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  1. Guru casino lets you play,no signing in needed
  2. Good morning Watched your latrst video,which arcade were you in?
  3. Arcades are much safer. The reason we were gave was that in arcades it more of a social thing more people meet and stay longer in them. Completly wrong way around
  4. They should do a megaways were if you trigger a feature and you have max megaways all your freespins are played out using max megaways
  5. Fishing frenzy and eye of horus are volatile games so the game cycle is longer. You need to play them for a long time to get a real feel for them. If a game has a hit rate of 1 in a 110 for the feature its like haveng a bag with 109 white balls in and one black,so you pick a ball out and yiu need the black on for feature. There is a big spread on how much features can pay,so if you only get one feature in say 150 games and it pays low you will have a dim view of the game.
  6. The rtp runs to %. It takes more than a thousand games to hit it
  7. Am doing a versiin with pots
  8. Just watched your video and you are playing pots of riches,where was this
  9. Yet they let 16 year old gamble on the lottery for prizes of millions.
  10. Just about to say that about eye of horus,the same can be said of fishing frenzy. These 2 games are up there on all league tables no matter what category they are played on.
  11. Every game (b3) has to go through the lab to prove it does what it says.eg random and runs to its rtp.
  12. I have them going out,should be on test sites in a couple of weeks. Can give you a location if you want. Where abouts are you located?
  13. There will be a cat b3 version out shortly. Also there is a b3 starburst just gone out on test
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