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  1. Heres what may be some slightly helpful advice. Everything else aside, you are definitely doing this for money more than entertainment. That's why you're so easy to be on tilt. Think of it this way, you end up losing £25 a week yeah.. that's £100 in a month. And I guess you dont win a bet a month usually do you? So you're not even looking at winning money back are you. Your mrs isnt happy with it, its affecting home life.. go in to every bookies and say, look I'm self excluding and I want you to know my face. Self exclude and give it up. 2 months time you will be fucking buzzing you did it, get home life trusting and happy again. Womans always boss unfortunately and you gotta make her happy. I struggle myself with staying away from gambling so I know your pain, but you can do it pal
  2. If you give him your kids, does he give you a few repeat jackpots?
  3. Okay I do kind of see your point, but I cant say I agree with it. Leicester won the premiership? Does that mean the higher sponsors didnt get their way? Yes, maybe people would be less inclined to watch a champions league final between Ipswich town and hertha Berlin, but that's not the reason they dont get there. The reason they dont get there is because of the quality of players. Do you really think 11 players plus subs in champs league semis would throw the match happily? Word wouldn't be kept secret. Illuminati not confirmed here I'm afraid!
  4. Although what Darren is saying is true that two big wins in a row or similar is against the odds, it most certainly isnt impossible. You've technically got as much chance on the next spin on a random game of getting a bonus then you had without the bonus before.. although in reality it usually does work out you wont get big wins and bonus' a few times in a row. Up to the punter to take that risk I guess!!
  5. Hey I used to be a bookies worker.. oh who am I kidding, you're not wrong. But in all seriousness, yes people will bet more depending on who's serving/dealing. In a bookies, if theres a hot young piece behind the counter the takings are higher for the day. In fact our customers would ask who's on the next morning so they'd know whether to go to corals or hills the next morning to shove their 10p lucky 15 on!
  6. It's happened a couple times in televised tournaments too. Cant remember the guys name but hes done it 3 times, columbian or Chilean or something and he claims it's the language barrier.. ends up having to call or raise, as planned, and then takes a big pot. It's completely fraudulent and a disgusting tactic. I'd get up and smash someones face into the table if they did it to me, especially if I'd paid good money for the tournament
  7. Used to play in Luton and Stratford quite a bit mainly, and around London. Was in a bigger little tournament with top 20 odd pay and first place was just shy of 10 grand, made it to the final table.. well above average and I got dealt KK. Extremely happy, I called and no one raised. Small cards came out with a K so I pushed all in, got called by chip leader with Bullets. Next cards, A, A. Gutted! Didnt even clear £500 as well only a few places off a good pot!
  8. So, I've put up two tables and believe ive lost them both by 1. Either way, loss by 1 or loss by 3 is still a loss! Which is why I'm lumping on my own treble today even if it is nearly end of the season. Early game is Bournemouth vs Tottenham. Bournemouth have nothing to play for now except pride for the day, being mathematically safe. Spurs however come off the back of a loss which they feel they should have at least drew from. The players, in my opinion, will be more alert on the back of that. If they win today, they cement their place in next years champions league spots as top 4. Spurs to win - 3/4 league one are playing their final game of the season with a few teams trying to stay safe. At the other end of the table, top spot is being decided before today by goal difference. Barnsleys only chance of top spot is Luton getting less points than them today, but I still think Barnsley will give it their best in the Hope's luton do drop points. With Bristol rovers not doing too well and Barnsley winning their previous 4 matches, I think Barnsley are pretty safe to bet on for a win. They like to score in the first half as well and will be full on for this game. Barnsley ht/ft - 13/8 Plymouth vs scunthorpe is a battle of two absolute flops on their last 5 games, and on their season as a whole! Winner could possibly see safety, and the only way for that to be possible is to go all out for a win and hope teams around them draw and lose. Either way, both teams will go all out, a loss means definite relegation and draw for either is probably the same fate as well. If I could find a market on coral for bookings I'd go for whatever one is over evens, but I cant so I will go on goals. Over 2.5 goals - 4/6 £10 on this treble will return £76.66. I'll be lumping on £25 and hoping my last bet of the season is a good one!!
  9. The volume is controlled by the workers. If you ask them to turn it down a bit I'm sure they will. When I worked in coral I'd keep it at a volume that punters could easily have a conversation across the room together if wanted
  10. Played my own drinking game during yesterdays vid, just woke up in the hospital from alcohol poisoning. Drink responsibly people!
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