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  1. have difficulty seeing the green , my eyes arnt as good as they were though
  2. i suppose they had to find a way to stop willie and gordon 🙂 cheltenham without the irish is like beer with no alcohol , it might look the same but it isnt .
  3. was gonna say man but the war office calls it childish 🙂
  4. with all due respect sir how can you look for work when everyweres closed ? tell you adviser you would like to retrain and do his job , see how he replies to you
  5. this dribs and drabs lockdown bollox is never going to end , boris dosent have the balls to do what he needs to do , lock the whole country down for 6 months , a year if its needed , and vaccinate everybody in the country . i said to my wife back in feb " why the fk have they not closed the airports" when the virus was on the rampage in france germany and italy , its like being in a movie where everybody in power is fucking retarded . im getting sick of the stupidity from that clown who changes his mind every time he looks at the scrawl on the back of a fag box . theres a madness in our govern
  6. i totally agree with you there dan , theres a few out their who should hang their heads in shame , pillocks
  7. i can pay off the wife or have her shot , whatevers cheaper 😂 , dont think he can name with libel laws , but we know who he meant , guy with a big black hat to start with
  8. to be fair to the bloke he was due one , behold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeElDVThCDs
  9. fantastic stuff man , cash it out
  10. how many retriggers was that ? you get a screen full of books or something ?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyP7L6HX6Ck
  12. tell them you dont watch live tv , say you only use netflix and there isnt jack shit they can do about it .you can also putt a sign on your front door saying cold callers will be charged 20 per minute , record his visit and invoice the bbc for your time .finally as you dont watch live tv tell them you want removed from their databanks . did the leter address you by name or was it just the blanket THE OCCUPIER ?
  13. wow , great hit , it must have been some buzz to see that drop in 😀
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