take the down swings when they come.

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I like watching vids from Steve's Fruity's and chris217,  they both have a huge personal collection of 80's machines, also Djstevester5 has a very tidy collection they remind me of my misspent yo

This guy has a great collection!

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There are those the post a video on YouTube on a fairly regular basis, others on a regular basis and those that go live almost every day, the latter are the ones I would refer to as "streamers". 

No matter which ones you like or don't like YOU WILL NEVER REALLY KNOW IF THEY ARE REAL OR FAKE. By that I mean those that use REAL money or FAKE MONEY. 

Unless someone physically shows you their deposits and withdrawals, which for obvious reasons they won't, "and neither would I" then you have to take their word when they show you a screen conformation which quite frankly anyone can knock up. 

The question is why would anyone use fake money? Simple really, streaming can be a very lucrative business, with adverts on YouTube videos and affiliate money it's possible to make serious money without leaving your front door. Just to sit there for hours a day playing slots would cost a Kings ransom therefore people stream using Fake deposits enabling them to stream endlessly without costing them a penny whilst raking it in from advertising and affiliation. Once established they can use Real money when they choose and if they win big, bingo, tax free money. 

Here's my scenario for what it's worth. Let's say I'm a regular "daily" slot streamer using fake money. I then ask a reliable source to come into the chat on a certain day that I have made a "legitimate" deposit and start trolling about fake money. I pretend to get angry and say right, I'll show you my deposit, which of course is legit for that day only. There are many ways to hoodwink people apart from the above. People will go to "ANY LENGTHS" to get money, we're all a target for fraud 24/7  

Let's say there's a streamer called Bill, he's married, got 2 kids, a family to feed and clothe. He has a mortgage and runs a car and has the rest of the monthly bills to pay like all of us. Does all that sound, familiar? Yes it's you probably, and now imagine on top of all the above you have to find 2k or 3k per day for your stream. Only someone with a bottomless wallet could keep that up. 

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On 2/19/2021 at 7:26 PM, BlindHaze said:

Another one I can recommend is new channel called Lazyslots. He’s only done 4 or 5 videos on mostly lower but varied stakes, but good content and the last couple of videos have been about an hour long. I can relate to the calm dejection when a bonus spins out to nothing. No flashy lights, just nice commentary and maybe a beer or whisky along the way. Definitely worth looking up his content.

Godammit.... I mean Lazyspinz, not Lazyslots

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