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What odds?


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I wonder what odds I'd get for Novak Djokovic walking off the court in his first match if indeed he's allowed to play? 

The Australian people are rightly pissed off at him especially as he has not been vaccinated. 

There could also be crowd trouble at the Rod Laver because as we have seen on the news Djokovic has, a large ex pat following in Oz and I can see the Australians in the crowd booing every time he hits the ball. 

I'd be very surprised if this situation doesn't boil over. 

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You could try a request a bet, several sites offer that nowadays. Novak Djokovic feeds off of adversity though, I've seen many matches where he has some sort of physical problem causing him to play poorly for a set and then somehow he turns it around. Made quite a lot of money backing him in those situations.

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Excuse my language but if little kids can go to the dentist then a grown man can read the published (no not on facebook) evidence and get the bloody jab he needs. Tell the twat to grow up and get a jab and follow the rules or fork off home and watch tv on the sofa.

Completely fed up with people thinking they are special and exempt from the rules



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