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  1. 100% agree on the quote about how many people read the messages about gambling. When i worked in the bookies I can guarantee very few read the posters even when the Responsible Gambling Week ones were in the window.
  2. I only tried it yesterday on Ladbrokes but never got the bonus. Talking of Ladbrokes I have just told them to close my account. Telling me to provide 3 months bank statements and a limit of £100 per month. No thanks . Live Chat have a cheek to say is there anything else I can help you with. Oh well plenty more sites out there
  3. Omg 10p stake. Are doing any lucky 31s today. I strongly fancy Creative force in the 4.25 but I've only done it in a treble but out shopping just now with my daughter so won't see much racing today. Ladbrokes daily wheel same junk .been doing it fur over a year never get any more than pennies that is if your lucky enough to hit the free spins in first place
  4. omg that is better than big bass bonanza. Canny even see the fisherman lol what a catch that is, lovely.
  5. Aye in your dreams lol. I could say good luck but I would be fibbing.
  6. I feel your pain. I did that 5 a side bet on Ladbrokes. Waiting on Shaw for 60+ passes and Sterling to have 2 shots at goal. Both taken off at same time I'm sitting at 56 passes for Shaw and Sterling already with 1 shot. Doesn't help that my hubby said about 20 times during first half he is gonna take Sterling off soon.
  7. Oh what's the word im looking for. IS it favouritism lol
  8. Omg I have never seen that many wilds in that game. Memory serves me it's 8 free spins with sticky wilds but you can get extra spins during it with the wee sheriff badge symbols.great game though
  9. cazza6565


    I take it I now have to eat my words.
  10. Lol I have been doing the Ladbrokes one every day for at least a year. Never had anymore than 5 free spins. I get "unlucky" spin on the wheel at least 4 times a week. Plus the free spins are 10p so never gonna win big
  11. England will go out on Tuesday. They are not good enough to progress any further.
  12. Steppy my heart and my head says Germany. 6 goals in their last two games is swinging it for me.
  13. aww I knew it was that when read the title. Congratulations to you both. 41 year old that's nothing I was in my 50s when I got married lol Ms Haze aka the school teacher, I need a new name for her now lol
  14. im pretty sure he still pays out on FPTP and amended result. i will disagree with you for the 5.35 I really fancy AADDEEY , I did put an each way treble on earlier i had Oscula which got 3rd but my second horse was nowhere Empress Josephine
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