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  1. yeah whatever mate!!! just jealous!!! I wish I never posted this now, all I wanted to do was to share my massive win and rub your noses in it!!! :)
  2. no need for what you wrote mate!!! your just jealous you can't get big wins like this!!! :)
  3. I won 8 free spins on rainbow riches, and I was shocked and stunned when this massive win came in!!! I couldn't believe it!!! everybody says that streamers get all the big wins but I'm proof that life changing wins can happen to anybody!!! :) I thank my lucky stars, how lucky I am!!! :)
  4. don't like this game, I prefer the pots bonus but that wasn't paying out, got 1 bronze pot for £80, so I changed the game to leps, it never pays out, got two set of 3 leps for about £20 and £25, then another 3 leps for £40 but cost me £36 to bonus, then a few spins later got 5 leps for bonus. Made a big mistake, went back to the game didn't get a bonus in over 150 spins!!! :(
  5. should have walked away with my 1st win!!! :( don't like this game, wins are tiny, and teases alot for the bonus. I've read the small print should you be very lucky and catch the 4000x fish, then that's it game over!!! all other free spins are null and void!!! should you have any left
  6. I received a warning from my casino provider stating that I had been playing for an hour, ok fair enough, the only problem is, that I'm playing in demo mode!!! :)
  7. they've got premium spins on rainbow riches, although doesn't seem to worth paying £10, as the stakes are the same. I played £2 stakes and got 3 mega spins in a row and then the pot bonus, spent probably £12
  8. few spins later won a 2nd set of spins, caught fish 3 times but only caught tiddlers!!! 😞
  9. won 15 free spins!!! 🙂 only caught 1 set of fish!!! 😞
  10. got 4 pots, but it still gives me the worse bronze pot!!! 😞 what was the point???
  11. l play £1 spins and my highest pot win is 100x 4 times, out of probably 100 pot bonuses. What l hate is that it "always lands" on the smaller value by either moving forward or backwards, so when you think it's about to stop on 1000x it moves backwards!!! 😞
  12. another 60x bronze pot 😞 it moved backwards from the 1000x but l would have probably thrown my phone had it landed on a 20p stake, even on the lowest stake it's stingy with the pots!!! 😞 does anyone know anything about these "daily jackpots" on all games do you get an equal chance of winning them, whether you play a 20p stake or £200??? asking for a friend thanks.
  13. l had a go didn't take long to get the feature on £1 stake, choose the worst symbols and only won about £8 or £9 was so disappointed
  14. l hate this game but l keep going back to it, but now it's on my banned list!!! £20 of spins before it gave me a go on the bonus wheel
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