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  1. I've been watching a lot of gambling streamers and videos on youtube and megaways seems to be growing massively in popularity. They can pay huge sums of money, however, I do find the entertainment value lacking. Do you think that megaways are a little boring? Same type of game pretty much, just with different topic. Every single classic slot seems to turning into a megaways game. No originality at all. I know a few have different kind of bonus rounds but let's no lie every single one is 90% the same. Do you think some new fresh concepts should be created? And if not how can these games becoming more original?
  2. For a while now I've always thought these massive spin wheel type casino games have been a little bit rigged. Then we see new ones coming along like Monopoly Live. What's the real chances of hitting anything decent? Is Deal or No Deal Live another one of these or a completely new concept?
  3. Hit 350x on tiki tumble on a £4 press completely by mistake. I thought I had changed the stake to £1 but it never changed and pressed it twice. Second press the bonus came in paying £1400.
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