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  1. Lol fair enough! Any chance of Ted and a shout out on your next video please Bud?
  2. Twilley3


    I've had lots of luck on Ted at 40p Sometimes takes an hour or so but more often than not I come out with a good win. Also very enjoyable game play!
  3. Sorry if this has already been asked (also if you think it's a bit wierd) What does Stop and Step look like? 😂 Been watching his videos for years and always wondered???
  4. When Stop and Step has a day or 2 off, I don't really know who else to watch? Used to watch Gabrielslots, but his content has been deleted. I've watched Ryan slots but he says Guys every 3 second which stresses me out Who else do you watch? Ideally UK based (prefer seeing money etc in £) Cheers
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