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Luck comes like London buses….. - Online Casinos - Stop and Step

Luck comes like London buses…..


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…...You get no bonuses for ages and then you bonus for fun.

Earlier today I transferred £150 into my metro bank account with the sole intention of paying my £41 Vodafone bill and go gambling with the rest. I paid the bill over the phone even though they said I don’t owe anything. I should know if I paid my bill or not?? I just imagined the scenario, they tell you that you don’t owe anything and the next day they cut off my mobile and broadband. Been there, done that and got the T shirt!

Anyway I deposited the £109 balance into my Coral account for a change. Not a sausage, nada, nil point. I was ending the sesh on Book of Irish on £1 spins until I got down to my last 60p so I reduced the stake to 50p for one last roll of the dice and in pops the bonus 😀

It paid £350 in 50 spins as I got four retriggers. I upped the stake to £3 and got two more bonuses almost back to back. Went on to Wanted and got the multiplier in the base game which paid £1100. I peaked at around £1700 and eventually withdrew £1500 all from my last 50p. 
Now I’ve been out and bought a load of paint and going to paint my apartment for the next few days and leave the slots for a wee while and just do some horse bets and watch those run on tv whilst I’m re-decorating.

The colour I chose is Egyptian Cotton, to remind me of Eye of Horus 😂😂😂

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58 minutes ago, BlindHaze said:

Nice one MD! I was happy when I turned my £20 into £270 earlier. The luck seems to have returned! 🙂 

I turn my £1,000 into minus £1,000, am I doing it wrong???

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We all lose in the end init, it’s about limits, l never take more than £200 out to gamble with

no bank cards 

ive been hurt to many times chasing loses, I’ve lost a entire months wages many times before, makes me ill, really ill & depressed, working my ass off losing the lot having to lie to family and borrow money , so last five years l never take out more than l can afford to lose, 

l love  gambling but it can make you ill if you don’t control it,

l only lose money l can afford to lose now, took me 20 years and a lot of sleeplessness nights to learn that hard lesson 

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