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Good luck Steppy

I have done over 2.5 goals, Huddersfield, Luton, Cheltenham,Gillingham,Bradford,,Mansfield,Grimsby, Bristol rovers, Halifax.

BTTS, Cardiff, Preston, Cheltenham, Gillingham Wycombe,Newport,Oldham,Halifax, Solihull,Wrexham

Win only , Rotherham, Hartlepool,Boreham wood, Aldershot, Sunderland,Wycombe,Newport

I normally do score no draw as well but not done one today. 


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Yeah it was a spurious post to say the least. I notice it was this person's first ever post so I'll forgive them 😁

The way I see it, the only principles of on line bookies is to coerse us into placing a bet and then to take our money. 

Understanding "the match" is straightforward enough. The term match means two teams or two individuals competing against each other, the only outcomes possible are win lose or draw which just makes it a three horse race. Most of the time match bets are a turn off for me as the odds are too skinny. 

Saying that, the other day I had £5 on Mallorca to beat Athletic Madrid away at odds of 9-1 I only had the bet as I was watching the game live and I support Mallorca anyway. I didn't expect them to win as Athletic are a far better team, played better football, dominated the game and to my delight lost 2-1 due to a 90th minute winner from a breakaway attack simply because Athletic were like bees round a honeypot attacking Mallorca goal 😁😁😁

Back to the point in question, the original post said seem to suggest that nobody here knows anything about gambling, so I suppose he had a point??? 😜😜😜😜😜😜

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Any multiple bet is bad, bookies hate single bets on anything 

sod accumulators, anything the bookies spend tens of millions advertising can’t be good 


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