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Euros - Football - Stop and Step



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France, Portugal, Croatia and Netherlands all knocked out. 14 goals in today's two matches, great attacking but woeful defending. Italy have got the right balance and here's hoping England's defence holds tight tomorrow. No game is a foregone conclusion Switzerland V France was all the proof you need. I hope England get through tomorrow, there's only 2 teams I don't like England getting beat by, Germany and Argentina. If England do get knocked out let's hope they don't just fold and they at least give the Germans a game and go out playing good football. 

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Latest odds

Spain                  7-2

England.             4-1

Italy.                    4-1

Belgium.            6-1

Germany.        13-2

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The reason that England have overtaken Spain as favourites has nothing to do with the weight of money but the teams left in England's half of the group. 

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3 minutes ago, BlindHaze said:

Jeez….. Italy or Belgium look a much better price!

Totally agree but they have a much tougher route to the final. 

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46 minutes ago, cazza6565 said:

I take it I now have to eat my words.  

Well it wasn't pretty and hardly electric, more like a energizer AAA battery. Luke Shaw was awful for 89 minutes and 59 seconds, I saw one forward pass from him in the whole game which resulted in a goal but he looked scared rather than nervous on the ball and I'll be surprised if he starts the next game but Perhaps that's what Southgate is looking for? They're progressing with this quite pedestrian boring football but if it's getting results I doubt he'll change it up. The best part of the match was the crowds rendition of Sweet Caroline after the match. 

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