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  1. Good to see your back working mate! Goid work there, are you a brickie to trade?
  2. Putting my line on this morning I (against my better judgement) put £40 in DofG and set it to 20 spins for the mega spins pre gamble. Got the 3 green bags on the 4th spin and won £220 after gambling a small win to 8 free spins 😎.... one auto spin later I cashed out £250 and ran for the hills. Bets for the week paid for.
  3. Hardly shocking news that casinos one way or another fund streamers so they can make it look like big wins are always just around the corner whilst in many cases is all that happens is poor mugs get fleeced, the casino gets richer and the affiliate gets a nice little cut if the cake. I still think Darren is ok with his FOBT/Arcade stuff as these bricks and mortar places won’t be paying him anything. Is he getting anything from Casimba and Dram Vegas.... Quite possibly but the bottom line should always be “viewer beware”....
  4. Not sure I agree, still plenty folk piling money into them. While folk on a site like this might be aware of RTP etc. The majority don’t in my opinion and would play fruit machines with RTP of 75% blindly because once in a blue moon you still get a hit. The addictive nature of FOBT should not be underestimated
  5. No longer the record (that was from a race at Kelso in the 90’s) That record fell on Thursday 13 August at Leopardstown when He KnowsNo Fear got up on the line to beat the Evs favourite at 300/1.
  6. Good for you step. You know it’s the right choice, when you get to the point of hating gambling but do it anyway you need to stop. Im on Gamstop and it works, there appears to be little “direct” way around it. Ive also heard horror stories of people getting around the security briefly, making multiple deposits in short order, winning a large sum and at cash out having the account blocked, the winnings confiscated and only the last deposit returned, so, what’s the point in that? Win and you still lose! Also I wouldn’t touch a non UKGC site with a barge pole or try pulling the VPN tric
  7. So are we saying that with the return of the FOBT in Scotland since Monday I should give them a wide berth 🤔
  8. I think it’s clear the Scottish Government are out to “get” the FOBT. This is an easy thing to do when they don’t rely on tax income from bookies as part of their budget getting money under the Barnet formula and they personal income tax. Makes them look good.
  9. Yet, the information terminal (e.g for getting prices) is turned on?
  10. Interesting, the machines were switched back on in Scotland yesterday but I went to put a line in today and they’ve all been turned off again.... anyone know anything?
  11. Not sure about within 20 spins but I once got it quite quick on £5 a spin for the 500x..... Sadly I spunked the lot straight after on roulette!
  12. 3 of the were over the sticks @Mentholdan in fact all my selections over the jumps won yesterday... managed 1/4 on the flat 😂😂
  13. I agree with menthol on this, streaming of high stakes and probably all gambling will end up banned, especially if and when the government tighten the advertising on gambling regulations. uploads & streams will be seen as promoting (advertising) gambling and will end up being targeted.
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