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Random bookies roulette story…. - Bookies Slots and Roulette - Stop and Step

Random bookies roulette story….

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Started going to betfred in Newmarket, one of 3 there. It was the smallest so nice and Casey 🤗. Heard a story from the staff that work their that one of there employees went to Ladbrokes which was in the same town of Newmarket to do his horse bets. Liked a bit of roulette on the machines . Picked 8 random numbers…. Got a win. Kept the same numbers.  And I. Again. No lie. It kept hitting with those numbers. He wasn’t greedy…. Took a nice amount out and walked away. As he also worked at a bookies he new that machine or machines had a glitch. He carried on for 3 months with the same numbers and taking just enough…. One day one of the Arab stable lads clocked on… copied the same numbers but took the piss.   Head office notified the shop and they had to switch of the machines. The payout stopped cos some one got greedy. The betfred feller did alright out of it and payed off his mortgage 🤘🏻  

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17 hours ago, cazza6565 said:

As an ex Betting shop manager I don't believe any of your story. Plus Head office don't control the Fobts at all.

Surely you can believe he went to a different chain to put his bet on 😜

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I find this story hard to swallow but I would not dismiss it out of hand. 

What I will say is this, there have been individuals out there who have hacked into   U S government secret files, any machine that has been built and programmed by humans can surely be hacked by another, it would be foolish to think its not possible and I would suggest it wiser to keep an open mind. 

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