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  1. Personally Stop and Step, then The Bandit(who at the moment is banned from uploading) Nickslots and David Lebowski(Hendrik)
  2. They are all based on RTP. I guess it depends on what your RTP was after the win. One or two casinos show your RTP for games
  3. Was going to say as above. I slowed it down too.
  4. Finally got a season ticket for my beloved Celtic. 😊 😊
  5. Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Queen, Floyd, Tge Eagles to name but a few 😊
  6. Hi folks. Just played roulette live on ladbrokes and the presenter didn't speak English. Had no clue what she was saying. I know it makes no difference to my bets but understanding what she said was would've been good
  7. I can't win on Book of Dead either. Maybe eventually
  8. For me it's got to be Primal megaways
  9. I pick four numbers and do a lucky 15 bet for a £1.
  10. Arcades are always ripping off RTP. Like yourself I used to own a few fruit machines. Love your vids 😊
  11. I've given up on FOBT's. No point anymore. Switched to online casino.
  12. Betting shops were legalised on May 1st 1961 and in the first six months, up to 10,000 were opened. Which is more than there are now (58 years later)
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