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  1. I'm not surprised. Far too dear to go to bingo. Seen some people pay 40 to 50 quid for they electronic boards to play. Only ever bought the paper books when I went.
  2. Lol steppy check you reading the balance before he even spun the bet. They never pay much more they bets I think
  3. cazza6565


    Plus i bet England -1 against Poland and never touched the Scotland game lol that's how bad my betting is at the moment
  4. cazza6565


    I'm not saying this because I am Scottish but the media is obsessed with the England team full stop. I watched the documentary other night being Jack Charlton and in those days players played for the shirt and I don't just mean Ireland. games now are as Mentholdan says not as appealing unless they are high profile names.
  5. Steppy as you know I'm Glaswegian so my national team no better. I even bet England -2 on Sunday but as you know that went pear shaped lol
  6. It's what Nicola puts in your tea.
  7. Are you serious @DaveM do you think sitting on a dead horse and "posing" for the camera is nothing. The BHA obviously don't think it's nothing. His excuse I sat down to take a phone call. Was there nowhere else to sit.
  8. I'm curious at all the various amounts . I don't see any deleted on your screen shot
  9. It's 3 to 5 working days which prob won't count sat or Sun. You aren't at that stage to hit the panic button yet
  10. Are you serious. When was last time you went to bingo. Cheap it definitely isn't
  11. cazza6565

    Buy Ripple

    I am assuming you mean soar.
  12. In fact I don't even log out of Google on YouTube so I don't have to sign in. Strange though to hear people having issues with Darrens videos though even via Google. this site I stay logged in all the time too
  13. I have just watched todays YouTube video no problem. Logged in via google as normal , nothing else required.
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