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Games are "rigged"

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first spin on £4 stake on rainbow riches, shows I'm in profit, I played £100 and only gave me 3 bonus multipliers, and no free spins, pretty certain they know what stake your playing and tailor it accordingly 



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All games are rigged and going to get worse with face recognition built into machines. All ready face recognition in bookies and arcades, pubs to find out who problem people are. Only a matter of time they install software into machines which can track your winning and loosing and pay accordingly. A lot say they cant do that but you dont no what the rulerment has in store for us but it nothing good.    

Same with online with track wins and looses that only going to get worse. 

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The games are of course rigged. There are more losing spins than winning/bonus trigger spins programmed into the pool of solutions for the RNG - that's how they supposedly achieve a certain payout over x amount of spins. That's the theory anyway, and I'm skeptical of the RTP at best. 

Those post-gambles though, like the pie or columns, they are utter bullshit. There is no way the odds are representative of what is displayed with the green/red sections. A 75% chance of winning (left Pie) should not be losing 50%+ of the time. 

When I was out of work I used to sit and collect cash matches at a bingo I used to go to with the Mrs. They'd bring you £10 at 0000, £15 at 0200, £20 at 0400 and roll a dice where you multiply the number it lands on by £5 at 0500. Best nights you'd get £75, worst nights you'd get £50 and spend it all in the slots. To pass the time I would have little stints of play on the machines (you had to be seen to be playing to receive cash match) and gamble everything but I actually noted down the pie gamble I pressed and it's outcome. Over 1000 gambles, the left pie lost 507 times - sure looks like 50-50 to me! A bit sad but I was curious and got my answer. 

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It’s not that the games are rigged. These games are truly random. Remember you are playing against a computer programme in which the graphic you see on screen is just the visual representation of a number random ally generated by the machine or online slot at the very instance you hit the spin button - this includes bonuses. It shouldn’t actually be called a spin button, it should be called a stop button. The random number generator is constantly generating random numbers thousands of times a second while the machine is switched on or the online slot is in play. If you are lucky enough to hit a winning number at the exact time you stop the generator,  that number represents a win value, no matter what it is , either via a base game win or a ‘bonus’ win. We see it represented on a screen by a series of spinning reals or a pre set series of spins in a bonus. That value is always predetermined and we could just see our win or lose value flash up on the screen every time - but that wouldn’t be fun. As soon as that spin button has been pressed and we have ‘picked’ our number,  the RNG instantly starts again. There are obviously more loosing numbers than winning and these can me manipulated by the RTP value set by the owner. The RTP is designed to be more accurate over the life of the machine or slot, over millions of spins. It is a game of chance, and one that is in the computers favour.

It’s called gaming because the manufacturer want us to play a game , something that is defined as entertainment. That is why we see the visuals and art that draws us in every time. Otherwise we wouldn’t play,  and we would go and place our stake on something els that is more ‘entertaining’.. What we are prepared to pay for different types of entertainment is individual to us all, and what we feel it is worth.

I found this video as very helpful debunking the myths of a random FOBT / online slot games.


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