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  1. What i know about chess I could write on a postage stamp. I will stick to football and horses of which I can pretend to know slightly more ha ha
  2. No it would be £55
  3. Lol get your Bob the Builder hat off.
  4. 2 grand wouldn't touch the surface. IF you are a player then you know how long bonuses can take on £1 & £2 spins . On £10 spins you would be either lucky quick or skint quicker
  5. Thanks Darren thought it was just me .
  6. Speak to the POGG, I have been to them twice and got it sorted both times.
  7. Well done, thought for a minute a shit tv show was coming back. Thank god you meant Goonies
  8. Never been, always wanted to go. Anyway as if Nicola is gonna let you gamble 🙁 Hope you 2 and the kids enjoy, keep forgetting it's October school hols cause I'm in Scotland and ours are different
  9. Will it let you withdraw? If you haven't met wagering requirements
  10. Keep your snow in England Steppy, we get bad enough weather in Glasgow. My local Asda been getting refurbished no sure if the empty shelves is panic buyers or staff moving items. Its like the Krypton Factor in there.
  11. Oh man , sharing a birthday with Diane Abbot, a woman who goes out with odd shoes on. On the plus side you aren't as old as her. Enjoy your day
  12. Omg that's mental, I am actually laughing my head off picturing you getting the letters. Did you have to pay up.
  13. Omg I have no words as I have been there done it too many times. Will we learn , doubt it. @Mentholdanyou are still raging about that no Entry Sign that appeared from nowhere on the Friday. Did you have to pay the fine
  14. Good luck Steppy I have done over 2.5 goals, Huddersfield, Luton, Cheltenham,Gillingham,Bradford,,Mansfield,Grimsby, Bristol rovers, Halifax. BTTS, Cardiff, Preston, Cheltenham, Gillingham Wycombe,Newport,Oldham,Halifax, Solihull,Wrexham Win only , Rotherham, Hartlepool,Boreham wood, Aldershot, Sunderland,Wycombe,Newport I normally do score no draw as well but not done one today.
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