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  1. The guy is amazing. He's got big cojones. What a hit
  2. Personally Stop and Step, then The Bandit(who at the moment is banned from uploading) Nickslots and David Lebowski(Hendrik)
  3. They are all based on RTP. I guess it depends on what your RTP was after the win. One or two casinos show your RTP for games
  4. Was going to say as above. I slowed it down too.
  5. Finally got a season ticket for my beloved Celtic. 😊 😊
  6. Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Queen, Floyd, Tge Eagles to name but a few 😊
  7. Hi folks. Just played roulette live on ladbrokes and the presenter didn't speak English. Had no clue what she was saying. I know it makes no difference to my bets but understanding what she said was would've been good
  8. I can't win on Book of Dead either. Maybe eventually
  9. For me it's got to be Primal megaways
  10. I pick four numbers and do a lucky 15 bet for a £1.
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