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  1. I see this been played in my local ladbrokes by a lot of different players in particular 1 guy who was 8 hours on the machine he told me!!win lines seem big has anyone played?
  2. Ferg

    Fobt moaners

    Yes my local one I notice the machines a lot busier since April where as last year u would always get a seat at one
  3. Jesus I got this guy in my local ladbrokes he just constantly moans at the machine even if he's pulling in a £400 feature.and God forgive when the bonus pays fuck all.do these pricks just expect jackpots all the time
  4. Well deserved mate brill
  5. Bit like RR pots of gold u never get to the £500 on the road
  6. Anytime I see chip or any other streamers hit this bonus I just know it's going to be wank
  7. Thanks mate for the honesty all the best in the future kicking the habit.im doing ok this week although I've had a few wagers I feel more controlled my next step is to stop completely.
  8. Thanks Darren I never use my card in the bookies luckily just cash.im not losing a massive amount at the moment but have done over a long period of time.yes I'm thinking of self excluding I don't it before in my previous residence but I'm struggling to do it now as I don't want to let go fully.sounds silly but I'd love to be able to get to a place where I can wager £5 a week on footy.my issue is the fobts
  9. Defo mate thanks for the honesty. Online becomes surreal doesn't even feel like real cash. Signed up to gamestop over a year ago now best thing I ever did just need to simmer the bookies down now I go thru heavy and quiet spells
  10. Racked up 800 on a credit card when I was younger plus maxed some overdrafts.was the reason I gave u online.currently repaying a 15k loan as needed to bail myself out
  11. Struggling a bit at the moment I need to give up for sure just can't let go from it.im 33 probably been gambling regularly since I was 17/18 but used to always have an interest at a young age going to the races with my mum etc.started out getting into racing circa 2004/2005 loved the Cheltenham festival this was the Moscow flyer kicking king and harry eustace era won myself a nice few quid. 15 years on I'm sitting here fuming with myself blew my last £30 on a fobt where I was meant to buy stuff.anytime I seem to have cash it just a betting fund really it eventually all goes.need to get out. Anyways my question to anyone here how much do you think you have lost in your betting life.?I have no idea but easily over 30k I imagine.not many people boast a profit especially with fobts about!!
  12. Chipmonkz def my favourite works well with Jordan.i love the bandit but 80% of his sessions he gets a decent cash out whereas chip is lucky to break even 2 streams a month.could be down to luck.fruity slots are ok but love themselves a bit.rarely watch nick hes boring.
  13. Yes mate they are hideous machines but 2k is just madness were they expecting 4 jackpots to land to draw level?I myself regularly suffer from tilt but u just know when it wont pay .as regards the staff member it's easy to say they could refuse but they don't earn enough to care I'm afraid not their jobs to potentially get aggro thrown at them
  14. Couldn't believe they were 5/6 it's like the odds compilers see into the future sometimes!!
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