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  1. no tvs showing live spots , no chairs , no pens or pencils , surprised they arnt going back to extel , its like going back in time to 1978 ffs .
  2. god i hate that game , played it all day last week to get a bonus then lost it at the 1st question with an 88% ask the audience pick , rage wasnt the word for it
  3. 200 spins nothing to some games mate , its swings and roundabouts , i once played kong megaways for a week and couldnt bonus it , then i got 6 in about 50 spins , try temple of treasure or beetle-juice , you will probably hit a few , good luck
  4. iv been running great all day on beetlejuice , crazy game darren , try it out 🎰
  5. 3 from 3 so far , this games easy 🙂
  6. was thinking fox hill in that race , fair enough form over 5 but hes never ran on the all weather before , im hoping he handles the kickback
  7. when shiskin won the supreme novices at cheltenham this year the industry sp was 6-1 , 10s was freely available on the machine that day , i was on it
  8. newcomers not allowed in the derby man , they stopped allowing it years ago . as for the field sizes bring it on , theres nothing i like more than laying a 2-1 shot in a 30 horse claimer or low grade handicap on betfair , anybody backing horses at bookie sp these days needs sectioned
  9. smashing win 🙂
  10. ghost22


    should that not be £800 or am i missing something ? is a wild line not 4000-1 with the soldier ?
  11. i played this game last week for 4 days on and off and could not get it to bonus , i logged into casumo an hour ago and got the bonus 6 times in 50 odd spins , never seen the likes of it ever 🙂
  12. disgusting , how can they make it pay .05 x ? designed to make players tilt
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