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Hi from BERKSHIRE - Introductions - Stop and Step



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I posted before but thought I would introduce myself. Been poking the buttons for the last 30 years but more of a donks person now lingering on Betfair. Mainly a layer of FAVS as the odds are with you more than backers by my numbers. Nothing like an odds on fav coming in last when you've also laid the 4th place at 1.1 

Lots of grey hair now like Darren, strangely Darren's character doesn't have any?

I have one question for Darren - What do you do for a living? - If I could hazard a guess it must be something like web design, graphic design or IT as it's not that easy to set up the site and edit all those videos on FB. 







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I was thinking it would be good to know what trades we all do for a living. Good to know if I'm surrounded by a huddle of High Court judges, international hitmen or a load of Radio 1 DJs so to speak

Always good to know what skills we have knocking about the forum.

If Daren is a a pieman then I'm  a designer of the buildings type. 



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