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  1. Absolutely. It's not about the money for a lot of people especially problem gamblers. The feeling of happiness is what's so addictive to buying. We do £1 spins and then theres 3 lines winning 10p each, we lose 70p on that spin but because its shown 3 wins and nice little flashes and the word WIN, we are subconsciously happy for losing 70p and cant wait for that again! Crazy right?
  2. Book of ra, 20+ spins on millionaire megaways and monopoly megaways
  3. Yeah I'm usually in until the 2am-3am point. Its enjoyable and a good way to elongate the gambling as well rather than smashing money after money
  4. Decided I'd go and play some poker, do love a poker tourney! So I decided I'd try everything else while I'm there. Book of Ra put me on 5 times on £3 spins, max bonus win was £24 😂. So that was about £350 out of pocket! After coming out of poker losing to pocket 4s with my J A suited and not hitting, I decided to play some blackjack. Hundred in I decided to high roller it with a £150 hand and got blackjack, which was a very welcome but of luck at last! So I tried a £200 hand.. 4 6 for me and a 5 for dealer. At this point I saw an opportunity to get money back and walk out relieved. Doubled down (I know, what a dick) and got a 6. He hits an A and a 4, wham bamm thank you fella have a great night 😂 safe to say I hope I learn my very expensive lesson!
  5. Might bet for it to be a white xmas where I am, wake up and open the curtains to either the home alone front cover or do an Adebayor and run the length of me house and knee slide into the front door
  6. You say that but to be fair if anything, that's what big Dazza will want and that's the whole point of the giveaway.. if people spread news of his giveaways more people will watch, more revenue for him. Couldnt work out more in his favour
  7. Big problem is, I guarantee it works like this.. You shove a tenner in, that goes so you try win that tenner back.. and from then on you are "trying to win it back" not trying to win really right? It's bad. And you need to stop right now. You're self excluded, so stick to it and stay out of the bookies. Forget your losses as they are gone for good. I've got debts from my gambling but I've stopped now. Those losses are gone for good and that's that. Try chasing them and you'll have bigger problems like you already have. What's more important is your family and you're on the edge of losing it all. Take control of it yourself and sort it out, you will be proud you did. Dont count days like it's been 2 weeks since, 1 months since etc.. every day is day 1. You're the only person who can do it for you
  8. As an ex bookie worker, no you wouldnt have anything flag up when refunding. That being said, something tells me this worker has took these details down because they knew you were self excluded. If this is the case it is basically proof that they allowed you in, to deposit and gamble knowing all along you were excluded and in my opinion if they dont give you the full winnings amount you should take it higher as they've been extremely irresponsible if they let you gamble knowing you self exclude. But count this as a lucky day and keep out if I were you
  9. Heres what may be some slightly helpful advice. Everything else aside, you are definitely doing this for money more than entertainment. That's why you're so easy to be on tilt. Think of it this way, you end up losing £25 a week yeah.. that's £100 in a month. And I guess you dont win a bet a month usually do you? So you're not even looking at winning money back are you. Your mrs isnt happy with it, its affecting home life.. go in to every bookies and say, look I'm self excluding and I want you to know my face. Self exclude and give it up. 2 months time you will be fucking buzzing you did it, get home life trusting and happy again. Womans always boss unfortunately and you gotta make her happy. I struggle myself with staying away from gambling so I know your pain, but you can do it pal
  10. If you give him your kids, does he give you a few repeat jackpots?
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