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  1. Was in Hills today and had played various games with no joy, was in for about £350 and playing napoleon when I got three napoleon symbols with a ship on the end. Stood thinking “that’ll get a bit back surely?” id forgotten that it was the £64 win x2x2x2, thought it was just x2 once… would work out at £512 but obviously paid the £500 jackpot. Pleasantly surprised to say the least. Never even had another press, collected and ran away 😂😂😂. Got out of jail a bit there!
  2. Spare a thought for William Buick today at Wolverhampton as he tries to chase down by Oisin Murphy… 8 rides, and so far 3 withdrawals before the start.
  3. 😂😂😂 The Express are brutal for this sort of “The Day After Tomorrow” weather forecasts.
  4. Looking forward to watching this, was gutted for Merson to read he’d relapsed during lockdown and list a fair wedge. I can control my horse/football punting but it’s the FOBT that’s my ruin and I try not to play them but sometimes I find it very difficult to walk by 😞
  5. No, I didn’t think it was, I was just putting a generic example out there. The point remains the same though (it’s also why I’ve never used an affiliate link), a gambler losing money to feed the addiction of another gambler is just wrong, but that is what is effectively happening. these streamers have it sussed, a fair few of them are gambling addicts but have found a way to get someone else to pay for their addiction. In a perverse way I say fair play, well done to them. No I’m not jealous at all 😏😏😏
  6. It’s an interesting point, but I always think people need to realise these guys are promoting casinos through affiliate links. My understanding of these links is that the affiliate gets x% of a players losses who sign up thru their link. No doubt this can generate hefty money if you’re getting enough folk to sign up. I also agree with @Mentholdan that at times they are either playing in demo mode or more likely in a live mode where the casino has deposited the funds but is non withdrawable and the streamer gets a payment for hosting the stream. some of the play is nonsense, I like bandit but his play on Reel King is just silly and I generally skip it now as I find it boring. I believe people need to remember that far from being the ‘punters pal’ as they make out, they do in actual fact want you to lose and lose big because that’s what gets them money. I often wonder what would happen to these guys if the government outlawed affiliates and/or took down gambling streams. Some of these guys are outright addicts and I suspect they would quickly lose everything they have. I like the FOBT streams as I don’t think you can fake them, although 7 neighbours does my head in at times as you can never tell if he’s up or down as he’s playing multiple terminals and hides balance etc. So you just have to take his word for it….. His chat is pretty good though 😂
  7. The Martingale is a sure way to the poor house. The theory I sound and yes by doubling your bet every time on an evens chance you will eventually recover any loses and get into profit… Taking roulette there are two major flaws in the plan… Firstly, consider starting with a £10 bet and choosing red… 8 blacks hit in a row…. £10, £20, £40, £80, £160, £320, £640, £1280…. The 9th bet will cost £2560… meaning total stakes of £5110!!!!!! Not sure how many folk starting at £10 will have £5k to bet with… This then brings the second problem… I don’t know many casinos or online even that will allow you to stake £2560 on a single outcome. Yes it’s 100% guaranteed to work but you need both a shit load of cash and someone prepared to take very large bets to make it happen.
  8. It’s the ground that makes the end of the flat and end of the NH seasons generally bookies benefit time. The ground turns too soft for real flat types in the autumn added to which virtually every horse in training is out trying to earn some prize money to pay for their winter keep. Same issue in the NH come spring either the ground and once the major festivals are done the class horses are tucked away until October again. Oddly I find summer NH can be profitable as genuine summer jumpers thrive on the former going but the form goes out the window as the autumn comes around and the ground softens and the real winter jumpers start to come out but you get some weird results in September and October if the grounds good where fit summer horses sometimes turn quality winter horses over. All interesting but the months of April and September are best avoided for both codes I find.
  9. The first Cheltenham meeting is only 3 weeks away now…. Thank **** enough if this flat ***** 😂😂😂
  10. Is the casino registered with the UKGC? If so take it to them as a complaint. If they’re not then you’re likely playing at a site that’s not “reputable” and will be struggling to get paid
  11. I’ll give you my experience in as brief a statement as I can… I was punting the day the FOBT landed and since then I will have lost a six figure sum in them. Regardless of affordability that’s horrible and in its own way tragic. so my experience = horrific…. I won £150 in the arcade yesterday so that makes it ok though 😂😂😂😂😂
  12. I’m just going to let that sink in for a moment…. £100,000 in 4 months on slots? That’s mental and shows how bad these machines are. Im no angel myself and have lost more than I care to mention over the years… and my biggest ever lose was £12k in a day on roulette but that’s an horrific number…. Unless you’re a premiership footballer of course. I wish you good fortune.
  13. Funny, I was just thinking the same, played with £300 over the last two days and have ended up around +£600 but it’s a rollercoaster ride that’s just way to stressful at times 🤪. My problem is that I’ll start of on £2 normal play but it just bores me after 5-10minutes and I quickly gravitate to the premium play and generally the ultra. I actually realised today that after being up and down like a 🪀 that’s it’s just no fun, even when I win, I just end up pushing everything for the jackpot so I’m not playing for fun I’m playing for the thrill of victory and it generally has to be total victory which often leads to total defeat! with that in mind I’m going to try and Chuck the slots all together. I’ll keep you posted 👍
  14. God I hate flat racing, the next decent priced winner I get, someone will need to draw me a map to the payout counter. Form is rotten. well done Handbag, nice little bet that.
  15. Not sure about that 😂😂😂, I was 5/7 on the Wed.
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