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  1. £700 in on £2 spin bar 00 roulette?!?!? What an absolute clown.... Now I have been in for more than that on roulette but only when it was up to £100 per spin or live in a casino.... Doing your brains like that on £2 a go is just scary. Theres a reason he’s got comments off, doesn’t want to hear the hard truth from people
  2. I doubt it as they are still closed in Scotland (as far as I’m aware)
  3. Defo Brummy/Midland accent, that really is tragic. He will be justifying his play to “get footage for my YouTube channel” if it’s the same guy. Just some of the things he says, talking about, “that’ll pay for some shopping” and such like is really sad. If he’s been bankrupted by FOBT’S and still playing he’s probably a lost cause.
  4. Playing with the money they make from mug punters signing up through their affiliate links.... They get a cut if anything you lose, yup, lose! The literally want you to lose so they get more affiliate cash to feed their own habit!
  5. I just don’t think it’s as simple as that? You stopped because you were forced to stop because the “drug” of the machine was literally taken away and you had no choice. Now you have the choice again so temptation will creep in. If you truly want to be cured you need to put barriers up to ward of the temptation, that might mean steering clear of the bookies or not carrying cash/cards etc. The acid test for your “cure” is now because there’s nothing stopping you and I think a blase “I’m cured” attitude is actually a disaster waiting to happen as that sort of complacency will lead to your going back and playing again. If you truly want to stay stopped it’s going to take work, lockdown has given many the opportunity to clear their heads and step back but now they have to keep that clear head and stay away as just a tenner in will lead them back down the slippery slope. I wish you well and hope you are cured but just think you need to be mindful.
  6. Guys a total addict. You can tell by the way he plays, just keeps on feeding the cash in. there was an upload the other day where he was doing his absolute brains on it, ended up muting his commentary for some cheesy music until he hit 29 to get his money back but his reaction was plain from the phone shaking in his hand as he was evidently screaming with delight at the machine for the narrow escape. I also suspect he’s one of those who only uploads wins or “great escapes”.... guy actually comes across a bit tragic to me I’m afraid.
  7. Are they open in England yet? If not anyone know when they are scheduled to do so?
  8. Such a teasing lot, no FOBT’S in Scotland for the foreseeable (might not be a bad thing mind 😂)
  9. Hadn’t realised this but when the bookies reopen in Scotland on the 29th there will be no FOBT’S in action! Transactions only in the shops... see article below.... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.racingpost.com/news/betting-shops-set-to-reopen-in-scotland-with-restricted-service-on-monday-week/438516/amp
  10. No hiding, just been quiet, no horse racing was on and the flats not really my thing anyway so I kind of go to sleep over the summer with betting other than the golf maybe. staying away from slots as well.
  11. You’ll wallop me in the flat, not my bag at all.
  12. Your husband is a Scot of that I have no doubt, that’s what they’re called up here “puggies”!
  13. Sounds very harsh that bookies are open but the arcades aren’t. Perhaps it is easier to socially distance in a betting shop than an arcade but as usual the bookies get what they want due to their political influence... All betting shops remain closed north of the border, expecting them to reopen 29th but I’m planning on giving the slots a permanent body swerve..... Still go in to put a line on.
  14. @Mentholdan how was Ascot? Never had a bet myself, in fact haven’t had a bet since Gold Cup day 😮
  15. You’re a bad man....
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