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RTP in arcades


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Just been to Southport for a break with the family went to the arcade on the pier and very stupidly put £15 in a fruit machine with a £5 jackpot 

I asked an assistant there for a laugh if he would open up the machine to see if I could see what setting the RTP was on

only then did he decide to call security and kindly asked me to leave the premises 

I used to own my own fruit machine and you could alter the RTP FROM 20% to a maximum of 100%


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1 hour ago, Mentholdan said:

You just should have asked if you could shag his daughter 😁

I wouldn’t recommend it, I know his daughter and took her out for a date night. Few drinks first, fancy restaurant, off to a show followed by a few more drinks. Cost me about £400. She took my back to her flat where we did the deed and she was awful. I’d put her RTP at about 3%.

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