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Been playing some of the new Coral slots - Bookies Slots and Roulette - Stop and Step

Been playing some of the new Coral slots


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Can't say any of them have been impressive. They all seem to be 20p 86% 50p 88% £1 90% £2 91%

Doug's Nugget's - just a Burn'em Up 777's clone, but with a lower RTP and a bonus more difficult to trigger. So no reason to play over Burn'em Up 777's unless you want to lose money faster!

Pearl Pearl Pearl - base game pay lines are low and two bonus games drop in fairly often but wins are nothing special and rarely pay much above 20x.

Fishin Frenzy Megaways - rancid. Seems to have potential but mostly pays very low wins. Megaways slots all seem to have been dialled back somehow, I guess to pay for the 1 in 10000 massive wins.


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I quite like Dougs Nuggets - agree the bonus harder to trigger but has a better base game depending on how you like to play. I like to gamble for free spins which can be a bit of a chore on burn em up with low win values/frequency but Dougs nuggets can at times land 15-20 pound wins even on my stake of 20p. 

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It's looking like no new ones will be on 94% any more! 777 High and Mighty is 91% on premium play, so you might as well stick to Hercules or Might Black Knight for the same game on a better percentage. 

I think Doug's Nuggets has a slightly different base game, with the scatter turning base symbols higher. So possibly better gamble opportunities if that's how you like to play. 
You can still find some Burn 'em Ups on 95% on all stakes.

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The weird thing about Burn 'em Up 777's is that is is playing different nowadays. I used to play it lot and the bonus often payed very well especially when full lines of 777's came in which was reasonably often. I still play from time to time but the bonus has now become quite gash, hardly ever throwing in a line of five 777's. Strange considering it is still apparently 95% RTP across the board.

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