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  1. Which fuckwit chose that pale green for the text? Can't read it - what is wrong with black. Honestly on older less contrasty monitors its completely unreadable.
  2. Average in the end but probably the last Ole from Solskjaer?
  3. Sorry did not remind everyone but tonight fits the bill. Midweek games - cold. So bet on homes in multiples. Got home late so some are from HT. But this as my list ALL HOME WINS
  4. I love binging. Can't stand watching one a week - the wait kills me. Best way is what you are doing Darren so you don't have to wait at all. Come to a series late where there are dozens of episodes ready for watching. Some series just release all episodes straight off which I think is great. The BBC is so out of date. So I'm watching His Dark Materials season 2: What is the Subtle Knife on the BBC but why can't they broadcast one a week for the oldies but also just dump them all online for those who want to gorge. And WTH do they keep talking about 'boxed sets'. The BBC is so out of date
  5. I've had a few come in. I'm either on favs all round or all 20/1 shots EW
  6. PTS = More laying tips please! I can get great odds laying odds on fav for the place on BF 😀
  7. Anyone interested in gambling books? Read loads - here are some of the best. A Bloody Good Winner: Life as a Professional Gambler - Dave Nevison Positively Fifth Street: Murderers, Cheetahs, and Binion's World Series of Poker is a memoir by Chicago area author James McManus set during the 2000 World Series of Poker. Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions If anyone is interested I'll write a line on each - all above average and interesting. There is also this crazy video on YouTube about the man who worked out h
  8. S&S is this really an big issue? Looking at the types Cat D seems very low key to me? I know gambling is gambling but 10p games for a fiver is not exactly going to set the playground alight. http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/for-gambling-businesses/Compliance/Sector-specific-compliance/Arcades-and-machines/Gaming-machine-categories/D-gaming-machines.aspx D money prize 10p £5 D non-money prize (other than crane grab machine) 30p £8
  9. trump is broke. He's doing this 'steal' thing to milk his base for donations, supposedly to challenge the results but he's pocketing the money. Using it to pay off debts. Honestly he's broke. He needs a huge amount of money to defend all the litigation coming is way in January. All day he has tweeted for his base to move to a new TV station and also away from twitter. You can bet your ass he's in for a cut if he can increase numbers on those new media. Appalling that people are dying and all he thinks about is himself and earing money.
  10. High Street Shop (inc online) For BOG - this is a good benefit especially if you like Irish racing! Best odds even if your donkey drifts out before the off. Do they still pay first past the post? Some bonuses on Lucky 15 etc? Social, can pop in whilst the Mrs is shopping. Can take a piss, at your own risk? They take some strange bets E/W bets are actually in your favour at 1/4 and 1/5 the odds. Will take tiny bets for pennies Against The overnight prices from the bookies are scandalous, just scandalous The man book prices
  11. You need to look at the EXCHANGE prices on BEFTAIR. You will be shocked. I did post a list of the benefits of BETFAIR (or other exchanges) v big 4 and you simply have to be mad not to be using BEFTAIN IMO. Betfair recently stopped the exchange multiples, so for your lucky 15 you need to go to SPORTSBOOK and you will have similar low prices, but as for early / overnight prices you will often be getting 50% more than in the highstreet. GOOD LUCK
  12. He's ..... [SING ALONG] John Denver leaving on a jet plane
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