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  1. Great win can I ask - do you only play shark/marine related slots because of your name? Or did you put your name as it is because of your win?! I only ask as I find it more fascinating that Sharkboy had a big win on Razor Shark - what would the odds be on that?! This slot has never paid out for Darren. I think it’s on his banned list…
  2. No don’t! I love that gamble. It’ll come in soon and you’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams…
  3. Also gone: Features that speed up play or give the illusion of control over the outcome Does this mean multiple choice bonus’ like Secret of the Stones are gone? I know any multiple choice outcomes are predetermined but it would hit games like that hard if this were the case, PnG would have to change the entire bonus.
  4. New UKGC rules announced to come in by October this year: Autoplay gone All spins below 2.5seconds gone Any sound effects or graphics depicting a win that is equal or below stake gone All wins losses in any session must be clearly displayed Gamble withdraw gone It looks like it is all designed to bring in more control to the player but it looks like it will slow it right down for the slot streamers!
  5. Old and new videos. I can’t watch any online sessions I’ve seen before but I can with the bookies and vice versa. Bit odd. sorry Darren , you’ve lost me as a viewer until that changes. Blame YouTube . Good luck
  6. Interestingly I’m in the EU and have been locked out of only Darren’s online session videos , can’t watch them anymore but can watch all the bookies ones. And that’s
  7. Mines not green. It’s purple or dark blue, cant tel for sure but it’s definitely not green.
  8. Nearly all of the slots that Darren plays are random . Theoretically you could win jackpot 2 wins in a row , although the chances are very small. I agree your point if he played compensated games a lot but he doesn’t. The percentages just mean the return the machine Is programmed to pay in its lifetime, over millions of spins. The RNG doesn’t care if £500 has just been won ,it can be won again at any time. The lower percentages mean smaller returns in the long run for seasoned gamers, just one percent difference can mean significantly lower payouts to bandits like Darren. If I won £500 from a £2 spin I would take my money and run. But I’m not a slot streamer who makes more out of the video than he does out the machine...
  9. I have a problem with how misleading some streamers are that’s all. Consistent massive wins is just not how it works. To be fair Darren looses plenty and isn’t scared to show an absolute shite bonus hunt that represent the true ups and downs of slot plays. And I don’t see him taking deposit bonus’ from the casinos he uses and he’s one of the biggest streamers out there. Maybe he’s on their payroll , maybe he isn’t. As least what he shows is the fair reality of online gambling. And I quote ‘a big win is just like loan from a casino’
  10. Yeah seriously , you deserve to loose all your money registering names like that. I hope either you get a serious dose of cop on and you change it or the moderator gets rid ASAP. Same as the guy who who put a celebrities name next to a sexual preference the other day , it just makes you look both so ignorant.
  11. the YouTube is finally broken. Take it easy Darren
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