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  1. That would have to be Reels of Gold for me. Love the colours, the big hits it can throw in and the suspense on the free spins waiting for the fairy to flick her wand.
  2. Better give it a bash on your next arcade video, with a shout out of course... Please... 😆
  3. A very nice surprise dropping in after 5 presses on 20p 😁 Managed a few rounds of free spins too for good measure. Nice evening out 👍.
  4. No recording as phone was dead but last night hit a 511x bonus on super Gems. £2.52 win gambled to 8 spins paid £152.30, get in 😁
  5. Cheers. Yeah my Mrs was playing next to me, she had a round of free spins retriggered with a red and she got another wheel spin. It landed partially in view behind a purple wild, wonder if it had to be fully in view? 🤔
  6. Long time lurker but was so chuffed with this last night that I wanted to share. 30p mega stake so technically 806x but 20p paytable so 1210x? Came in on its own with 45 spins plus a red scatter for wheel spin. Retriggered twice with 35 and 25 spins. One of the retriggers was with another red scatter but I didn't get a spin on the wheel that time?? My biggest win up to this point was King's Honour 50p reel of honour gold pot for £500 a couple years ago. Biggest win I've personally seen on these equinox machines. 20211016_004700.mp4
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