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  1. Well I play it on £1 spin solely because the pay table is same as £2 spin. The bonus symbols are bigger but that is only difference. I used to get good bonuses on Napoleon or Churchill with decent wilds but lately its been rubbish. Lincoln and its 5 spins no wins here's a tenner lol what is that all about
  2. It's well overdue. As I have highlighted previously on here , I can spin up to £150 on some slot games on Jackpotjoy which is worse than your £100 roulette spins. What percentage of players can afford to do that size of spin??
  3. Years ago when I worked in the bookies I had a guy playing roulette from around 11am until I closed the shop at 10pm. Made him several coffees but don't remember him eating . He was a regular customer
  4. In all the time I worked in the bookies never had an engineer out that quick ever. How do you know it was 2 grand loss.
  5. In all the time I worked in the bookies never had an engineer out that quick ever. How do you know it was 2 grand loss.
  6. Doesn't add up if you can still spin more than a £100 spin online. Some games I play on jackpot joy you can stake up to £150 per spin. Not that I do of course .
  7. Carlisle beat my BTTS coupon could had got £893 if they had scored. Closest I have been in ages
  8. Oh right sorry crossed wires.I used to work in a bookies and never came across so many thick staff in my life. My old Deputy used to say to customers don't ask me I'm only the deputy . But she was an idiot Today she obv didn't know how to process it for you so rung it up as a normal bet.no wonder you are raging.
  9. Just to highlight the deposit still gets rung through the till though its not a new system.
  10. Definetely online for me. Main reason is the miserable bookies cap of £500 win. More choice of games online too
  11. I personally think the game is crap. Free spins are never massive that wee fisherman hardly appears. Doubt if I would buy a bonus on it
  12. Love this forum.Not sure if its because I used to work in a bookies or my love of slots or maybe both. My other half thinks this site is mad and calls it my virtual gambling pals which highly amuses me. I bet on footie and slots both online and in shops.Not very lucky as I dont know when to quit when playing slots even when in profit. Same here I don't do the Facebook crap and the people who think its normal to post pics of their dinner for example.
  13. Don't ask me day 3 and all I managed was two 2nd and 2rd places. Absolutely rubbish.Stradivarius race a joke with the betting.they take Dee ex bee out the race but half price of the whole field.I get the rule 4 thing but cutting the odds in half is riduculous
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