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Lightning/Quantum Roulette


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Just noticed today that they only pay just under 30/1 for winning numbers instead of what you would expect 35/1.

How do they get away with that? 

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30/1....as Mentholdan said, you can hit upto 500X if the lightning number comes in....I've hit the 500X a few times, mind you that's only ever been on 20p stake..you do see some monstrous wins on there if you keep a eye on the winner list, especially after a 500X hit.

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If you bet £1 on each number the bet is £37 with a guaranteed return of £31 when there are 3 lightning numbers you have a 12-1 chance of it hitting. The math is easy, you would need the lightning number to hit at least once in every 8 spins at a minimum of 50x to make profit. So it makes sense to pop in and out for a few fun spins and maybe get lucky. If you don't hit a lightning number you're on a hiding to nothing. 

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I'm pretty sure the lightning numbers don't drop until the bets have been placed, which means they know which numbers are there biggest liability. Whilst the roulette wheel is random you can bet that the lightning numbers aren't and the ones that drop down will be of less a liability. It's a bit like virtual horseracing in some respect, the bets have to be on 5 seconds before the race starts, in these high tech days it only takes a split second to work out the biggest liabilities in each race. 

It's not exactly rigged the way The Sun bingo is but I'm convinced it's all pre determined to some extent, the Sun can more or less fix the winner to come from a certain postcode.

Its all a licence to print money but that doesn't mean you can't get a massive win out of it. When you see the results of winners on the screen it just shows their username and the amount won, not the stake. By that I mean a £10.000 win could easily just be a £5000 even money bet on red or black.

When you buy a car they tell you it does 50 miles to the gallon, because 10 miles to the litre doesn't sound so economical, but when you buy the petrol they tell you it's £1.20 per litre because it sounds cheaper than £6 per gallon. Its a game we all play in everything we do everyday of our lives. Basically they all think we're fucking idiots.

I was watching Chipmonkz stream a few weeks back and he was raving about lightning roulette and even an experienced streamer like him had to have the chat explain to him the math behind the game and even he couldn't grasp it for quite a while. 

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I made 2 mistakes

1) Never knew you were only getting paid 30/1

2) Instead of having e.g £1 on the nose on a number I was having maybe 60p and 4 corners of 10p and you only get paid for straight up numbers.

Usual numbers I do 5,6,7,8,10,11,13,14,16,17,19,20,23,26,29,32

If very few of those numbers have came out recently might have a go, but if they have I leave it.


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Lightning roulette has a RTP so this means in theory its the same format as a slot machine. A normal win on it will produce the same way as a base hit on a slot game and when you hit a lightning number its the exact same format if you won a bonus on a slot.

so effectively its the same process as a slot and the only thing that makes it a live casino table game is someone is spinning the wheel live .

as always its fun when your winning and when your not you can see the bs behind it all.

good luck to anyone on it !

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