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  1. Horse racing and porn sounds good 🤣
  2. Sounds fucking great😎
  3. Cheers mate all good so far!!not had any bad itches to go and gamble that's for sure 🙂
  4. So all the midweek games are been shown on amazon prime.i know the missus uses prime and pays £7.99 a month for parcels does this enable me to be able to watch the games. What app do I need to download and what details of her account? Sorry not overly tech savvy
  5. I know that feeling mate my loss a couple weeks ago tipped me over the edge to quit.i don't think it was necessarily the money (£125) it was on the session itself was £85 down and I managed to hit a feature that brought me exactly back to starting balance but even saying to myself "collect collect" I couldn't leave the terminal or accept any cash out with a loss.i knew after that I would never be able to play fobts again without self desteucting
  6. Yes mate exactly that I'd always tell myself that I'm only doing a tenner today but once it was lost the anger and determination to win it back took over and the wallet would be emptied.even back couple years ago I'd leave to go to atm and reload.got to accept it's gone now!!no bets in over 2 weeks now and feeling better
  7. Thanks for all the posts guys I'm a week in and doing good.my mind is a lot clearer and I'm enjoying spending time with the family more.not missing the fobts one bit but il admit Saturday was a bit of a struggle at times not having my acca on but I'm sure that will all fade away. Focusing on watching footy now more and enjoying it .hope you guys are all good.
  8. Yes Mate desity she tried 3 years getting that including the old version.painful grind
  9. Thanks mate appreciate it
  10. Just made the call guys I'm officially self excluded .feel relieved
  11. Thanks guys Main issue is firstly I do it all behind the wife's back!!back 2 years ago I lost a couple of thousand online and she found out so self excluded online for 5 years which I still stick to.i only gamble now blindhaze as you said if I have cash in my pocket.usually I build it up from a 2 quid footy acca etc.problem is the fobts once the first 20 gets lost I'm in until I win it back or like yest go broke!!I actually sat there for a minute yest unbelievably getting back to evens off a RR feature but still kept going.il play it down to 75 then 70 then il say to myself il only be 30 down if take 55.next thing its all gone and I'm loading up the other 40 in my pocket playing £2 mega spins(which I've never done in my life) on pofg. Felt dizzy and in a haze once the last spin finished. Woke up today I dont feel as raw as yest but the shame of the 125 is sick I could be taking my kids out for pub grub today or buying some shopping instead im secretly licking my wounds. Sorry guys im sorry if this all sounds depressing or silly.and blindhaze I've recently downloaded world series of poker on the phone which I hope helps me. Not picked up the phone yet to self exclude but will do
  12. Finally hit home tonight what a fucking idiot I am. Lies deceit the whole lot go with this addiction.might not seem much to u but lost £125 on the fobts tonight.im usually a 20p player but managed to have £125 in my pocket thru a few wins .anyways was 85 in I'd a balance left of 7 quid RR free spins drops in a £77 bonus.could of cashed but stupidly kept going lost the lot plus 40 in my pocket.im physically ill. I'm self excluding from all bookie shops tomorrow and removing all gambling content off YouTube.feel so ashamed coming home to the wife and kids they have no idea bar past experiences which my marriage is on thin ice Wish you guys all the best.tough road ahead but need to put all the stops in to help me not ruin my life
  13. Ferg

    Betfred fobt robbery

    Rainbow riches drops of gold(dofg) and pots of gold(pofg)
  14. Ferg


    Not seen him in ages nearly 2 months without a vid has he packed it in?
  15. Ferg

    Betfred fobt robbery

    I went back that evening to ladbrokes and had an even worse session lost 65 no bonus on dofg pofg and snow leopard although they were paying yesterday recouped 50.horus was trolling tho got a triple wild but only got me as far as the birds played 20 quid
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