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  1. Lol I love it . Don't know all of them though I'm sure I can adapt. Knob springs to mind actually
  2. I think the,stakes these guys play puts me off whether its their money or not. I only tend to watch Darrens videos to be honest. Most of us in the real world play £1 or £2 stakes I imagine. Ps. To seaton-slots I want one of those bingo cards for us Glaswegians so need to change a few words lol
  3. Never had a credit card in my life but I wouldn't use a credit card to bet with at all.
  4. What would management do. Fobts are hired to bookies per shop. Did they not phone the fault to tech support. Is it still Inspired Gaming that deals with Hills and Betfred machines I'm not 100%
  5. I'm in benidorm just now.a couple got up and sang Fairytale of New York on karaoke few nights ago in our hotel. He had not a bad voice too
  6. Yeah totally agree. Me personally I would watch a hundred of Darrens videos over any of the others. I mean he bets in the bloody real world for a start.
  7. I'm not seething at all. good luck to him if its true. 3 dif stories about how he won it. So just to clarify its not about being negative its about papers feeding bullshit stories
  8. Whole story sounds far fetched. He said he played slots at 1.30 in the morning then went to call the bank. No win of that size would go in your bank that quick. He then claims he visited the bank. What in the middle of the night???
  9. Jesus,who can bet at that stake especially on reel king.
  10. I'm not fully understanding what your telling us. Did you wager £800 to then be able to withdraw. Where the free spins issued for joining. If so then any winnings from them are capped at £100
  11. No, he said he withdrew back to same card he deposited with. Max win from free spins on joining though is only £100 so he could be stuffed
  12. Just to add some sites first withdrawal is only ten times deposit so watch in case you haven't deposited enough to withdraw that amount
  13. It cost you nothing. You are panicking why??? Sat Sun don't count on some sites remember they count working days as Mon to Fri. If you have passed verification then it's not a problem
  14. Similar here in Glasgow. Two Betfred, 3 Ladbrokes and a Hills. Did have two Hills but closed one few months ago. All about two mins walk from my house. I think Fred will close one of his shops as it isn't busy at all. The other Betfred is next door to a pub so that one is busier
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