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  1. Nice win on Sweet Bonanza. One spin paying about £176 when four multipliers dropped including the 100x ☺️
  2. surprised they even took Β£50 but they obviously knew something
  3. Had some success with Sweet Bonanza last couple of days. Played on betfair last night and had two bonuses back to back then a third one soon after. Played earlier today on corals and a quick bonus too . Just need to find somewhere else to play it now.
  4. Nice one 😎 Strange how that sometimes happens when you get a decent win and when you move to other slots decent wins follow.
  5. had a go the other day (20P stakes) and had 5 scatters which didn't seem to make much difference as you still spin the wheel. Gave me 8 spins and 10,000 and won about Β£12.
  6. tried ted megaways earlier 4 scatters needed plenty of 3's
  7. rarely been in a bookies for about 20 years now. goonies seems decent when watching others online.
  8. Played this at the weekend ladbrokes online and lost Β£80 playing 20p stakes. Not one bonus until it hit through a mystery spin late on. This landed on inferno spins but had a go for top bonus and lost πŸ™ƒ Never seen so many 2 scatter teases in all my life. Used to think the pig wizard was the worst for teases but maybe not. Actually hit two jackpot king spins and both times got enough crowns to spin for the 3.4 million. First one x100 and second one x30. Your heart certainly does beat a bit faster for a few seconds when the wheel is spinning though. I remember watching a replay of
  9. space blues easy πŸ‘ horse tonight at yarmouth awesomdude was supposed to be an evens shot per RP and won at 9/2 and they say drifters never win πŸ™ƒ
  10. would be nice to come home from hols with more money than you went with 😎
  11. wolf legend megaways is usually ok to bonus (3 scatters) and can sometimes pay bar x safe cracker megaways not so easy to bonus but can give some decent (non bonus game) wins
  12. looked at this for ages and still don't see anything πŸ˜• wd anyway 😎
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