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Fishing frenzy megawaya


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3 hours ago, boropeab said:

Good morning

Watched your latrst video,which arcade were you in?

This was an independent AGC. I can give you their contact details if you want to send me a private message.

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Interesting as Corals and Laddies proudly boasting they have 12 months exclusivity for this new slot. Very volatile btw; £1 stake bonus picked up £170 yesterday and 3 today.

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Played again today in Corals. As is often the case with a new slot on Coral's fobts seems to be playing very generously. Three bonuses in 15 mins paying £68, £26 and £139 on £1 stakes. Based on what I saw in the S&S video premium play is not the way to go.

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Blimey, just watched a regular play some new Chill slot with free spin/eruption bonuses, £2 spins lost over £300 and two bonuses paid fa. Looks like a god awful slot to play.

Anyway after he quit I decided to follow on Fishing Frenzy Megaway and promptly lost £150 with no sign of a bonus. When these fobts are tight they are tight for hundreds of pounds. Fecking thing was in lockdown, RTP about 10%. Random play? my arse it was...

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