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  1. This is my first ever first press win, shame it wasn't any bigger my girlfriend said, I'm sure she's talking about the bonus, what's your first press win???
  2. my first ever, first press win, the girlfriend said shame it wasn't bigger, at least that's what l hope she was talking about
  3. I'm beginning to think that what you win on some bonuses aren't random, last night when l got my free spins, the game crashed, l was on my last spin, and the reels were still spinning, l left the game and it said l had £224, where as in the game l had £194, so it knew l hadn't won anything on the last spin, went back into the game and it replayed the last spin sequence, maybe none of the bonuses are random???
  4. has anyone played this??? it's very temperamental, it can pay really well when it's in the mood
  5. l can't watch Darren new videos anymore!!! 😞 you tube is asking for age verification, which they want either photo i.d or credit card details, which they are getting neither, not going to give out personal info just to watch videos, the old videos seem ok and watch a one Rothstein video too
  6. another ten free spins, and a £6.10 win 😞 got my balance up from £150 to £225 but played it down to £198 when free spins came in, thought l was in for a pay day 😞
  7. actually l "lied" there's about £40 worth of 20p spins between my 1st and 2nd pot bonus, maybe it felt less because l was only playing 20p spins, there's a 9 spins between the 2nd and 3rd bonus. I'm just really annoyed that l would get the same pot value three times and it doesn't help it's the worse value either, obviously I'd would be grinning like the demented mad man that l am, if it was three gold pots of 1000x then again maybe l wouldn't because l was playing 20p spins 😛
  8. Senna

    Genie jackpots

    just won £80 on the magic carpet feature, it wasn't doing anything before l chose the feature and I'm surprised it let me go all the way to the end, it was stuck on 100x for a while before it settled on 80x 🙂
  9. This game is rigged??? got three pot bonuses within a few spins of each other but all the same!!!??? 😞
  10. welcome to dead spins city!!! 😞
  11. After watching the video, l thought l would try my luck and have a few max bets on big bass bonanza, and then play my usual £1 stake but this came in just after a few spins, this is an excellent start to the new year for me 🙂
  12. l never get decent wins, only streamers get wins like this!!! 😞 I'm going to increase my stake to £50 spin from tomorrow
  13. and then you gambled it to £500 🙂
  14. 18 choices left, only two picks needed to catch the £250 fish, which squares to choose??? it's getting exciting!!! 🙂
  15. Senna

    Best ever win

    l've done a couple of £20 spins accidentally, l was changing the stake to see what the maximum amount was, then l changed it back to what l thought was £1 only, only to realize on my second spin when l "won £20" that l was playing £20 stakes
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