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  1. not a bad effort! 60p stake, got excited with the screeny!
  2. HuddSlot

    32 Red

    Worst UK casino? (Prob isnt Uk). Never seem to win. Closed my account today with them after a £100 loss. No bonuses on any slots and kept disconnecting/stuttering whole time. Rubbish
  3. HuddSlot


    Came from offline poker to online poker from pub fruits to FOBT, Roulette and now currently online slots. Won some lost some. Wouldnt say addicted, but do enjoy a dabble and know limits and when to stop. Sometimes id rather put £50 into a casino and have some fun rather than £80 on a night up waking hungover. ✊😂
  4. Oh my days. Book of Ra has been good and bad for me tbh. Worst is eye oh Horus! Had 3 bonuses on £1 recently and paid sub £5 each time. Never again. Id expect £30-£100+ on a £1 stake bonus!
  5. Id genuinely leave it fod a month and stick £10/£20 or shatever your stake is online. Online will boom even bigger than is now 😕 its gonna be a weird few months but in honesty, the bookies can afford it. Make enough, just expect fobt to be harder to win
  6. Agreed. Will be horrid for a few months until they work out income
  7. Why are you buying a feature for £300? Big win previously or just feeling lucky?
  8. Whats your fav slot and why? Mine is King Kong Kash. Seems to play fair and bonuses generally alright (except obv mystery win). Can be frustrsting at times. Worst by far has to be 'Gone Fishin'' varients. Poor bonuses. Not a fan!
  9. HuddSlot


    Hello, Found recently the new £2 stakes are so volatile on 50p. Its embarrasingly hard to find a bonus. Might just bd a bad run but will see next week. Lots of favs missing from Coral! Especially Monopoly roulette x100!
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