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  1. whats wrong with casumo ? i thought they were all right as a lot of streamers use it ? excuse my ignorance 🙂
  2. a good lift mate , excellent 👍
  3. jesus windy your name just took me back about 40 years , it brought tear to my eye 🙂
  4. hey guys i watch a few streamers and the bandit seems to be gone from youtube , no videos left , the hideous creature has been having problems as well , he had to open a new site there , something to do with music copyright or something , is this the end for uploaders ? have you guys had any problems darren ?
  5. thanx m8 , i tried it for about half an hour last week and it didnt seem to be doing anything , kinda boring if im honest , but i suppose its all about getting the bonus .
  6. how did you get 45 spins mate ? i didnt realise you could get that many
  7. william sold all of his shops over here in northern ireland yesterday , 33 of them . it dont look to good for the industry . https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-51085585
  8. jesus wept , you wont do that again ☹️
  9. The gambling watchdog may ban punters from making online bets with credit card funds. Photograph: Alamy The gambling industry watchdog is preparing to ban bookmakers from taking credit card deposits for betting online, in the latest move to prevent the exploitation of vulnerable customers. The Gambling Commission is expected to announce the long-awaited ban on credit card wagers, with the rules due to be unveiled as soon as Tuesday. Well-placed sources said an announcement by the regulator was imminent. It comes two years after charity groups such as GambleAware and Citizens Advice urged the government to implement the policy to protect people from sliding into gambling addiction. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/jan/12/gambling-watchdog-plans-ban-online-credit-card-bets The end is nigh boys, how many on here would use a card for a nifty deposit ?
  10. 50 is a bit miserable , like if they say thats the average payout it means they aint worth playing in the first place . stick to online mate , more wonga and better protection . what was your stake ?
  11. i finally got a hit on this beast , i got 4 pots and gambled up to 18 spins , the multiplier was at times ten and i gave me max megaways on the 8th or 9th spin and it went bonkers, it just kept hitting , i ended up with £167 , im well chuffed , i was only betting in 20 pence stakes . merry xmas chaps 🙂
  12. he played lil devil on all stakes leaving just one heart , it cost him 23 grand , unbelieveable outcome :). i like the man but thats just fucking insane .check it out .
  13. dont get your thought process mate , the object is to win money , i dosent matter if its a bonus or on the base game , if i win big i walk bonus or not . good luck
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