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  1. In fact I don't even log out of Google on YouTube so I don't have to sign in. Strange though to hear people having issues with Darrens videos though even via Google. this site I stay logged in all the time too
  2. I have just watched todays YouTube video no problem. Logged in via google as normal , nothing else required.
  3. Love it the fact you actually put wife and not Nicola. I would love a fruit machine at home .
  4. Jesus god that green has to go. I'm a Celtic supporter but that green is too much. Sorry but needs toned down a bit.
  5. Oh my i love black and white pics so much. In fact I've hardly been anywhere in England and I'm no much younger than Mentholdan I don't think.
  6. I'd like to know why off sales are essential shops. I mean it's hardly lockdown as Mentholdan said what exactly are you stopped from doing
  7. Been closed here in Glasgow since boxing day. No sure what rules they have about fobts. Prob none as bookies round here prob have same couldn't care less attitude they always had and I'm speaking for about 5 shops within a mile
  8. I've never been to Margate or Skegness
  9. do you think you lot are having a road trip without myself or Ms Haze aka the teacher.
  10. you will get the usual 5 spins. your remaining sets of 6 will be mostly X i bet
  11. Not a fan. Find it too hard to bonus
  12. cazza6565

    Jackpot King

    you ask some questions for a "friend"
  13. I'm worried about and your boozing lol. Bet your on the sherry already. Oh steppy i don't envy you been there done it.
  14. oh jesus if I had a quid for the amount of times I got asked this. Some customers would say oh I am sure you guys get told to make some of us lose. One Saturday afternoon a guy had put a few hundred into a fobt. He then said to me about half hour later can I have it back as it was his mortgage money and he hadn't won. I said and where do I get it from and he actually said can you not empty the machine. No joke.
  15. lol that you blanking out your address in case Mentholdan turns up on your doorstep.
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