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  1. the bandit droped 50 k yesterday according to his vid on youtube, be careful out there .
  2. tnt tumble , a new block game
  3. great hit on rick and morty man , it saved the night 🙂
  4. what time do we go live ?
  5. mick , with all due respect nick probably classes himself as an online entertainer and like him or loath him hes got a big following and hes making money off the internet just like loads of other people , hes found an angle that pays him well at the minute , i fully understand the danger of promoting gambling to the masses but i think at certain level if he wasnt doing it then somebody else would and youd be saying the same thing about guy number 2 , probably roshstien or what ever the fuck hes called , my point is that somebody will always do what nick does , its the way of the net .
  6. why the fuck do you watch him in the first place if you dont like him ? i thought you were bored so i gave you that link , casino games are created to make money for the sites and their shareholders , nothing more man , they arnt there to dish out free money , the house always wins , it dosent matter if your spinning for 20 p or 20 quid , the house will win in the long term . good luck
  7. im not defending him , if you think you have a problem gambling close your accounts and self exclude , i took a 3 year ban on betfair and paddy power on tuesday , best thing i ever did man . it took me less than 15 seconds to do and its not reversible . good luck
  8. you dont have to register or log in unless you want it to remember what you have watched .
  9. boris , donald , gove , i can think of a few to be honest , you dont have to gamble mate , its all about self control , like if you blow a ton today on book of the dead can you really blame nick ? the following link is as good as netflix ,( apologies if it aint allowed on here mods ) check out the new narcos mexico its excellent . theres enough content to keep you happy for years , the outsider very good as well . loads of movies too http://www1.watchserieshd.tv/popular
  10. i laughed so hard i think i wet myself 😂
  11. a few on here would use leo vegas dan , just be aware guys till this bollox is over , i think theres a time limit on unclaimed bets with some firms but im in northern ireland so the rules may be different over here , does having twenty lids on champ in the rsa make me major league ? 😎
  12. HBF Register of Protection of Funds In accordance with point 1 in the December 2017 version of the Betting Charter – “Advanced protection of punters’ funds” – HBF has established a Register of the degree of protection of funds being claimed by various betting companies. Details of the Gambling Commission’s categorisation in this area are given on that organisation’s website: http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/for-the-public/Your-rights/Protection-of-customer-funds.aspx. The summary of those categories may be found below. It should be noted that the Gambling Commission leaves it to the companies in question to decide which category they fall into, but that they may check the accuracy of this self-assessment. Customers are advised to read the relevant T&Cs and satisfy themselves that the company in question is providing the level of service it claims. HBF conducted an audit of a number of the more prominent betting organisations and the level of protection they claim. In the absence of any indication to the contrary, HBF has reported that self-assessment. In the Charter, HBF asked that companies offer “medium” or “high” protection of customer funds. It has indicated where that has been claimed, and where it has not, in the accompanying Register. Companies which do not feature on the Register are invited to contact HBF at comments@ukhbf.org if they seek inclusion. Companies which alter their level of protection are also invited to contact HBF with that information. All details are, to HBF’s best knowledge, correct at the date of audit. HBF cannot be held liable for any errors, or for updates which occur subsequent to the date of audit. HBF hopes to expand this Register in time and to revisit the details in it on occasion. Updated February 2020 THE THREE LEVELS OF PROTECTION In the table below, 0=Not Protected, 1=Medium, 2=High N.B. All information is as reported on that company’s website at the date of audit. HBF cannot be held liable for errors, or for updates subsequent to the date of audit. Any such should be drawn to HBF’s attention. In the below table, ‘Medium’ in red font denotes that these bookmakers state in their T&Cs that they cannot absolutely guarantee that all funds will be repaid.
  13. i hate to say i warned you guys but Talking Horses: How safe is the money in your online betting account? Horseracing Bettors Forum warns punters that not all bookmakers guarantee the money in online accounts if they go under With all European racing and most global racing and sport likely to be suspended for many weeks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Horseracing Bettors Forum, an independent body representing punters’ interests, has warned bookmakers’ customers to make sure that any money they have deposited with online bookies will be protected if the firm goes under. HBF issued an updated version of its Register of Protection of Funds on Thursday, which highlights the surprising degree to which internet gambling firms vary in the approach to ring-fencing deposits from customers. Using the different companies’ own Terms & Conditions (T&Cs), HBF highlights 23 where deposits are “Not Protected” according to a definition supplied by the Gambling Commission, which regulates all UK gambling operators. Racing Post to temporarily suspend publication of print edition Read more BetFred, one of the most familiar brands in UK betting, is typical of these. In its Terms & Conditions regarding “Segregation of Funds”, the firm notes that “our licence from the Gambling Commission … requires that we inform customers about what happens to money that we hold on account for you in the event of insolvency”. It continues: “Under the current Gambling Commission’s insolvency rating system your funds are not protected. Customer funds are kept in accounts separate from company accounts, but they would form part of the assets of the business in the event of insolvency.” Other firms where funds are defined as “Not Protected” include the Tote, Marathon Bet, SportNation and BetHard, whose prices often feature on the popular odds-comparison site Oddschecker. Talking Horses: Devon Loch bellyflop remains a mystery after 64 years Read more While many punters may be astonished to discover that the Gambling Commission allows deposits to be seen as part of a bookmakers’ assets for insolvency purposes, HBF also points out that eight firms fulfil the GC’s definition of a “High” level of protection for funds: Betfair (Sportsbook and Exchange), BetStars, BetVictor, Betway, Coral, Paddy Power and Smarkets, a betting exchange. As Betfair’s T&Cs confirm, “in the unlikely event that Betfair … becomes subject to any insolvency proceedings, then your money will not be available to administrators/liquidators and so you will be able to withdraw your money from your account as normal”. The remaining 33 firms on HBF’s list meet the Gambling Commission’s definition of “Medium” protection for funds, under which deposits are held in a separate account but the company offers “no absolute guarantee that all funds will be repaid”. “In these extraordinary times, each day the coronavirus crisis continues, the likelihood of bookmakers going bust increases,” Colin Hord, the HBF’s chair, said on Thursday. “For some bettors, this could mean that their hard-earned money is lost for good. While we can do all we can to urge bettors to reduce or move their funds to an account that offers “High Protection”, we believe that in this day, bookmakers should no longer be stating on their terms and conditions that there is no guarantee their funds will be returned.” https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/mar/27/talking-horses-how-safe-is-money-in-your-online-betting-account a few spanners in the works there
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