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  1. It’ll pay for my weekends racing this weekend on my first visit of the season to Cheltenham 👍
  2. Oh and of course I gambled DofG to 30 free spins and only needed 6 🤣🙈🙈
  3. Been off it a few weeks now but fancied a go today. Off to Ladbrokes with £150?in hand. Played In order Burn em up 7s, RR DoG, Super Star Turns, Prism Eye and then finally back to RR DofG. The only game that played poor was the initial shot of DofG... results and couple of stills below😃
  4. And here’s the reality of the situation! This why watching streams and uploads can be dangerous. You get sucked into thinking that it looks great and the reality is that very seldom to people get monster wins. Online casinos aren’t charitable, they have one aim, to turn a profit and that means parting people’s from their monies by and large.
  5. Where you standing next to me 🤣🤣🤣🤣. seriously though, yes there are plenty who I just wonder why they bother.
  6. This again comes down to the old argument of “what have they got to gain?”... Not a lot. All lotteries in the UK are heavily regulated and I’m as confident as I can be that you will be seeing a fair, random draw.
  7. He doesn’t take six figures out of the slots, it’s far more devious than that. For those that don’t know how affiliate payments work here’s what happens.... Affiliates have a website and their streams/uploads are their direct advertising to get you on their website where you will find reviews of casino sites & games. A nice link to direct you to a casino is provided to swiftly take you there. You sign up through the link and the system recognises the affiliate link and links your account to that affiliate (e.g. Nickslots), now that affiliate probably dependent on their status with the site will now receive a certain % commission on either your deposits or losses (not 100% sure in which), so imagine you being a big Nickslots fan decide to take his recommendation to play at site “X”, you sign up deposit and lose £1,000 and nick gets 10%, yup, your “mate” has not only enabled your loss of £1,000 he’s tailed a nice £100 of it for doing so! He literally wants you to LOSE So gets a slice of YOUR cash! That said in fairness to Darren he plays a lot of FOBT and arcade which I doubt he gets anything from but will make sone advertising cash from YouTube and affiliate cash as well, he also plays at “sane” levels for the most part and seems to have a reasonable game plan which prevents him doing his bolx 🤣🤣. I don’t know Darren from Adam but I suspect he at some point one way or another has reached a point where he’s financially comfortable and with his revenues as noted above probably plays a break even game maybe he does make profit overall, I don’t know 🤷‍♂️? I just get the feeling in Darren’s case it’s not about the money per se but more like a hobby if you will, he enjoys slot play and evidently enjoys doing his videos and that’s why he does it. Others as far as I’m concerned want people depositing and losing as much as they can get out of them through their links so they can keep raking that in and feeding their own habits through the misery of others (you can decide which streamers fall into this for yourself). For the above I have NEVER signed up to an online casino through an affiliate link and never will.
  8. I have done this exercise using bank statements over a seven year period when I was really bad and I mean really bad. It was the shock and awe I needed to rein it all in at the time. I added up all deposits to online companies and all cash withdrawals over £100 as I was certain most of them were gambling related. I also added up all the returns and unexplained cash deposits into accounts as they would most certainly have come from cash gambling. Anyway the total deposits versus withdrawals left me with a deficit well into 5 figures... closer to six figures than four. Is it any wonder I was at the front of the que to sign up to Gamstop? FOBT are just the top of the iceberg, it’s the online that will decimate you.
  9. Credit card or indeed credit betting accounts are a horrific concept. You should never borrow money to gamble it’s the route to the poor house. My dear old Nana called credit cards simply “posh tick”..... Read a credit agreement issued by a bank and you’ll probably find using the borrowed money for “speculative” purposes is in fact a breach of that contract. Debit Card betting is fine as it’s your own money your using unless you’re rattling the overdraft. Its a mine field but for my NEVER EVER BORROW MONEY TO GAMBLE! Trust me, been there, done that, felt the pain it brings.
  10. Aye, I have that problem and if some geezer sits at another and scoops while I’m getting violated I’m furious at the injustice of it all🤣🤣🤣
  11. Trust me, the machines are random and do exactly what they say they do. What do a company like Gala Coral have to gain by “robbing punters” through “fixing” machines? Very little indeed and the cost of being caught doing so would be catastrophic to their business. People forget that the RTP is a LONG TERM RTP..... If you walk up with £20 there’s a good chance you’ll leave with nothing With £200 there’s a good chance you’ll leave with nothing With £2k there’s a good chance you’ll leave with nothing as well. Let me explain..... People forget that every 40p win the get and cycle through the machine is included in the RTP, you may find the two punters in question had many small prizes but chose to cycle them through rather than collecting them all. Now if you wanted to prove The RTP which you don’t need to anyway as they are independently audited. Take £2,000,000 and load it into a machine and collect every single win you get, every 20p or £500. At the end I guarantee you would have around £1,900,000 based on an RTP of 95%, this would maybe be out by 20k either way but the figure will be around that. Why? Simply because you have eliminated the natural variability of the machine by playing so much and not recycling the wins you have standard deviation in the machine and arrived at the statistical norm. why do you think sometimes people stick £20 in and win £2k? It’s standard deviation, they’ve just got lucky with it. The same is true in reverse and why you can lose £2k rapid, you’ve just arrived at a time when the standard deviation is against you. Its not fixing or cheating it’s just how they work. That £2k is now in the system and in time £1950 will be returned to players (in 95% RTP) To believe sticking £2k in a machine in one single session entitles anyone to win is just naive in my opinion.
  12. I take your point but I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on the overall principle 🙈. Regardless, well done and enjoy your winnings 😃
  13. Well done. Remember though that by your own post you were £500 down so you’re really only £250 up. I don’t say this to sound mean or burst your bubble but people need to learn to be more objective about their wins and losses. Kidding yourself your £770 up will lead you to believe you can gamble all that back without loss. If you look at it the other way it will help you understand how to play a sensible game. Lets break it down from the point you start at in your post -£500 -£500 -£60 in machine +£360 cash out -£40 in Sky Bet +£190 cash out -£60 in machine +£220 cash out -£40 in Sky Bet +£180 cash out When you add all that up: Staked £700 Return £950 Profit £250 Like I say I’m not saying this to be mean, it’s just important to me that people grasp how bookies work and the above is exactly how they look at it. It’s important to play them at their own game to at least have a chance. Anyway, a great comeback story with a nice profit to boot 👏👍. Enjoy your winnings and yes absolutely do treat yourself to something nice.
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