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My favorite Credit Card is Barclaycard - Credit Cards - Stop and Step

My favorite Credit Card is Barclaycard


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has to be Barclaycard Platinum, only because the colour and the o% interest free to transfer existing balance onto it and pay it off without occurring more interest.

But also as the card is easier to use via the app and the way that it can be switched on or off if it is temp lost or even misplaced outdoors, the app can instantly block all use of further transactions if found and contactless attempts were made.

Could also, before the law change, decide to switch off certain types of transactions i.e., shopping, online, gambling etc, which i find useful, as well as setting the limit on it, having this via the app is half the battle.

I had other which were terrible, most notably Newday Amazon, which were a nightmare to manage at the start, although got a little better, but canned them after paying it off.

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Gambling with credit cards is already banned is it not?

gambling with credit, any form of credit is an utter mugs game anyway…

borrowing money to gamble is a sure way to the poor house 

Edit: just realised the original post is from 2019 😂😂😂😂

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