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Lucky day


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I found a £1 coin on the floor outside Betfred, went inside and put it in the FOBT and won £500 jackpot. Put a lucky 15 on and had four winners, Went to the dog track and backed 6 winners. Straight to the casino and had fantastic run and came out 25k up. Decided to celebrate by going to a high class brothel where I was comforted by a beautiful Indian girl. During our romantic liaison she asked if I was OK and I told her yes but I found the red dot on her forehead distracting. No problem she said, just rub it off, so I rubbed it off and it said I'd won a Mercedes sports car. 

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50 minutes ago, BlindHaze said:

I guess you drank that bottle of vintage port….. 😂

Lol he's had more than a bottle of port.  I mean he's meant to be the father of the forum but I think he is going a bit crazy lately 🤔

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13 minutes ago, Stepandstop said:

I wonder if it’s a side effect of the covid booster jab 😁

Oh don't say that I had to get a higher dose of booster last week. They said it's cause I'm on the high risk category but I'm no convinced. 

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