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Thought I’d have a quick £100 in coral - General Discussion - Stop and Step

Thought I’d have a quick £100 in coral


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Managed to build up to £550 on pots of gold with a quick jackpot and ended up with a balance of 900! I kept on playing and was down to around£10-15 and dropped another gold pot followed by two quick 500s via the gamble then I won another jackpot on superstar turns ultra play, kept playing with a few big gamble wins and walked out with £2k! Not bad for a Sunday mornings work. I was very very lucky here the machines have been eating recently. Best of luck people!

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Been lucky on williamhill online last 2 days. Put 40£ in and on my last bet took it up to £500 took 200£ out and now have that to 800£ I put 7£ on 31 on my last bet when i was almost out and it came in lol. Been playing 40p 60p though on lots and highest win was 158£ at 60p.

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17 hours ago, Skipper said:

Think a lot been doing well while all nutters are at queen funeral. I turned that 800 in to 3k Im like WTH lol. 

So all the nutters either attended or watched the Queens funeral while the sensible ones like you were playing slots? 

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