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  1. Senna

    Kong megaways

    started with £115, played down to £33 before l got the bonus, no teases at all but l did get five barrel blasts but only one win worth £3.80, did "well" during the bonus with collecting the monkeys, not such much with the wins, got my total back up to £107 so was £8 down 😞
  2. Senna

    Fishing frenzy

    l had 12 free spins on diamond mine megaways the other day, cost loads to bonus and l won £11.90, fobt seems to bonus faster and pay out "more" for me
  3. Senna

    Fishing frenzy

    Very shy fishermen, only caught one fish at £2.50 on first bonus, second bonus cost me £10 after the first, two fishermen on one spin caught another £2.50 fish and last spin one caught about £7.00 worth of fish
  4. Senna

    Primal megaways

    Won a massive £173.00 on primal megaways playing £5 stake 🙂 got ten free spins, not a bad win and it's pretty close to matching streamers primal wins
  5. I won the bonus feature on second spin, ten free spins and it gave me a mega win of £0.00 happy days!!! 🙂
  6. a few days ago, got three free spins and the bonus feature came in on the last spin 🙂
  7. Senna

    Rainbow riches

    l prefer arcade, it seems like it doesn't take as much to bonus, once had a rainbow riches full screen after about 15 spins which stunned me, because l went onto a machine when a guy had already taken out £170 for three leps
  8. Senna

    Rainbow riches

    l've won gold pot off first spin in the arcade, but never online, it takes alot before feature comes in
  9. Senna

    Rainbow riches

    Life's a batch!!! 😞 l knew this was going to happen, played £70 worth of £1 spins then changed the stake to 20p, this would have cost about £149 had l carried on with my original stake. Has anyone won this feature within say £20 worth of spins???
  10. Senna

    Fishing frenzy

    Fishing frenzy is a pass take, got bonus within a couple of spins, then the fisherman only turned up twice, once when there was no fish. l then reduce my stake to 20p and it comes in again within two spins
  11. Does anyone know why the pots are so low value, even on £1 stake they were the same as 20p stake, first win was bronze for £1.68 then a few spins later gold pot 🙂
  12. Senna

    Strange Win???

    I don't understand why the second gold pot is not half the amount of the top prize.
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