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  1. Looking for faults.....cant see any A+ 👍 btw you can tell if someone has done blockwork before... nice and straight, even gaps etc, tips hat
  2. Yes same storyline - goes back in time and explains some of the characters. The story seems bizarre but it has some guanine 'did not see that coming' plots. Very clever and all makes perfect sense when you know whats going on.
  3. Yes loving LC it's brilliant writing. Has teeth. I'm also a big fan of WATCHMEN the HBO series - it just won the most Emmy awards for any show last weekend. The story and the acting are fantastic. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/watchmen-emmys-best-limited-series-1234775407/ The show won 11 Emmys in total, including Regina King for best actress in a limited series or movie;
  4. victoriarossi - You may get some responses if you can explain a little about what information you are looking for an why. Why specifically roulette, why not ask for people experiences rather than 'addiction'. What article?
  5. Well knowing what I know now .... the donkey business is shall we say about as straight as a very old pipe cleaner. With the poor prize money, horses costing what £1000+ a month to keep/train ? If you just tell the jockey to go easy for a few races till the odds get out to 20:1 or 25:1 for the next evening race at Kempton then £1000 win will pay your costs for the year and who will give a shit ...it's AW evening racing, no ones cares about your horses 'sudden' improvement.
  6. There is also a lot of pressure for kids to 'subscribe' @ £5 a month to their favourite gamers to get extra features on twitch and YouTube, you see people dropping 20month subscriptions where they get a live 'thanks'. People also drop 'bits' = dentations. it's crazy. There is a lot of pressure on youngsters to keep up with the Jones online..... all needs funding.
  7. Mentholdan, please don't feel bad I'm fine about the lost £5. I will just cut the children's gruel ration in half for a few days to pay for it.
  8. UR - hey ho such is life.. but my bet on the FAVs (all shorties) in first six races came in - one NR so only five outta six. £30 in and £285 out
  9. Ok this had done really well before for me - trouble is it only happens once a year. I'm waiting till that time of year in October / November where we go from 15 degrees and sunny to minus -3 and freezing very quickly and it's a mid week Premiership full fixture night. Typically loads of HOME teams win. Ignore form, home teams seem to have a massive advantage, especially if it's an away team that has travelled 300 miles. Similar effect on a Saturday but not so pronounced. I stick on a load of HOME perms, don't get hung up that 19th placed XXX will never beat 3rd placed YYY strange
  10. Strange bet. I saw on FA CUP night 3rd round a guy win big with Low leagues to beat Premiership and both teams to score double. He had a few perms. What's the excitement of betting on corners is it normally close?
  11. Opened 17.5(16.5:1) last night but I stuck on £5 at 13.13 (12.13:1) on BF just now. Curry tomorrow ? 🤑 hope so!
  12. “If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” That about sums it up.
  13. Well I would suggest that I've seen more aggro in betting shops than in pubs over the years. Shops are not normally happy places.
  14. FT is subscription only for me 😬 https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jun/14/curbs-on-fobt-stakes-fuel-fewer-police-callouts-to-bookmakers I did find this one where they say police call outs to shops is down since the £2 introduction.
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