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  1. well, july you will have no debts and theres many, many people including myself that wish we could say that. mines heavily gambling related and i'm a long way out but theres always a finish line. I hope you've learnt hard from that loss that whatever amount you have will never be enough. its best to stay away from it all, and its not easy but you've done well now to get away from it so I hope you do stay away pal.
  2. actually, very good point. as far as making the videos go I didn't really think as much. I stand corrected! although going any lower in my opinion is asking for either loss of minimal chance of winning due to much lower win values
  3. 20p-40p are pretty useless stakes for him to be doing. As you see on his videos, his possible budget (barring bonus hunt videos) is usually £500. 20-40p stakes at that budget are way too low. Yes, gambling isn't a way to make money but if we didn't have the possibility of making money we wouldn't do it, right? that includes streamers. Even £2 is low for a ~£500 budget and in my opinion, especially considering their jackpot on a fobt is the amount of his max spend. Not only that and don't take this offensively because its not intended that way - up to 40p stakes isn't exciting because there's so little chance of a win that can even buy a pizza. There are streamers out there that do small stakes, check twitch. the only problem is they are harder to find because not many people want to watch those stakes but I know they are out there. Be careful gambling during these tough times, only gamble what you can afford to lose dude!
  4. winners were £3 out, you were about £20 out so not close enough
  5. oh the points I don't agree with i'd said on the previous post. like I say, everyone is entitled to their opinion and if I made a stream of me on slots I would get the same backlash every single slots streamer does - my point there is they're all going to be called crooks. If theyre playing on a reputable casino I certainly disagree that theyre dodgy as i'm sure if they were caught, the casino and the streamer are committing a level of fraud. so yeah, that's basically where my opinion lies. I watch only a couple of them and I enjoy watching them. If I were to break my gambling block, its my own choice and I would be the single point of blame for those actions.
  6. Okay, I know there has been a lot of negative talk about streamers on here recently. I personally don't agree with the points being made, but that's my opinion just like everyone has their own. Opinions are like a penis, all us blokes have one but don't force it in my face I've got my own 😂 The reason for this post, I would like to fuel your conspiracies as I had a thought that I'm not sure on the answer. I'm on gamstop so don't bet online, but when I used to years ago deposit bonuses were for your first sign up and possibly 2nd and 3rd but that's it to entice you in. Streamers seem to get deposit bonuses on every deposit and I very much assume its just them that gets those bonuses, for obvious reasons. if this is the case - assuming RTP on online slots averages at say 95% for randoms sake, if they're playing with 200% of their deposit amount, does this next to guarantee they profit long term? I'm not sure on their withdrawal requirements as I cant say I remember one of them mentioning it, but assuming its only a few times the deposit amount.. this probably answers why they seem to profit quite a lot does it not? discuss!
  7. ive a feeling if you look at the rules on the wall of every bookies (yes, there are rules and all that shit believe it or not!) it will actually say you aren't allowed to. genuinely. I've had a couple instances of people filming when I used to work there, I'd just say i'm not bothered about the filming but the filming needs to be the machine and nothing else (to which Id explain why). some bookie workers are just knobs anyway
  8. the problem is privacy and security. There are many many people who go into a bookies who don't tell their husbands, wives, girlfriends, parents etc due to (I imagine) mainly that they aren't supposed to be there. I know this as an ex bookie worker. we were never allowed to greet someone outside of work times in town or whatever who was a customer unless they said hello first, because a lot of people say theyre popping to the shops or whatever and actually go and spunk money. because of this, some workers wouldn't like filming incase these people get caught on camera and the people they've lied to see it etc etc
  9. You can say Darren is the most genuine but that's an unfair comparison. He mainly does fobt betting, fobt and online are as different as fobt vs vegas. And that being said, darren has put videos up of just bonuses.. that's not quite genuine if we are making a point about winnings? Dont you think? Dont get me wrong, I agree with none of your points so I'm not slating anyone unless their name is Roshtein.. but just because we are on Darren's forum you cant say everyone except for him is fake
  10. Oh absolutely, streamers in general are guilty of that. Theres a film called Contagion I watched recently on Netflix, and in there a streamer was saying dont use the drugs they're telling you to use etc and it mimics real life. Not just gambling streamers and if anything even bigger with other streamers that have thousands of watchers every stream. BUT it is the fault of the believing viewer if they take that view. At the beginning of this pandemic, word spread so much that "its just the flu, I'm not changing what I do" and I felt like the only prick not being a sheep and being careful for my friends and families sake.. and now look! The world has too many sheep.
  11. Micky, if you didnt want it known you were Mick maybe at least you should have been a bit more creative with this topic but then shouldn't have made a similar thread again! Bottom line here, and I'm not just saying this to the creator of this thread but to anyone who gives a honk, dont want streamers. Do not watch streamers if you cannot control your gambling full stop. I dont think people like nick and bandit at the very least are dodgy - and like previously said on here if they have a better rtp from the casino I think it's not their doing but I still dont think so. If I think back in my poor gambling history, I cant think of too many losses because there were so many but I remember my big wins and I think that's the kinda deal going on here. You mention the big wins but add up the big losses. Final point, put this into a metaphor.. we are all mice (hear me out). If what you're saying is the streamers are showing us how tasty a block of cheese is, if you go and start eating the cheese on the mouse trap they've set up and then lose a bomb, you probably need to look at yourself rather than blaming others. Visit gamcare if you are gambling beyond your means, please. Life is too short to waste it.
  12. Okay, thought I'd put my two pence in if you're interested anyway. I dont watch many streamers myself, I've given up gambling but used to work in the industry. But I do like to watch nickslots, and from the comment section I think I've pretty much solidified that giveaways = followers but hear me out. Darren you do giveaways at like £100 amazon voucher x2 mainly.. which is £200 in a healthy sitting. My suggestion is you spread that out a little more when you do them.. so I'd guess you do that an average of every 3 months maybe? Not sure. But if that's the case, do maybe 2 x £20 or something instead and that gives scope for 5x the giveaways spread over different videos, and trust me.. people love the chance to have a win. In my opinion that will bring in more and more people both on here and youtube. And as we all know, more views and followers is more money. Also, I personally am so against the spoiler titles in your videos. I really dont think they bring more people in, but they definitely ruin a video when I already know what's happening when it comes to it. I'm guessing that's why theres always quite a few thumbs down on videos in all honesty. I understand the whole click bait culture, but with these videos the people that are going to watch them will watch them without the bait in the title if you understand my poor way of wording there. Stay safe one and all, spread love not coronavirus!
  13. Mentholdan I'm glad you didnt take offence to my message, I can see you know the what to look for stuff so you're a big leap ahead of that bloke in every bookies telling everyone the tip hes been given 😂, everyone knows what I'm on about and then every sucker lumps on the 12/1 donkey that comes in a few prices and doesnt even know how to leave the starting stalls. I hate seeing people lose more than they can afford is all. On the covid19 point though - they're trying to contain it and it's impossible. Impossible. There will never be no one working, walking the streets, shopping etc so I'm not worried personally. If I get it I get it why would people waste time with worry and anxiety. Stay safe people!
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