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  1. Haha just watched the vid. Fair play Darren you tolerated him well, especially as you weren’t winning. the $6m question is though... Did you buy him a footlong BMT with a cookie and juice out of Subway?!?!?!? Boys obviously on hard times but they really should be chased from the bookies especially once they start “begging” even if it is just a sarnie, it’s not really on. Fair play for dealing with the guy so well.
  2. Sorry mate I’ve been busy with stuff, although I had a good win on Tuesday. The November meeting was pretty poor for me although my new(ish) favourite mare Put The Kettle on dug me out a bit on the Sunday.
  3. Never a game I’ve played for the reason you say, bonus is poor value.
  4. Rather than rinsing my money in machines I’ve been focussed on my racing recently... Today’s bet turned out to be a pearler....
  5. They thought that about Hilary.... Still, I’d be surprised if Biden doesn’t win. Trump has been humorous at time but whilst I’m not a huge fan of Biden he is at least a “real” politician and would hopefully be a far more stable and effective leader.
  6. High volatility fro me.... Danger High Voltage Dead or Alive II genie jackpots megaways fat rabbit extra chilli jammin jars Who wants to be a millionaire Montezuma The Final Countdown you get all them in one sessions you’d be doing well..... Good luck regardless. Remember my name in this is not the same as my YouTube ID, still GoT related so sure you’ll work it out.....
  7. Well they seem to think Faugheen could have a tilt at the GC.... anything’s possible. No horse 10yo+ has ever won it so good luck to them with a 12yo.... 13yo by the next running
  8. Results for the showcase meeting day 2 King.... 2:05 Lost -£10 2:40 Lost -£10 3:15 Lost -£10 3:50 Lost -£20 (losing nap) 4:25 Won +£27.50 5:00 Lost -£10 5:35 Won +£29 advised e/w day total = -£3.50 Menthol: 2:05 Lost -£10 2:40 Lost -£10 3:15 Lost -£10 3:50 Lost -£10 4:25 Lost -£10 5:00 Lost -£20 (losing NAP) 5:35 Won +£40 Day total = -£30 Results for the meeting.... King +£18.13 Menthol -£110 Not a good meeting for Menthol but sure he’ll bounce back.... Next up, the November mee
  9. Each to their own I guess mate, there’s nothing wrong with looking for those that are priced wrong (I am Maximus at 8/1 this morning a prime example) and I will bet longer prices where I feel they have a genuine chance. I do however tend to stay towards the top of the market, I’m looking for horses that will outclass their opponents and that generally means it’s one of the first 3 or 4 in the betting. Means I have to have a higher strike rate but it works for me. Part of the reason I live racing, it’s all about opinions!
  10. Here we go... all win unless stated 2:05 Allmankind 2:40 Pileon 3:15 Flinck 3:50 Manofthemountain (NAP) 4:25 Streets of Doyen 5:00 Lillington e/w 5:35 I am Maximus e/w
  11. So day one of the two day meeting comes to a close. King has a reasonable day with a winning Nap and a couple of shorties going in as well. Surprisingly menthol draws a total blank but then we all have days like that... Current state of play King +£21.63 Menthol -£80 can easily be turned over, couple of decent winners in handicaps tomorrow could see the menthol man come with a wet sail to take the first big NH meeting win of 20/21!
  12. Dans Results 1:50 Unplaced -£10 2:25 placed -£10 3:00 Unplaced -£10 3:35 unplaced -£10 4:10 unplaced -£10 4:45 unplaced -£10 5:15 unplaced NAP -£20 P/L = -£80
  13. Kings results.... 1:50 unplaced -£10 2:25 Won (Nap) @2/1 +£40 3:00 unplaced -£10 3:35 Placed @ 4/1 £0 4:10 Won 4/11 +£3.63 4:45 Won 4/5 +£8 5:15 Unplaced £-10 Daily P/L = £21.63
  14. 😂😂😂 I’m waiting on the favourite in that race for a treble with Galvin & Ocean Wind! cue the 20/1 rag bearing them both... That Ocean Wind is a machine by the way.
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