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  1. I thought there was already a ban. Although I no longer play any online slots. Mainly cause I registered with GamStop and registered myself away from that years ago, but also it was tempting to play wages on it every month, then I was scrambling around to pay the important things at the same time, which I struggled with. No thankfully I don't have that problem anymore.
  2. An arcade i went into stated that under 18s are not allowed to play on any machines, even 10p play ones, but i said that it is commonplace that arcades have machines constantly with £5 JP has kids playing them. Is it a particular licensing issue for certain places stating that even though there are CAT D machines, that under 18s cant play them? i was looking here but the site does not specifically state, when or where under 18 can enter but not play machines https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk
  3. I think that there are so many videos on Youtube that are somewhat fixed or rigged to get likes or are plain clickbait, but I like Darrens videos as they are genuine, but a lot of people must think they are fake, or jealous, or they tried the same and just lost their money... Although i used to grind them, i no longer do, although i quite like watching other people play, good luck to the people who win, but it took me a long time to realise that when the funs stops, it is time to give up chasing it, rather than dwell on it and then just walk away from it.
  4. Thanks for the live stream, enjoyed watching the bonus hunt, pity about the terrible bonus El Macho !
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