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Best Result in Since Stake Cut - Big Wins - Stop and Step

Best Result in Since Stake Cut


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Yesterday evening I decided to have a decent go with £300 in my local Laddies on some slots

in summary I played the following across all 4 machines in the shop and all on £2 stake or Premium Play (still have that fruit machine mentality that once a machine has paid its had its fun):

RR drops of gold

Reel King Potty

Mighty Black Knight

RR Pots of Gold

Super Star Turns

RR drops of Gold was cracking on all machines and I had a win of £100 within the first £20 which meant in this session I was never behind, Black Knight was also playing really well. Reel King was horrific and PoG not much better. Super Star Turbs I got upgrade from Green to blue to red but only got 25 free spins for £150

I was collecting tickets for £50+ and after the £300 I put them back in and had around £800 👍... Being greedy I played on and was down to about £600 when a win on RR DoG got me back up to £950. I then won £150 on SST and had a total of £1,072 so I took £972 to the cash desk and left Black Knight spinning on premium play (mega spins), returned to find the bonus waiting to start with £52 left. After playing the bonus an regambling for 20 free spins I ended up with a win of £322 of which I banked £250 and then went for the £250 gamble which amazingly came in 😎 for a jackpot win! I collected the £552 without delay and cashed out.


Stake £300

Total cashed out £1,524

Profit: £1,224 🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉

Great day, wish it was always like that!

Good news is, bank this morning, deposit £1,300 and I’ve just paid £1,000 off the holiday in September.

I’ll have a little dash with the remaining £224 👍

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Chuffed for ya, and used the winnings to pay off your hols. Now you can catch some rays sipping your favourite tipple and raise a glass to Laddies. 😎

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I went to my local Arcade

put £100 in 

won £198 on Black Night 

Then onto Legend of the Pharaohs tried the £1 Stake got the 10 Free Games after 50 Spins then got 26 Spins Re Trigger

Ended up with £488 after the 36 Free Spins







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