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PLEASE WATCH THIS - Online Casinos - Stop and Step



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Nicks done 100% the right thing. CasinoGrounds obviously want people to know they use real money (with or without deposit bonuses included) and doesn't want any reason for people to be thinking otherwise. I know Nick is against Roshtein in particular for ridiculously fake streaming, and viewers are probably more interested in real streaming because when we are watching like we do with Darren, we see wins and losses and can imagine ourselves in the same possibilities.. its a slight fantasy in a way but its true and its what keeps a lot of us watching - that if we had used that same money we may have got that huge win or we might have only got 2 bonuses in a grands deposit.

Nick is essentially the guys manager and has sacked him for going against that, and he's in the right to do so.

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Hardly shocking news that casinos one way or another fund streamers so they can make it look like big wins are always just around the corner whilst in many cases is all that happens is poor mugs get fleeced, the casino gets richer and the affiliate gets a nice little cut if the cake.

I still think Darren is ok with his FOBT/Arcade stuff as these bricks and mortar places won’t be paying him anything.

Is he getting anything from Casimba and Dram Vegas.... Quite possibly but the bottom line should always be “viewer beware”....

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