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  1. Don't ask me day 3 and all I managed was two 2nd and 2rd places. Absolutely rubbish.Stradivarius race a joke with the betting.they take Dee ex bee out the race but half price of the whole field.I get the rule 4 thing but cutting the odds in half is riduculous
  2. Worst bookie to work for.pretends he is all for the punter when it comes to best odds etc. Some punter got a £5 coupon up on Sat paid £875 grand God knows how many teams. Love it when people take big money off him
  3. My problem is I can go into the bookies and only put £5 or £10 on my football bets but when it comes to slots its a dif story its like there is no limit to how much I can play . And by that I mean even if I am in profit I will still carry on playing the same game.
  4. I seen the prog in the tv mag. Surprised about JPJ never had an issue on their site been a member for years. Interesting to watch though and discuss later
  5. Sorry should read Self Excluded predictive text I blame
  6. When I worked in the betting industry I used to raise it at manager meetings how easy it is for Self Excused customers to slip through the net. When a customer can exclude from Ladbrokes,Hills ,Betfred etc on the one form its impossible to keep track in each shop. And the issue raised above couldn't be more true bet as much as you like till you win then it's can we have proof of income etc
  7. Yeah I agree , I live in Glasgow really overpopulated with bookies. City centre as mentioned is ridiculous and some open at 7.30am
  8. Where I live has 3 Ladbrokes.2 Hills and 2 Betfred all within a mile. I worked in one of them but left before they reduced the stakes so can't say how much it has dented their coffers. One of the Hills is closing in Sep and one of the Ladbrokes in Jan.
  9. Leaders of the world free spins, £1 a spin as it pays same as £2 although they say it gives more bonus symbols I'm not sure it does. Irish luck Anubis
  10. Having a bit of a rammy with this mob again. Playing Heart of the jungle yesterday and get free spins., takes the 8 free spins x 5 multiplier as the other options are still locked. However with one spin to go the game freezes at £72.40 balance. Tried reloading and it says the usual , unfished game press ok, it spins the 7 th spin and sticks at same bit. Sent screenshots and they said sorry you have no stuck games on your account. I then emailed them again this morning and the response at 14:21pm was sorry we cant read the date or time on the screenshots, please resend. they also add at this stage the only action is to close the game and all progress will be lost, but you will be able to play after this. I though aye right. I then resend at 14:49pm to which a reply from them at 14:32pm says thanks for the screenshots we will add this to your case. Sorry guys if I am waffling I just need to take my anger out on the keyboard
  11. That is exactly why they opened them in first place as mentioned above. They can only get 4 Fobts per shop. Here in Glasgow city centre they have Ladbrokes shops just for Fobts.
  12. What you deposit is irrelevant when it comes to game malfunction. I'm afraid bookies don't pay out on what ifs when it comes to Fobts. I mean what would you expect them to pay you
  13. What you deposit is irrelevant when it comes to game malfunction. I'm afraid bookies don't pay out on what ifs when it comes to Fobts. I mean what would you expect them to pay you
  14. As an ex employee of a betting shop I asked for a new carpet when we got flooded. Nothing happened even after the 3rd burst pipe. I said the dampness is affecting my asthma . I left over a year ago and that same shop carpet is still there. Same goes for repairs stick a bit of hazard tape on it is their response.
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