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What would you do?


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As the title suggests, what would you do? One away from the next safety net, would you take the spins on a massive 20p stake or gamble? And if you’d gamble, would it be on C or D?


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I would gamble on C, because it's the only way you'll have a chance of getting a high amount. But saying that, losing 8 is a large amount, especially as their value accumulates. If I was making a video, gambled on that and it lost, the comments would be not good. I think the majority would collect. 
What did you do?

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Funnily enough, my thought process was exactly the same as @StopandStep - I was so tempted to press C but I collected. And the right answer was C.

By the way, the feature was pretty crap. Really wish I’d gambled now.... 😞

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