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People's weird habits

OK Apricot

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I've noticed recently this guy comes into the little slot place where the Mrs likes to go. He puts a tenner in a machine, chooses a game, on 20p spins it once, returns to menu. Prints ticket for 9.80, moves to the next machine, and the next - these ones are 3 in a line. He'll then jump on an equinox and choose a game, take the time to select stake and turn the gamble on, spins it once, returns to main menu. Another game, rinse and repeat. On rare occasions he will spin twice before going to menu. It's a selection of around 10 games with the colossal/high mighty reels.... 

Ever so funny 😂

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When i worked in the bookies this guy used to play roulette few times a week. Place his bet walk away from the Fobt and stick his fingers in his ears so he didnt hear the spin. Every spin he done this and this was about an hour.  Hilarious to watch from behind the counter. This is obviously pre £2 cap on bets. 

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I was in Ladbrokes a few years ago and apart from one guy on the FOBT I was the only other punter in there. At first I thought the guy on the machine was a bit aggressive but it soon became patently clear he suffered with a bad case of Tourette’s. He kept using the “N” word, with odd expletives thrown in. You couldn’t make it up, a quiet evening about 7pm hardly anyone around and two black men walk in. It took me and the cashier about 15 minutes to calm down these guys and trying to explain the guy had a “condition” which was only aggravated by the arrival of the two guys. Whilst myself and the cashier were standing like a barrier between the two guys and the chap with Tourette’s is just sitting on his stool playing the machine and all the time belting out offensives without a care and oblivious that these two guys want to kill him.

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