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  1. thank you, I was pretty happy inside! 😉
  2. https://youtu.be/X9Kt6ZEopuI had a crazy run of free spins on Montezuma 90p stake (ignore my inane chatter, I will leave decent commentary to mr stop n step)
  3. Lucky Mushrooms is a decent new slot ,did well in Will Hill the other day
  4. Lucky Mushrooms is a decent new slot ,did well in Will Hill the other day
  5. you can set the gamble to any amount but the game does slow down rather then! but I have managed to gamble to 20 freespins from a 60p win and the green line was barely visable !
  6. Sorry you had such a shit time on book of Christmas ,it's one of my current favourites, you would like the gamble on there I reckon ,you can gamble for free spins ,here's a little video of a decent bonus playing 30p spins https://youtu.be/p_8YYcpjOm4
  7. On william Hill the biggest bonus I have had is 11.80(40p spins) and that was with a retrigger, it just doesn;t do anything, yet I still keep playing thinking it has to go big eventually !
  8. Rob1969in

    Lil devil

    Thank you ,was a bit of a shock ,I can pay some bills now!
  9. Rob1969in

    Lil devil

    Played lil devil for 30p spins on sky Vegas earlier and this happened !https://youtu.be/8muUjmrZZDY
  10. High stakes on a Book of the Irish session ?
  11. Respin Circus please, I still haven't had the free spin bonus on this prick of a machine ,hope you'll be luckier.
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