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  1. My local team were playing rushden and diamonds in fa cup last night,i looked on betfair to see if any betting on match,there was non on it. They won 5-0 what a result
  2. boro 4.4 on betfair tonight. Fill your boots
  3. And it has 25 lines which doesnt help. Some of these lines must be doubling up on 3oak wins
  4. They have to have a weak winplan because of the multipliers it gives you. I
  5. The games play no different in betfred too other shops
  6. On online the average stake is quite low on average. If they chopped price of play down it would not affect all players only high rollers.
  7. Online slots are up by 33%
  8. Did you ever play tetris or space invaders. I test played both inhouse i played them non stop for 6 weeks before they were sited. We sold a lot of them into pubs,i was that good on them i made more money than my salary
  9. Like project pokers,higher than a 3 always a 2 unless your in a good level
  10. i have been designing games for 30 years so i should know what i am talking about😅😅😅😅
  11. The gamble should visually show a true representation of the oddd,so it is a bit sneaky yes
  12. They changed the gamble just before lockdown it used to be 100% rtp.
  13. The reason it says best strategy is to collect is because the gamble is not 100%
  14. The reason it says best strategy is to collect is because the gamble is not 100%
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