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What's the biggest jackpot anyone has won? - Big Wins - Stop and Step

What's the biggest jackpot anyone has won?

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8 hours ago, Mikelee11 said:

White rabbit £3 a spin. Bought a feature for £300 and won just over £6000 back. 👍🏼

Why are you buying a feature for £300? Big win previously or just feeling lucky?

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My biggest win was in the casino in Mallorca. Played on a slot and hit 7777 jackpot approx £1000 all bells ringing and lights flashing. A guy comes over and resets the machine and hands me the voucher. Two spins later I hit 9999 and another £1000 jackpot. 

Went on to roulette and won £750 in about an hour. I collected £700and put 50 on number four, straight in. 

Left the casino about £6000 up. 

It was on my birthday and my late father was with me, what a night. 😊

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Andy Capp, 20p play and won £6 in tokens.

Ok more seriously, it wasn’t one machine but many. I got 3 jackpots and countless 3 figure wins on the £500 jackpot games about 10 years ago. Started in an arcade and went to the casino after. Everything turned to gold. Started with £50 in my pocket and ended up very drunk with £2500 in cash.

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