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  1. Nearly all of the slots that Darren plays are random . Theoretically you could win jackpot 2 wins in a row , although the chances are very small. I agree your point if he played compensated games a lot but he doesn’t. The percentages just mean the return the machine Is programmed to pay in its lifetime, over millions of spins. The RNG doesn’t care if £500 has just been won ,it can be won again at any time. The lower percentages mean smaller returns in the long run for seasoned gamers, just one percent difference can mean significantly lower payouts to bandits like Darren. If I won £500 from a
  2. I have a problem with how misleading some streamers are that’s all. Consistent massive wins is just not how it works. To be fair Darren looses plenty and isn’t scared to show an absolute shite bonus hunt that represent the true ups and downs of slot plays. And I don’t see him taking deposit bonus’ from the casinos he uses and he’s one of the biggest streamers out there. Maybe he’s on their payroll , maybe he isn’t. As least what he shows is the fair reality of online gambling. And I quote ‘a big win is just like loan from a casino’
  3. Yeah seriously , you deserve to loose all your money registering names like that. I hope either you get a serious dose of cop on and you change it or the moderator gets rid ASAP. Same as the guy who who put a celebrities name next to a sexual preference the other day , it just makes you look both so ignorant.
  4. the YouTube is finally broken. Take it easy Darren
  5. Gorilla Gold Megaways please Darren, heard it’s new and not seen it played . 4 games on 1 screen type of thing I believe, not sure how that works with the megaways but might be something different
  6. I can’t really say much for the other streamers who have upped activity in last week as I didn’t really follow them much before the lockdown. I think TBF Darren has stayed pretty steady on his wins/losses for ages now. He’s done a few more live streams recently but the bonus hunt on Sunday was brutal, only monopoly live really saved the day and I’m not sure that could be rigged. A few of the other streamers like bandit and gabriel slots have reappeared using different casinos with wins in recent weeks but I take it all with a pinch of salt. Gambling is gambling, and with no sport around the bo
  7. Heidi’s Bier Haus please Darren
  8. Andy Capp please Darren Good luck Sunday
  9. Invite Sarah Slot Lady over and do a UK collaboration video in Asper’s casino , London
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