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  1. I didn't catch their names? could you tell me please, I will follow them too..
  2. in all seriousness though it is the biggest pile of F**king Shit I have ever played its now had 520 quid off me ,after a decent win off Rick and Morty , fortunately I withdrew a grand ,and fortunately I had the reverse withdrawal option turned off on William Hill as this piece of junk would have probably had it all back by now, the slot does nothing the two sherrif badges rarely give anything worth having, the only fun this slot has to offer is that you can shoot the reels with your mouse/finger ...truly disgusting slot.
  3. Been trying Deadwood without getting the feature on 1 pound stakes so tried today for 20p stakes and got it ....wow
  4. 3929.69 final balance The one time I get close there's no competition going !that's my luck right there...well played Darren great win tonight
  5. 3929.69 final balance
  6. Diamond Mine extra gold has been great for me of late, could you give it a go? and also a new one on William Hill is Barbarian Fury ,volatile as a mofo but massive potential, not sure if it is on casimba or dream vegas, but if it is worth a crack ...
  7. A good sesh on Jammin Jars would be good and Lucky Mushrooms is a fun game
  8. Wish I had stop n steps balls to do 2 quid spins but not a bad feature https://youtu.be/-6evoMdw59M
  9. I played Napoleon on £1 spins in Bet Fred today ,I had the bonus 3 times and each time I got absolutely nothing from the 10 spins,after 150 quid I gave up and played Lucky Mushrooms on the same terminal and ended up with 50 quid profit ,but the point is that it's beyond ridicolous that a slot gives nothing for a bonus isn't it?
  10. I must add I threw 300 quid on Jewell scarabs after that ,it really is a prick of a slot
  11. Finally had a few 1 and 2 straight forecasts come in the mug bet I've done since the days of Hackney Saturday mornings ! Not bad for a 10.92 stake but I'm still done over the 30 years I've been doing this bet!
  12. I've been gambling since I was about 8,(I am 50 now) ,the local laundrette had two slot machines in them they changed now and then I was obsessed with Lineup , Hyper vyper, Super Bank etc etc, also used to go to arcades with my parents and have a go ,2 of my most visual childhood memories were around slots once when I won ,probably a quid or so and put it all back in and cried all the way home I was probably 9, and winning the 50p jackpot in a cafe on a bandit called pot Black walking away happy only to see a older boy put 10 p in and the 50p three black balls hold 3 times !! My Grandad was a big gambler he was a great bloke skint one minute going on cruises the next on his winnings on the gee gees, My 79 yr Mum has always liked a go on the slots too ,she loves watching Darrens vids when she pops over to mine and will come in the bookies with me when I take her shopping ,she also likes watching me play online but if I win over a tenner she will say' now put it in your bank!' so I am sure it's hereditary, I am addicted I accept that and it has caused loads of crap over the years ,I have never been well off and probably have only gone 3 years without a bet in my adult life, but then I was doing coke and drinking, I have an addictive personailty ,I limit myself online to deposit amounts and I have self excluded myself from a few gambling sites ,I do have a problem but I have always paid the important bills before going to play slots etc but I often wonder how I would be if I had never gambled ,online gambling is the worst because you are not physilcally putting cash in a slot you're just typing your CVV number ,gambling is a illness ,but a very enjoyable one, since Novemeber I am about 5 grand up on slots ,its bought me a car, a fridge freezer,repairs on car, council tax up to date ,spoit my 3 yr old estranged son for xmas etc etc ,but I know I will have another bad run and I will be living hand to mouth again soon enough ,will it stop me gambling? will it fuck....
  13. Rob1969in


    Jimi Hendrix plays well on low stakes
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