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  1. I haven't watched him much. He is too false for me.
  2. Ok thanks Darren for your reply. Oh well hubby need to watch Thurles without a bet lol He is old school when it comes to betting so wouldn't consider online
  3. Breeding ground FOBTs are. When I worked in the bookies, I would witness people spitting on the screens when they lost.
  4. I have £5 each way on Aye Right in the 2.10 race . Bet it years ago a few times as a tip when I worked in the bookies so prob had its day. Probably waste of a tenner lol. Also have it on an each way double with Eglantine Du Seuil in the 2.50
  5. They socks were quite funky too. Hopefully you can pick a winner at Cheltenham with your free bets
  6. I think it will end in a draw. 1.1 I think due to how tight points are in that league at the moment. Hope I'm wrong though for your bet
  7. My question is being allowed to bet more than your deposit limit. Is the casino at fault or is it solely the responsibility of the player. Could you claim it back via ADR for example
  8. Just noticed what you highlighted Darren about pre determined bonuses. I play a few games online where your balance goes up before you even play the feature. Can be annoying before you even choose the symbol it has already paid it out.
  9. When I worked in the bookies we would play demo at night when shop was dead and I would constantly add in £100 after £100 in demo money before it would pay anything. Now I'm talking dozens of slots with £0 feature. I refuse to believe it was that bad because it was demo play. Eggspendables now that's a game that eats your cash. Never seen a game spin so fast in my life.
  10. I disagree .Revenue from horse racing in bookies is only 18% - 22% so it wouldn't make a dent in high street bookies. The impact would hit the on course bookies more
  11. Am I missing something here. Where does it say not paying out. t's probably verification or KYC as these people like to call it.
  12. Lol enough for some more wood from Ikea.
  13. My big moan is the games were £2 and £1 are the same pay table. Leaders of world free spins is an example. Same pay out but bonus symbols are bigger so unless you get the bonus then your win spins are same pay out as £1 stake but your paying £2 a spin. Greed is the word
  14. Come to Glasgow Darren. It's got eh what's the word ........... Hmmmm might need to think about that for a bit
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