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  1. No Irish lotto increases week on week if not won. Wasn’t a bookies bet that one I was talking about
  2. Nice mate did the footy bet come in in the end or was the cash out the correct decision?
  3. I used to put a bet on the lottery in the bookies usually match 3 numbers and the odds were great can’t remember exactly but over 100/1. I once was 1 number away from 2 million on the Irish lottery ended up winning 2k!
  4. RR free spins one of few games much better in the bookies than online. Had a few £100+ wins off 25p stake multiple regtriigges so can go off but if it’s not in the mood then best to walk away after 25/50 spins (stake dependent)
  5. Well my year self exclusion nearly up guys barring visiting the odd 1 or 2 when out of town and done a few small stakes on the machines realised I’ve not missed it. Hopefully the demons don’t return once the year elapses
  6. Not been in a bookies since last November how are they now with the facemask and limited numbers ? I imagine profits are down big time. Been tempted to go in with a facemask but held on the the urge to thankfully
  7. Well done mate I joined gamstop back in 2017 And just coming up to 3 years in September best thing I ever done. Looking back at my life then it was crazy constantly on my phone at work betting. Currently 9 months into a bookies self exclusion bar a couple of small slips it’s going well. Wish you best of luck pal
  8. Well done mate happened me a few years ago same thing I signed up to Gam stop nearly 3 years in and it’s saved my life. Had to give the bookies up too so gamble free since November
  9. Horse racing and porn sounds good 🤣
  10. Cheers mate all good so far!!not had any bad itches to go and gamble that's for sure 🙂
  11. So all the midweek games are been shown on amazon prime.i know the missus uses prime and pays £7.99 a month for parcels does this enable me to be able to watch the games. What app do I need to download and what details of her account? Sorry not overly tech savvy
  12. I know that feeling mate my loss a couple weeks ago tipped me over the edge to quit.i don't think it was necessarily the money (£125) it was on the session itself was £85 down and I managed to hit a feature that brought me exactly back to starting balance but even saying to myself "collect collect" I couldn't leave the terminal or accept any cash out with a loss.i knew after that I would never be able to play fobts again without self desteucting
  13. Yes mate exactly that I'd always tell myself that I'm only doing a tenner today but once it was lost the anger and determination to win it back took over and the wallet would be emptied.even back couple years ago I'd leave to go to atm and reload.got to accept it's gone now!!no bets in over 2 weeks now and feeling better
  14. Thanks for all the posts guys I'm a week in and doing good.my mind is a lot clearer and I'm enjoying spending time with the family more.not missing the fobts one bit but il admit Saturday was a bit of a struggle at times not having my acca on but I'm sure that will all fade away. Focusing on watching footy now more and enjoying it .hope you guys are all good.
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