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  1. how about a £2500 live bonus hunt with slots that spell out stop and step so begin with s and end on p!viewers pic the slots
  2. better luck next time dazza
  3. weve all been there at some point!im going a month without gambling!put the brakes on all my casino accounts for 4 weeks!2 days in so far
  4. somerset fan here
  5. yes same her was looking for it
  6. come on then stop and step!!your due a big bonus hunt win tonight!!how about some reel king???👍
  7. love kings of honour!nice win bud👍
  8. good win bud!i always stick to lower stakes
  9. love the smaller stake wins!nice one👍
  10. just ignore the stupid comments!just haters getting there own back
  11. you should of snatched the crutch off him and whacked it round his head
  12. im sure each game has there own way of doing things and the payouts are always random!
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