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  1. i am a miserable Glaswegian so i want more than Evens. your odds are worse than Fred. My money is on the king for a repeat win
  2. Love it. The King v the Father of the Forum Let battle commence
  3. Excuse me what about us north of the border. Come to sunny Glasgow Darren . Obv the weather is rarely sunny .
  4. Not surprised by this . We lost a good few "big punters" due to this when I worked in the bookies and I'm talking a few years ago. The Ladbrokes punters got to Hills then Fred etc till they get rejected by all of them but that takes time . I'm amazed it hasn't happened online before now.
  5. I played wild catch two days ago. £200 loss ,no bonus at all . £1 SPINS
  6. ha ha you are on a sabbatical.
  7. 10/3 on hills . need to disagree with you though . Watford for me.
  8. I don't do EPL ante post ever. I do Championship ,League 1, League 2 and National League. Fed up taking Cardiff in the past never done me a turn. Not picked mine yet for next season
  9. what meeting was this forecast. never seen it in UK,IRELAND OR FRANCE Unless i missed it
  10. The main speaker is nothing to do with the fobts volume
  11. As,an ex betting shop manager I am of the same opinion as mentholdans niece. Could not care less unless it affects me
  12. Seriously. Half a story. Are we getting chapter 2 next
  13. Oh my God why have you never been out there. I mean I'm no Charlie Dimmock but it looks absolutely lovely.
  14. Ffs not only do you have great art work in your house you have a lovely garden. Am I jealous of course I am when I don't even have a window box.
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