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  1. i only bet 20 p a spin wont affect me 🍉🍉🍋
  2. oh dear the poor bookies cant survive without fleecing the public and allowing drug dealers to wash their money clean they should have all their licenses removed , no sympathy here at all ,
  3. google " smashes up machine in bookies " then click video , theres literally hundreds of people having breakdowns , i see stop and step is on page 3 , he didnt wreck the place though 🙂
  4. nice hit , fred will be banning you if you keep that up 🙂
  5. i like watching the videos but the concept of instant riches is dangerous , its a big hook , i actually enjoy playing the base game so when you do get the bonus its a buzz , each to their own though and all that jazz.....
  6. ghost22


    thanx for the replies guys , i used to wonder about that notrege , i always assumed that the games just took all the money as one sum and payed out 95% or whatever the return was randomly over all betting levels , i could be wrong of course . you see guys on youtube winning tens of grands but they bet a lot more than me . i usually do switch if i get a decent enough hit barney , though with hindsight i should have remained with HEY YOU GUYS 🙂
  7. ghost22


    im not a big gambler but i had a bad day yesterday playing ted . i usually spend about 40 - 50 quid a week on betting , thats for footy bets a few games of poker and a wee go at the slots . i put 25 in and got a few hits on the gonnies that got me up to about £75 . it went a bit quiet and dropped to 50 so i think lets change the game so i try ted . it munched it in about 30 mins , i got a few features like the laser spins and the beer bottle game but every time i gambled a bottom bonus i got the mystery prize , i think it was about 10 or 12 times , i then put in another £40 , no joy , i think i got the supermarket thing once but it only gave me £11.88 is this normal for this game or did i just play at the wrong time , or am i wasting my time trying to win with small stakes ? 😞
  8. i do a small bet every saturday on both teams to score , tomorrows acca is ... coventry cambridge grimsby leyton orient macclesfield it pays 16.5 / 1 with paddy power , wish me luck guys
  9. had the same treatment myself from ladcrooks , walked into a shop one night , it was empty apart from some woman on the fotb , had a tenner on a 2-1 , it lost , another tenner on a dog 5-2 which also lost , final bet 20 on a willie mullins 3-1 shot in a bumper , it won , smashing i think , go to the counter to collect and the guy says " sorry love iv only £40 in the till " my 40 quid from the 3 bets , i quietly informed him that my hubby was in the bar next door and that he would come in and start breaking tv screens untill payment was made , he instantly found a wad of cash and payed me out , havent been in it since , scum.
  10. hi im new to this , do you know if any uk bookmakers have slots with the bonus buys , or do i need to join an online casino ? thanks
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